Guidance for the Placement of Rugs in 2021

Rugs have the power to add beauty anywhere in your home! Here’s exactly how to decorate with them!


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If you would like to make your home elegant that interacts with everyone’s heart by giving a nice touch to the interior designing of the space, place the adorable rug that will perfectly fit into space and beautify the entire space.

If your home is wide, so rugs divide the large space into a small portion that gives an elegant look to all the space. For instance, the house hall is too wide to place the sitting area and the dining table. Place the dining table near the kitchen so that the food can be served easily. Near it, the living room stuff has been placed at which all the family members sit and enjoy their spare time when you will place the rug in the living room to reflect the separate space that the new people easily recognize.

Ikat Rugs have the power that connects all the rooms when it is placed in the hallway and corridor from where you can go to any room. If any guest visits your home, so the hallway and the corridor rugs guide them where to go. The guidance is essential for the new who enter the first time in the home, so place the rug at the required place.

Some people place the rug wall to wall through which the floor will be protected from being rough in less time. Rugs are preferred in the high traffic areas to add coziness and softness to the people when their bare feet are standing on the floor when the rugs are placed between the feet and the floor, so it gives the warmth impact along with the comfort feeling to the person who is standing or sitting on it.

Most people confuse where to place the rug. They have no idea that where the rug should be placed will enhance the beauty of the entire home. The rug’s imperfect placement declines the elegance of the space, and the entire home look isn’t liked by the visitor if any silly mistake has been made by you. Here are a few tips that are briefly discussed below through which you will get the idea regarding the perfect placement of the rug.   

Adds the Beauty into the Living Room

A wide range of rugs you can find in the marketplace. But when you come at the styling and sizing of the rug so various questions will arise in the mind about which rug you should place. You will find lots of designs and patterns in the market, such as diamond, floral, modern, red Rugs, etc. These rugs are textured from the flat weave to the knotted.

When you place the smaller rug, it appears clutter and reflects the room’s small size, and when you place the larger rug, it makes the room spacious. Place the rug in the living room under the middle table between the sofas and chairs. The rug will disappear, but it frames the entire furniture of the room adorably.

When you are selecting the rug, it is essential to consider the home’s view along with the usage by the family members. If the children and pets are present in your home, the preference will be given to the wool and shaggy rugs because they are easily washable.

Placement of the Rug in the Dining Room

Many people are confused about buying the rug for the dining room because the food is eaten there, and the rug must work well. While you are selecting the size, keep in mind that the dining table and the chairs must comfortably sit on the rug even when you drag the chair to sit on it. The rug must be flat because there are chances of spilling the food while eating. So the rug can be easily washed, and the stain will remove quickly and easily.

Turns the Appearance of the Kitchen

Kitchen rugs have gained popularity in the last few years because it turns the kitchen to the living room where the chef enjoys cooking and doesn’t get tired through the elegant look of the kitchen. It will give a positive impression on the other people who come into the kitchen to find food. It interacts with them here again and again.

It depends on the size of the kitchen that rug can be placed. Place the perfect size of rug according to the open space of the kitchen. If your kitchen is long, select the long rug, and if your kitchen is small, select the small size. Select the right size of the rug.

Glamorous Appearance of the Bedroom

Place the rug in front of the bed in the bedroom if the seat is present in front of the bed, so the rug’s placement has started from the leg of the seat and has spread to the open space that is present in front of the bed. By placing the rug on this side of the room, people can sit here while working or watching TV.

If you would like to use the same rug in one room multiple times, select the bold design, and use the distinct rugs at a distinct time, buy the rugs of similar shades of color but not the same color. The shades of color must be similar according to the Interior designing of the room. But the design and style must be different to create an adorable and appealing appearance to the room.

Visit RugKnots to buy the better quality wool rugs that will be perfectly fit and placed in the space where you would like to place it. A wide range of designs you can find it here that belong to various foreign countries, so visit it right now.

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How to Keep Your Tiny House Water Pipes From Freezing

Freezing water pipes is a common scenario but a big issue. You will learn ways to prevent this issue in this article. 


For most countries, winter can cause plummeting temperatures. As a result, the water pipes in your house might freeze. A freezing pipe can burst any time as it builds up immense pressure. This is a major source of irritation for residents in Torrance, CA, as burst pipes result in significant flooding, particularly when no one is available to switch off the water. Ruptured pipes are one of the most common events leading to property damage.

Although this may raise your heating bill a little, the best prevention against this issue is to ensure the pipes stay above the freezing point. The good news is you can do this with some simple methods, such as the ones given below:  

Not Just for Cold Climates

There is a common misconception that pipes only freeze in cold climates. Moreover, it is assumed that only homes without properly insulated pipes are vulnerable. The truth is that pipe damage can also occur in warm climates.

No matter where you live, keep in mind that this does not apply to the drain pipes, only the smaller water pipes, which are usually 1 inch in diameter or smaller. Meanwhile, drain pipes are made of plastic and larger than water pipes. They mostly carry water waste and do not build up pressure, so there is no concern about water freezing inside them. However, basements, attics, and other unheated parts of the interior pose the most risks to water pipes. Pipes even on cabinets or exterior walls may freeze.

Tip #1: Keep the Heat On

If you or your family members plan to go away for a long period of time, make sure you leave the heat on. If you have tenants in Torrance, CA, you will need to convince them to do so as well, especially if they are responsible for paying their own utility bills. Maintaining heat in an empty house can seem inefficient, but it may help keep pipes from freezing. When freezing weather strikes and the pipes freeze and break, the repair costs will be very high. Putting in a bit of cash to avoid property damage will actually help you to save money in the long run. 

You don’t need to keep the heat as high as you normally keep it, but setting it at about 50F is a good idea if you’re staying in Torrance, CA. This will be enough to keep the pipes warm. For any emergency situation and in need of immediate help, you will get professional services from a plumber in Torrance

Tip #2: Let Faucets Drip

One way to keep your pipes from freezing is by opening the faucet slightly and allowing it to drip. This can relieve the pressure in the system. You do not have to keep all the faucets in your home running. Turning on a few in different areas during cold weather will be sufficient

A pipe bursts because of the immense pressure created from the freezing water. Running faucets maintains water flow and prevents the formation of ice blockages. If you have hot and cold water faucets, open both slightly, or set a single-handle faucet to warm.

Tip #3: Open Cabinets

Pipes often run through cabinets. Keeping the cabinet doors open can allow heat from the rest of the house and keep the pipes warm. The heated air will help prevent ice blockages that occur due to the bitter climate. If a cold front is coming through, opening up your cabinets can ensure clear and warm pipes despite the freezing temperatures. Remember to remove all chemicals or toxic substances from the cabinets if you have pets or children in your house.  

Tip #4: Seal Up Cracks and Holes

Inspect your house for any cracks or holes before winter to prevent cold air from coming inside. Check around the windows and doors and inspect cable holes in walls for television and Wi-Fi wires. Seal gaps around the sill plates, where the foundation of your house is built. Try using caulk or spray for both the exterior and interior walls of your house. This helps to block cold air from entering and increases your home’s insulation.

Tip #5: Keep Garage Doors Closed and Interior Doors Open

Keeping garage doors closed is essential as that is the coldest area of the house. Especially if there are water pipes running through your garage, keeping the doors shut will keep them from being vulnerable. On the other hand, interior doors need to be kept open to balance the temperature. Most houses have an uneven distribution of warmth, and keeping the doors open helps distribute the heat and maintain consistency. 

Tip #6: Add Extra Insulation

Most pipe areas are not properly insulated. Extra insulation is a great preventive measure to prevent pipe damage when living in Torrance, CA. Polyethylene, fiberglass, or foam are the most often used materials for pipe insulation. If cold weather is headed your way, and you need emergency insulation, try applying electrical tape directly to the pipes, especially in unheated or exterior locations. Like any heating tape, this can be dangerous, so you might want expert help. Call a plumber for advice about this. 

An insulator helps pipes stay at the optimal temperature, but it does not heat the pipe. For this, keeping your thermostat constant day and night could prevent pipes from freezing. This could cost you marginally extra, but keep in mind that a burst pipe is much more expensive than a relatively increased bill.

Frozen water pipes can be a very frustrating problem, but taking these preventive measures will reduce the chances of pipe-related disasters. 

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