Any Small Garden will be Sure to Turn Heads with These Lighting Tips

Any small garden will be sure to turn heads with these lighting tips!


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Figuring out how to light up a garden in the right way is always a challenge — and, if that outdoor space is compact, this challenge is amplified. After all, you have a smaller amount of physical space in which to fit lights.

You might think that this would limit your scope for creativity. However, the following lighting tips for small gardens demonstrate that having one doesn’t have to hamper you quite as much as you might have expected.

Create a Simple Centrepiece with Candles 

Find some terracotta pots, fill them with sand and then push some dinner candles into it. The resulting centrepiece can subsequently be placed in your garden.

Ideal Home acknowledges: “Odd numbers of candles feel visually balanced, so use three standard-size candles or try seven or nine skinny tapers.” Naturally, going for relatively small pots can give you a lot of freedom over where exactly in the garden the candles can be displayed.

Opt for Electric Lights in a Lamppost-style Design 

Of course, the eye-catching part of a lamppost tends to be at the top rather than the bottom. This helps to explain why lamppost-style electric lights can make particular sense in a small garden, since you probably won’t need to fret about these lights taking up too much space on the ground.

With each of these lights, you could even hide the base inside something else, like a pot filled with flowers — if, of course, you have enough space for something quite this elaborate.

Be Careful How you use Solar Lights 

Though these are obviously eco-friendly, when it comes to the visual effect they can cast, solar lights are better for striking an ambience than bathing an area in light.

Top garden designer Andrew Duff tells Wise Living: “Solar lighting is really gentle, just a subtle glow. You can’t use it for security or lighting steps. It’s just little pulses of light through planting, in the same way we might use fairy lights or lanterns.”

Make use of Wall Lights 

Of course, if your garden rather lacks space on the ground, one logical idea is to see if the adjoining wall of your home is large enough to accommodate a lighting fixture or two.

“Consider quality, buy quality lighting whenever you can. Also, decide if you want the lighting to pop and stand out or be more quiet,” designer Nikki Amodio advises readers of the Homes & Gardens website.

You could find that wall lights of your particular preference are available from Pagazzi, as this specialist retailer stocks all types of outdoor lights.

Hang up some String Lights

These can be strewn across many vertical surfaces — and those surfaces don’t have to be exactly vertical, either. For example, if your garden has a tree, even just one, you might be able to decorate this with string lighting.

One possible alternative option is to hang string lights across a fence — and you might already be able to think of other parts of your garden where those lights could potentially go.

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Few Things to Consider Before Hiring Full Service Painters

Hiring a full-service painter can be beneficial for many reasons, not least of which is the time they save you!


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They can help you choose colors, make recommendations, and test for lead paint. You won’t have to worry about the details when the pros take care of the job

Finding an excellent full-service painter

Finding an excellent full-service painter may seem overwhelming at first, but there are some things you can do to make the process as easy as possible. First, you can check out local home improvement retailers, to get referrals from people in the community. A real estate agent can also be a great resource, as they may know a few qualified painting contractors. Likewise, you can use the internet to find Painting Company Seattle . Search engines such as Yelp and Houzz provide verified customer reviews, which you can use to find a qualified company.

Before hiring a painting company, check out their Better Business Bureau listing. This will ensure they are legitimate and have excellent customer service. Ensures they have insurance because accidents can happen during the painting process. Look at photos of completed jobs. Contact the painter to see if they can guarantee their work.


Before hiring a painting contractor, you should ask about their overhead costs. These expenses include insurance, warranty fund, clothing, vehicles, and gas. Painting contractors should expect to earn around twenty to thirty percent of their work’s total cost. Some painting contractors include their marketing expenses in the markup as well Before deciding which painting contractor to hire, consider several estimates.

Full-service painting costs can vary widely depending on many factors, including location, project type, number of colors, wall types, square footage, and more. When getting an estimate, get a written quote from the painting company. The cost will include their services and any necessary prep work, including sanding and filling gouges with spackling compound. You may also be able to paint the walls and trim on your own, but this is more expensive than hiring a professional.


If you are looking for a painting company, you should first read reviews from past clients. You can also check the website for recent images of work and read reviews from past clients. In addition, some companies have online portfolios, so make sure to check these out. Then contact the painting company and discuss your needs.

If you know anyone who has hired a painting contractor, they can provide references. You should call these references to verify whether or not they have a good reputation. If you know them personally, a positive reference is a plus. If you don’t know their previous work, you should check out recent projects to see if the current crew has the same skill level. The contract should contain the following essential information: Name, address, phone number, license number, and experience level of crew members.

Testing for lead paint

Lead paint is dangerous. Although lead in paint declined after the 1950s, many older homes still contain this hazardous material. Lead paint becomes dangerous when it is deteriorating, remodeling, or needs maintenance. To reduce your risk, hiring a full-service painting company to test for lead paint is best. This service is also available for homeowners. In addition, full-service painters who specialize in lead paint renovation should have the necessary accreditation to provide lead-paint inspections.

Lead paint is hazardous to people, especially children. Lead dust can quickly enter the mouth and become airborne. Children and pets are the most likely to swallow lead-based paint particles. The most important thing to remember is that lead paint is toxic and should be disposed of properly. During painting, it is recommended that full-service painters test for lead before they start painting. This way, you will know that the lead-safe paint job has been completed.

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