7 Glamorous Blank Wall Solutions That Bring in Some Serious Panache!

Dress up blank walls with some of our ingenious designer-tested ideas!

Wallpaper and Floating Shelves


Built-in wall units have been all the rage lately, but we have found an even cheaper alternative! Simply wallpaper sections of your wall and insert floating wall shelves for an easy and cheap wall-unit look! We definitely love the look of this, take a look yourselves:

mirror over fireplace decorating ideaPhoto: Andrea Rodman Interiors

Create Statement Walls


A blank wall makes a perfect canvas for experimenting with patterns, textures, and even wall murals! Wallpapering a whole wall in a glamorous pattern makes an eye-catching statement, and creating an adjoining statement wall using marble tiles calls for double glam.

damask-wallpaper-mural-statement-wall-decor-ideasPhoto: CDA Interior Design

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall


There is no better way to fill up a blank wall than with a large, oversized, beautiful mirror. Not only are mirrors fabulous ways to fill up blank spaces, but they also make your space look larger, and brighter than it already is. Mirrors reflect natural light, and casts from chandeliers, and glossy finished furniture, which make it an ideal piece to make your room sparkle.

tree wallpaper twigs mirror decorPhoto: CDA Interior Design

Curtain Wall


This is one new trend that even then Kardashian’s designer has picked up: cover a whole wall in one large curtain. Where you expecting a large glass wall overlooking the city behind this never-ending curtain? That’s the look we are going for, a faux window look, that makes a space feel cozy and uber-glam.

curtain wall kardashian decorating ideasPhoto: Elizabeth Gordan

Put Your Walls to Work


A wall unit is a practical way to use up wall space without ending up with blank, lonely walls. Wall units can be used to hold books, showcase your favorite decor accessories, and even be used to mask junk in closed cabinets. They are perfect for some extra storage space, but can be a little pricey if you don’t do your research. Check online for IKEA hacks using bookcases turned into wall units. There are tons of ways to make them look like custom built-ins by adding molding to the tops and bottoms.

decorating wall unitPhoto: Steven Fletcher Architects