Questions to Ask Before Hiring Water Damage Company

If your business or home has witnessed water damage, it is essential to act quickly!


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Hiring the best restoration firm to help resolve your issues and prevent further damage can save time and money.

Unfortunately, not all water damage restoration firms are developed in the same way. When selecting the best firm that will take care of your home with care, you have to be prepared before you sign the dotted line. If you are wondering how to identify the best restoration team to assist you in relieving your water damage difficulties, here are some questions to ask in your first call or face-to-face meeting.

Five questions to ask before selecting the right water damage company

How many years of expertise does the water damage restoration firm have?

Employing a contractor with little to no experience could cost you more in additional repairs. To complete the task quickly and correctly, you need a contractor with the required expertise. When evaluating businesses, check how many water damage restoration tasks they have achieved.

Experts improve efficiency and can execute projects quicker than those without experience, qualifications, or knowledge.

Does the firm provide emergency services?

Most water damage firms are not available every hour of the day. This is why it is important to inquire about the emergency services provided by the water damage restoration firm at times of floods, broken pipes, leaking roofs, or other types of home destruction.

Does the water damage company work with your insurance provider?

Most water damage will likely wind up involving your insurance company. Make sure the firm you pick to handle disaster restoration is prepared to work with most insurance providers before you hire them.

Inquire about their procedure for dealing with claims and payments as well as any difficulties they have had in the past while dealing with insurance providers. You also may submit your insurance carrier to see whether they work with your insurance.

Did the water damage restoration firm work with clients in your locality?

To identify a business with a good reputation, do your research. Look up the business’s web reviews or get references for previous projects from the company. Most businesses will have a dedicated section on their website for customer reviews for you to read. Every locality has different requirements, so check if the firm has previously repaired a water damage property in your locality successfully.

You can also evaluate their Google reviews, easily obtained by simply entering the company’s name into a search. You can get a better idea of what to expect from the business and the service quality by reading reviews from actual clients.

How long will it take to complete the restoration? 

The majority of restoration cases include considerable water or flood damage. The flooded areas must be dried out within 1 to 3 days of the disaster. If not, mold and bacteria can develop in the stagnant water. Since urgency is a major consideration, ensure your restoration contractor can accommodate the appropriate time frames for each stage of your project.

Final thoughts 

When water damage occurs unexpectedly, you are forced to act quickly to contact a water damage contractor to perform repairs. Evaluating which technician is right for your needs can be a challenging task, but use the tips mentioned above to make the job easier.

Finally, ensure you get a contract with specified services that you can expect and a concise timeline for completion. Using these questions, you should be able to determine the most qualified water damage firm.

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Professional Cleaning Tips for your Carpet

Carpets can be an exquisite home décor. If well maintained, it can raise your prestige by making your guests astonished!


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Similarly, it can act in the reverse direction if ill-maintained. People mostly take their carpet stains lightly, leading to damage and, in some cases, even replacing their costly carpets, thereby making a big hole in their pockets. But with helpful, professional tips, you can prevent your carpet from getting damaged for a long time.

Types of Carpet Stain

Carpet stains can be classified into two types –

  • Water-soluble –E.g., washable ink, dairy products, latex paint, mud, soda, alcohol, blood, bodily fluids, and meat stains.
  • Water-insoluble –E.g., wine, pet messes, chocolate, coffee, oil, lipstick, gum, wax, etc.

How to clean your carpet professionally?

Here are some of the best professional ways of cleaning your carpet –

Vacuum Cleaner

Clean your carpet routinely with a vacuum cleaner, and don’t use it while it’s wet.

Lint Roller

Even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t clean all the crumbs and pet hair from your carpet. So, use a lint roller on the affected areas and apply some elbow grease to remove all the unwanted stuff.


Water the squeegee and use it to axe pet hair, frost, etc., forming a thin layer on especially short-haired carpets where lint rollers might not be of much use.

Enzymatic cleaners

These bio-based stain cleansers remove smells and stains by working on a molecular level. Specific types of cleaners are available for different stains.


Vacuum the stained area to remove hard particles. Then spray a mixture of 3:1 ratio of water and vinegar on the stain and leave for 5 minutes. Now keep a towel on the spot and put a heated iron on its top, and the pressure and heat cause the stain to transfer to the towel.

Don’t rub; blot

Never rub a wet stain as it may spread further on the carpet and embed deep into the fibre. Instead, blot it.

Carpet shampooing machine

Use a carpet shampooing machine for washing the carpet with any of your preferred detergents used for deep cleaning carpets to give your carpet cleaning a professional edge.

Homemade carpet cleaner (vinegar + hydrogen peroxide)

Mix white vinegar with Hydrogen Peroxide in the ratio of 1:3. To this solution, add two tablespoons of dish soap, few drops of essential oils, two tablespoons of fabric softener, and one gallon of warm water. Wash your carpet with the solution for a thorough deep clean.

Baking soda

  • Sprinkle a solution of 16-ounce baking soda and 10-20 drops of essential oil on your carpet and vacuum after some time.
  • Also, it’s used to remove odour, especially from urine stains. Cover the colour with a layer of baking soda, leave overnight, and vacuum repeatedly.
  • If your carpet is stained by oil, covering it with baking soda lightens the stain and removes the odd smell. Vacuum the baking soda after some time and dab the stain.


If your carpet gets a nail polish stain, use a blunt tool to scrape off as much nail paint as you can. Then use cotton or any cloth to dab the stain gently with nail polish remover or any other cleaning alcohol. Don’t worry. These alcohols have light composition and won’t bleach your carpet.

Shaving Cream

Cover the affected area with shaving cream, leave it for some time, and then wash your carpet with clean water. This method mainly removes dirt patches, especially from light-coloured carpets.

Strong Deodorizer (Borax)

Apply a mixture of 2 tablespoons of borax with ten drops of essential oil and two cups of baking soda to the carpet. It kills germs and adds a fresh fragrance to the carpet.


Spray a solution of equal amounts of vinegar and water on the stained area. After the carpet has absorbed it, run a spoon on the carpet to restore its original texture.

Ice Cube

Ice is used to remove wax or gum stains. Rub an ice cube on the stain to freeze the gum. Then scrape it off using your hand or with a spoon. Heavy furniture leaves an unwanted impression on carpets if not moved often. In such cases, place ice cubes on these marks until they melt. Then, remove the excess water and iron the area through a towel.


Carpets beautify your home, giving it a filled and finished look. Properly cleaning your carpet and taking good care of it will give your rug a new life! In case none of this method work then you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company. Katie on the Spot will help you in enhancing the longevity, quality, and appearance of your carpets by following professional cleaning method.

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