Home Makeover Tips with Fashionable Flooring Trends

Try these trendy new flooring ideas that are stirring up the decorating world for 2017!


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What’s a better way to make a fashion-forward decorating statement than by updating your flooring? Flooring trends come and go, but this year we are seeing some beautiful styles and designs that are here to stay, at least for a while. From tile to hardwood and even vinyl flooring, designers are loving the opportunity to get creative with these awesome new materials and colors. Take a look at some of the most stylish flooring trends that really caught our eye:

Tiles that Look Like Real Hardwood


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It can be tough keeping up with the all-hardwood flooring trends by installing hardwood throughout your kitchen and even bathroom! Tiles that look and even feel like real hardwood are becoming a hit trend and gaining momentum very quickly. Tiles are built to last and one of the most durable flooring options available. The fact that you can get a luxurious hardwood look to complement your existing furniture and have the durability as well is like killing two birds with one stone!

Before installing your tiles, always determine what pattern and orientation you would like the tiles to be in. Open a few boxes of tiles and temporarily lay them out in different patterns on the floor to see what looks best!

Chevron Tile and Hardwood Trend


Photo: Cameron Custom Builder

If you don’t know what chevron is, it’s the cute zigzag pattern that has been used on everything possible the last few years from décor to fashion and household items. The chevron trend was everywhere the last few years from curtains to carpets and even wallpaper. This year, chevron has taken on another spin as designers are installing tiles and hardwood floors in a chevron pattern. It looks very cool, but make sure you have a good handyman that has the patience for a detailed pattern like this!

Suzy’s Tip: I LOVE the chevron tile and wood plank trend! Install these chevron tiles in your bathroom for a very chic and updated look! Then, install brass hardware for your shower head, faucets, and vanity handles for a very sophisticated look that is Architectural Digest approved!

Affordable Vinyl Flooring


Photo: Online Vloeren Specialist

When we mention vinyl, everyone thinks of the hideous outdated linoleum that truly isn’t even vinyl. These two are often confused with each other and are actually two very different products. In the last few years vinyl has really taken off and become an affordable, durable, and fashionable flooring trend. You can now buy vinyl that looks like real wood similar to the wood-like tile and laminate that is on the market today. There are also tons of minimalist vinyl floor tile designs that look amazing and are super durable even in high-traffic areas of your home.

Vinyl flooring is tough as well as very good-looking. It’s really the easiest flooring material to install and also one of the cheapest flooring options on the market today. Vinyl is so thin and flexible but it’s also durable enough to last you for many, many years to come. If you are hesitant on installing this in your hallway, living room, or kitchen, you can always try it out on some not so noticeable rooms like the mudroom, laundry room, and guest bathroom. Test it out and see how you like it before installing vinyl in a large room that is used daily.

Wide Plank Wood Floors


Photo: Lauren

If you are looking to make your home look bigger than it already is, consider choosing flooring that has larger planks. Long gone are the days of thin strip hardwood flooring that used to look expensive and glamorous, wide plank flooring looks elegant and very trendy. One look that I have grown to love is very dark wide plank flooring and light colored walls. This is a classic look that will look amazing for at least 10 or more years until something else becomes trendy. If you are trying to play it safe or renovating a home for sale, you definitely will not go wrong with this look.

BDB Tip: Using larger planks for your hardwood flooring adds depth and makes your space look twice the size. It’s becoming a classic staple in the design world and will likely be a trendy flooring choice for the next few years to come.

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Tips for Renting Your First Apartment

Follow some of our easy tips on moving out and renting your very first apartment!

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Whether you’re a college student departing the dorms or leaving the nest for the first time, renting an apartment is unknown territory. You may have heard the horror stories about villainous landlords or bothersome roommates. With these considerations, it’s no wonder many first-time renters feel overwhelmed with information. Yet, as thousands have done before you, you can have a smooth transition to your new apartment. Follow these tips and you prepare for life in your new home.

Pick Your Roommates Wisely

Picking roommates is one of the most difficult and important tasks when looking for an apartment. Before you even begin your search for your new digs, choose your roommates wisely.

How Many People Can You Live With?

College students tend to pile up in small spaces in order to save money, but this isn’t for everyone. Be realistic about what you can handle and be willing to negotiate. For example you may compromise to live with two people if you get your own room for privacy; perhaps you’re only comfortable with the idea of living alone. Assess your wishes and budget capabilities before beginning your search.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Who Can You Live With?

It’s tempting to choose your best friends as your roommates, but this isn’t always a good idea. You may love hanging out with your best friends, but you’ve never had to live with them and see them day after day. When picking a roommate pay close attention to how they treat their belongings. Take note of the state of their room, the bathroom and the kitchen. Also consider their lifestyle habits. Determine whether you’re okay with hosting large parties or inviting cigarette smoke into the apartment. Write down boundaries for yourself and stick to them. After all, you do want that deposit back.

Create a Realistic Budget

Discuss a reasonable budget with your roommates. This is where it is most important to speak to your needs and what’s fair. You may have a roommate who wants the master bedroom but isn’t willing to pay more. On the other hand, you may have to settle for the smallest room if you can’t pay more. Good roommates compromise within the group and everyone will have to sacrifice something they want. If you or a roommate is unwilling to negotiate this is a sign that you should keep looking. Landlords will check your background and credit history through a service like Transunion SmartMove, so be prepared if your roommate doesn’t make the cut.

Photo: Home Goods

Look Early and Often

Ease the anxiety of the process by looking early. You may plan to rent in a month but looking early will prevent anxiety. Schedule walkthroughs with the landlords to see what you can expect for your budget and desired location. You may find that the apartments are in better or worse shape than you thought. Ask for the measurements so you can visualize the space. If you fall in love with a place you may be surprised at how quickly you can move in. Keep in mind that landlords like to secure a renter early in order sustain profits once the other tenants leave. Increase your chances by looking at all your options.

Survey the Neighborhood

The neighborhood will also impact your experience. It’s sensible to pick a neighborhood that provides a happy medium for all roommates involved for their commute. Beach cities tend to have the worst morning traffic because there is only one way in and one way out to reach a freeway. Likewise, those neighborhoods closer to freeways have an easier to commute to work, home and nightlife.

Photo: Domino Magazine

You should also consider the culture of the neighborhood. Foremost is safety; check out the city records to learn your neighborhood’s criminal history. Locations with a lot of break-ins, theft and assault are places you don’t want to be. Once you narrow down your choices, choose an area that appeases everyone, whether it be family-friendly, proximity to nightlife or a young adult culture.

Observe the Landlord

Finally, you must find out whether you can get along with your landlord. While there is no perfect method to find out whether you and your landlord will get along, you can look for red flags. Observe how eager he is to sign off; if they are too eager they may be hiding something. If the tenants are still in the property, ask them what their relationship was like. Taking the time to assess your landlord can save you a great deal of frustration in the future.

Follow these tips to make your time as a renter an enjoyable experience.

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