5 Ways to Increase Your Home Value Quickly and Easily

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property without spending a fortune, this article is for you!

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Whether you’re looking to put your property on the market or simply increase your home’s value for your own peace of mind, there are actually a number of ideas you can put into place that don’t have to take years — or cost tons of money. In this article, we’re going to look at these simple tips that could help improve your property value and your home’s curb appeal.


This is probably the number one way to help lift your house value a bit. You don’t need to do a complete renovation or spend tens of thousands on luxury interior design — simply a lick of paint and some new flooring could do the trick.

There’s a reason why those dated interiors are in houses that are in the lower price bracket for their size and location — most people are put off by them. A newly decorated, inviting home will be more appealing to anyone who views the property, and that means it’ll sell quicker and for a higher price.

Here’s another simple tip: don’t try and go overboard with the latest styles or tastes. Stay simple and classic or your decorating job might age quicker than you think. You also want to appeal to the broadest number of people rather than only those who want a specific style. Think like a blank canvas — but a nice one.

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Get Some Outdoor Lighting

Another way to make your house look great — especially at night — is with outdoor lighting. With some carefully placed exterior lights, you can make your house look amazing at night. One important factor to remember with exterior lighting is that it’ll only really improve demand and value if people are viewing the home at night. Make sure you’ve got a few evening viewings booked in to really take advantage of your new lighting system.

Improve Security

Many homebuyers are looking for modern security features, and having a good selection of them already installed will save the buyer having to fit them themselves. Make sure you’ve got a modern, efficient alarm system. You can also consider security cameras, security doors and other auxiliary systems to make your home super-safe.

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Install Under-Floor Heating

While this one isn’t the cheapest, it could be one of the most effective. Under-floor heating has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you add it to your property, it’ll help increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to new buyers.

Turn Your Garage into Living Space

One great way to add extra living space or even another bedroom — without the expensive cost of an extension — is to convert your garage. Fewer people are using their garage for vehicles these days. Many garages are under-used altogether or just treated as storage space and neglected. You can turn that garage into another room of your home without spending too much — you’ll just need to seal one end with bricks (and probably install a window) plus decorate the interior a little. As you’re probably well aware, an extra bedroom or even living room could add a ton to your house.

Hopefully some of these tips work for you. There might be some more ways to increase your property value in your local area. Check out this site if you’re looking for advice on a San Clemente home for sale.

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What are the benefits for choosing Roman Shade Window Treatments?

Roman shades are one of the best window treatment options. Keep reading to find out why!

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Everyone agrees that big windows are great to have in a house because they let natural light illuminate the entire home. Not to mention that they can provide some fantastic views. That being said, since privacy is a concern it is important to find the right window treatments that take care of this while also not taking away the bonuses of windows.

Luckily there are a number of options available for homeowners, but there are especially benefits in choosing window treatments which can add to the ambience and function of the entire room and home.

Below are a few reasons why Roman shades should be considered for your home:

Photo: Talianko Design Group, LLC

Benefit #1: They Look Great Anywhere

One of the best things about these shades is that they can be used in any room of the house. Their design lends them the versatility to be easily placed in either a casual room or a more formal space. Whether it is a dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even a washroom or hallway, these shades will never look out of place. They easily adapt and a neutral tone will ensure that they will fit the space properly, but they can also easily become accent pieces as soon as they are made from a brighter colour or pattern.

Benefit #2: Functionality and Timeless Design

There are a few reasons that these shades are so popular in many homes across the country, but one of the main ones is that they are a tasteful and timeless choice for any space. There is no worry about them going out of style anytime soon, because they have proven themselves to be a classic over the years. They are far more atmospheric than any aluminum blinds and do not have to be much more expensive. Not to mention that they do their job well; Roman shades are effective at blocking the light out or even just softening it depending on the fabric that is used. Either way they are easy to use and do not have a complicated cord system that some other window treatments possess.

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Benefit #3: Cut Your Energy Costs

When properly installed they can even save homeowners money! This is always a big reason that people choose Roman shades over other window treatments. The best ones are those that have a thermal lining insulation made from thermal acrylic foam. The lining will help to protect the house’s internal temperature; this helps the home stay cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Ideally they should be custom made to perfectly fit the windows so that the shades protect from the drafts as effectively as possible.

Benefit #4: Light And Privacy Control

Something that has been touched on a little so far is that these are great options for protecting privacy and controlling the light that enters into the room. Since Roman shades cover the entire window from top to bottom when they are fully closed, there is nowhere to peak into the room from the outside. The same cannot always be said about blinds though, which have gaps between the slats which display more than intended.

Photo: KL Interiors

Benefit #5: Safety

One of the biggest concerns when bringing anything into a house with small children, or even pets, is whether or not it is safe for them. It is always important to ensure that it does not pose a hazard in anyway, after all precaution is the best way to approach these items. Many shades have cords that hang low and which children or animals can get caught in them. Luckily there are now some retailers who offer roman shades that can be controlled by a remote. This removes the hazard completely, putting everyone’s minds at ease and making a safer environment for the entire household.

Roman Shades

All of these factors contribute to Roman shades being among the most versatile of window treatments and offer great benefits to personalize your interiors. They offer a timeless look to any space while also enhancing the privacy and reducing energy wastage. The fact that there are remote-controlled options also mean that there are safe and convenient options in place for all types of households. Finally, the wide range of options allow them to be a versatile option for any space in the home. Anyone in need of new window treatments should seriously consider Roman shades because of all the advantages that they

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