The Phases Of An Interior Design Project

Are you planning on redecorating your home! Keep reading these important tips before you begin your redecorating project!


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You’ve just purchased a fresh home, and now you’re ready to tackle the insides and create your interior design dream. You’ve watched countless HGTV reality shows and can’t wait to pick out backsplash tiles for the kitchen, discuss accent pieces for the living room or choose a chandelier for the front entry. Before you get too ahead of yourself, it is essential to understand the phases of an interior design project and what you can expect from a design agency.

Step #1: Consultation And Programming

Initially, you’ll meet with your interior designer and discuss your needs, goals, must-have items, favorite colors and so on. This is the same phase that will address the budget. If you’ve just purchased your home, remember to break out that mortgage calculator again and factor in the payments you’ll be making on your home. You don’t want to stretch yourself too thin in the design process and have trouble making mortgage payments!

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Step #2: Schematic Design

Once the consultation is done, a budget is talked about, and a plan is set in motion, your designer will come back to you with a schematic design. This will help you picture how furniture will be arranged, what renovations (if any) need to be made, how the flow of the house will function and more. Your designer may have some initial furniture/design options to suggest, but these are very preliminary and usually just designed to show you what the space could look like. Clients and designers will often negotiate on the schematic design for a bit.

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Step #3: Design Begins

This is the phase that they highlight in your favorite home design shows. This is where colors, fabrics, finishes, materials and other considerations are chosen. And, it is where you begin looking at furniture, accents, appliances and other physical objects to fill the space(s) with. Estimates are drawn up to determine what the cost of all of the design elements will be. Again, there will be lots of back and forth negotiating between client and designer before a final design is agreed upon.

Step #4: Construction Considerations

Even if you aren’t making any major renovations, you still have to consider looking at who is going to install new light fixtures, apply paint or put down new flooring. In this phase, you and your designer will look at possible contractors for the job. Some designers have contractors in-house to handle this work. Otherwise, you may have to shop around and accept bids/estimates from many different contractors. This phase is more tedious if there is a lot of contracting to be done.

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Step #5: Final Finishes

This is the last day or last couple days of the interior design process. The final few appliances are installed, construction wraps up, the new floors are swept, furniture moved in and so on. This is the day you’ve been waiting for because you can finally see all the fruits of your labor and planning paid off.


With the interior design process completed, there is nothing left to do but put your feet up in your brand new layout and enjoy your fresh surroundings, before calling all your friends to show off your new pad, of course.

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Must Read: Do’s and Don’ts of Tile and Grout Cleaning

When it comes to flooring in your home tiles are an elegant & durable flooring choice and long-lasting choice.

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Tiles can be reasonably priced and offer a lot of benefits that enhance the appearance of a room in the home. However, it takes a little effort on a regular basis to increase the life of your tile floors to keep looking clean. Due to a lack of experience and knowledge can make the tile cleaning process harder for ourselves. Moreover, using improper cleaning chemicals can degrade the tiles instead of cleaning and maintaining them.

That’s why we have mentioned few precautions that you should consider in order to avoid problems and get the best results. Take a look at the list that walks you through the most common do’s and don’ts of cleaning your tile and grout.

Cleaning your tile properly is a matter of taking the right approach and using right materials:

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Clean up Spills Immediately 

Some Tiles can have porous properties that can make unattended spills a big problem. Spills will seep into your tile, can cause discolor in your tile and grout. Some coffee spills, tomato spills and oil spillages may stain if they are not removed, some tiles have good sealers and others have poor sealers which can leave stains such as these ones. We suggest cleaning those spillages up immediately.

Frequent Mopping and Sweeping

Tiles are an elegant flooring option addition to any home and bring a touch of style and class to your interior decorating. However, dirt dust and general grime can spoil the welcoming ambience. To prevent damage to the tile & grout, make sure to vacuum and mop your tiles regularly. The experts at Bensons Cleaning Services advise using hot water to remove grime from the tiles and also dries a lot faster. Moreover, twice a week vacuuming and light weekly mopping with hot water will not only extend the life of your floors but make them look great too.

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Seal Your Tile

Inspect the sealer frequently to make certain it isn’t peeling away from the tile surface. In the same manner, sealing will protect your grout from wear and tear and damage. Plus, offers more stain protection.

Use Soft Cleaning Cloths and Mops

Abrasive scrubbing powders, steel wool or any other scrubbing material can scratch or damage the smooth surface of your tile and grout. Use soft cloths and sponges for cleaning. Try using neutral products.

Ventilate Area

Before you start to clean your tile and grout with chemical solutions, it is necessary to ventilate the area to prevent the inhaling of any unhealthy chemicals and to dry the floor as best you can.

Photo: Laura Hardin

Use Furniture Protectors

Tile is hard, but when enough force is exerted on it can chip or crack its surface. Use furniture protectors on the bottom of table legs and chairs and also on the bottom of potted plants to protect tile surfaces.

Use Door Mats

Placing a door mat inside and outside of your home will catch most of the grime and dirt before it enters into your homes and ruins the look of your beautiful tiles.

Using Colored Cleaners

Never use colored cleaners. Tile can easily absorb color from cleaning solutions because it has very tiny pores. With the passage of time, they can discolor your tile and grout. So, use clear solutions for cleaning tile and grout.

Over Wetting the Tile

Overly wetting the tiles can in some cases stain the grouting over time, we strongly advise using hot water with a mop or microfiber mob head to ensure the floor is dries quickly.


Cleaning your tile and grout on your own can leave you exhausted and sore, which is why you should hire professionals to do the cleaning for you. Whether you are looking for carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning services in Adelaide, always look for experienced and certified professionals for better results and experience.

The main difference is most cleaning companies use truck mount machines when pressure cleaning of your tile and grout, they may have different methods of cleaning however the best option is to test the tiles determine what type they are, then mop the particular product onto the tiles, scrub the floor with a special tool which works the product into the tile & grout breaking the soiling on the top surface down, we then start our truck mount machine and use a sx12 tool at 900-1000psi to clean the tiles, all the grey water goes back into the holding tank in the van. The tiles dry very quickly as we place air movers in the room and also mop them with a microfiber mop leaving no streaks at all.
If you think we missed out on something or you have any tips or suggestions feel free to write us in the comment box below.

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