TV Cover Ups – Hidden TV’s, Art Solutions & Hidden Cabinets

Hide your television away with these ingenious decorating ideas!


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You may not be so thrilled at showing off your television, and you may actually realize that televisions ruin interior decorating. Here at Better Decorating Bible we are more traditional, and like to keep our televisions hidden away. There are some people that love to flaunt their large televisions, and then there are those that like to cover them up and let their amazing decorating sense take center stage. Whichever you decide, a television cover up is one living room essential every stylish home should contain.

Here are some smart and most importantly easy, decorating ideas that you can do to hide your television out of sight!

Mirrored Television Cover Up

We all know how mirror panels are all the rage at the moment, especially propped up over your mantel! This is one smart and very stylish way of cover up your television. These mirrored panels were made to fold out at the sides and then fold over to hide away a big black box in style!

You can easily make something like this at home yourself, with minimum wood working skills. All you need is a few pre-cut wood boards, some hinges, and pre-cut mirrored panels. Then, you can make your mirrors look even more chic by antiquing them with the various mirror techniques there are all over the net. But before you go installing any television cover ups, make sure your television is securely installed. Consider purchasing one of those tv lifts, that will ensure your tv is always in place.


This mirrored panel is one of my favorite TV cover up ideas! Not only does it look glamorous and stylish, it’s also a super practical way to cover up a large black television!

Picture Frame Artwork Cover Up

If you have a romantic shabby-chic home, this picture frame cover up makes a super cute way to hide your television without sacrificing practicality for style. The romantic, botanical prints can easily be found online and printed out, making this a budget DIY project. All you need to do is find eight pretty frames that match your decorating and attach them together using hinges to make foldable panels.

A lot of these television cover up projects can be made simply with supplies you already have around your home. Whether it’s a bunch of old picture frames you took down long ago, or even a salvaged wood picket fence, making a TV cover up should definitely be one of the cheapest DIY projects you’ve ever done. Put long forgotten supplies and decorative items to good use and repurpose where you can.

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Sliding Barn Door Cabinet Above the Mantel

Great for a country style home, these sliding barn doors installed right above your mantel to cover up your television are beautiful! The best way to approach your television cover up idea is to create something that already goes with the rest of your home. These sliding barn doors complement the rest of the home and match, using the same color wood, wood panelling, and style.

If you’re like me, I love to hide away the television when guests come over. They came over to socialize not watch television with me, right? A TV cover up is a great way to pretend that the television is not even there, hence avoiding temptation to turn it on and tune out. To increase socialization when guests come over, you may also want to turn your sofas and chairs towards eachother instead of toward the television.

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Adding Warmth To Your Home’s Interior Design Scheme

Add some coziness to your home’s decorating to make a welcoming retreat everyone will enjoy!

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As a homeowner, there is a good chance that you’ll be interested in inviting friends and family members over to your place at some point in the future. In order to guarantee that these individuals will feel comfortable in your home, it is essential to go with a warm and inviting interior design scheme. The good news is that adding warmth to your home can be achieved much easier than you could ever imagine. Below, you’ll discover tips for adding a little more warmth to your home’s interior design scheme.

Natural Light

First and foremost, you should consider adding more light to your home. Artificial lighting is great, but natural light is even better. It is a proven fact that the sun’s rays can deliver a wealth of benefits, while simultaneously making the consumer feel more comfortable and relaxed. There is a good chance that your windows are covered by blinds. Get rid of those blinds or pull them aside and let the sun’s rays flow through freely. The light will make your home feel more open and far more inviting than ever before.

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Adding Plants

There is no better way to add life to your home than by utilizing shrubs and plants. Plants are living breathing creatures and they can greatly enhance your home’s interior design. Not only will plants help make your home feel more comfortable and lively, but they’ll also help to clean your home’s air. The right plants can undeniably make your home feel friendlier and warmer. Just remember that plants require a little tender love and care. Be sure you’re willing to water and care for your flowers regularly.

Adding A Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your home is yet another excellent way to make your property feel warmer and more relaxing. When attempting to select a fireplace, your options will be plentiful. You can choose a traditional wood burning fireplace or you can opt for one of the innovative ethanol burning fireplaces. Either option will work exceptionally well. Unfortunately, installing a fireplace can be a little difficult and may require assistance from a professional. Nevertheless, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

Select The Right Materials

Also, make sure you choose the right materials for your home. Fur and wool tend to work best. These two materials are fluffy and cozy. Therefore, they’ll make your home feel a little more comfortable. Plus, you can always cuddle up with these materials on a cold day.

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Warming Up Your Room With The Right Colors

You would truly be surprised what a difference the right colors can make in any room. With the right color palette, you can instantly warm up any room in your home. With that being said, this doesn’t mean that you need to just start throwing red or yellow paint on the walls. Keep in mind that there are different variations of certain colors. For instance, red is considered a warm color, but there are cool shades and warm shades available, so choosing the right shade is imperative as well.

Implementing Sentimental Objects

Nothing will warm up a home more than objects that hold a special place in your heart. The right family picture or a ceramic figurine from your childhood placed on your fireplace mantel could cheer you up on a bad day and add extreme warmth to any room.

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