Save Space with these Top 5 Cupboard Designs!

Looking to add some extra storage space to your small home? Installing cupboards is a smart way to free up floor space and make your home look bigger!


Photo: Sita Montgomery Interiors

Cupboards are an incredible way of storing all the items you have. By using them, you can protect your belongings and ensure that they do not get lost. You can free the floor space and make your home look beautiful. Very importantly, you can manage and maintain the house and feel happy that it is neat and tidy. Nowadays, superstores and online sites offer several choices including budget cupboard at Urban Ladder, to accommodate your diverse needs.

To make this choice easier, we have provided you with the Top 5 cupboard designs. These give you the ideas you need to optimize your storage space.

Wall Cupboards

There are different types of wall cupboards. For small spaces, floor to ceiling cupboards are a good option for extra storage space. This is an optimal way of utilizing the wall space, especially the area close to the ceiling. This can have multiple shelving options including wide and narrow shelves, pullouts and rails. Movable and adjustable shelving units are an added advantage. These cupboards have the option of being two to three large cupboards or a number of small cupboards.

Pullout Cupboards

Pullout cupboards are quite literally pulled out and then used to store various items. They can be placed in any room and have multiple shelving units. They can be made fairly tall and make use of awkward spaces such as corners, the space under the stairs, and narrow areas.

Corner Cupboards

These cupboards utilize the corners of the house. They are usually narrow and placed on the floor. But if rails are used, corner cupboards can provide at least two times the “rail space”. In this way, the corners of the house are made use of to the maximum extent.

Wall Mounted Cupboards

Wall mounted cupboards serve several purposes:-

(a) They free the floor space for other storage units and make the house look less cluttered which is great for your home’s decorating!

(b) They can conveniently be placed anywhere. For example, above either the bed or other items on the floor, along an empty wall or in combination with other cupboards

(c) They can be made as several units that are mounted right next to each other, with multiple shelving options.

Their flexibility is what makes them particularly useful.

Stair Space Cupboards

The space under the stairs is especially useful and can be carefully crafted into a easy storage space. Depending on preference, this can be one complete space or divided into a number of smaller spaces. Accordingly, one large cupboard or several smaller cupboards can be made. They can include various shelving options and many selves, depending on the items to be stored. For smaller cupboards, the pullout cupboard design is a good option.

But all cupboards can be made into good storage units and be aesthetically pleasing a well. You achieve this by painting them the same colour as the wall or making them out of good solid wood. Beautifully crafted handles are the last touch and add style and elegance. These options are bound to save space and make you house-proud.

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The Incredible Versatility of Bean Bags as a Decorating Option

Decorate your home with one of the most loved and cheapest home furniture items – bean bag chairs!

Photo: Urban Outfitters

One of the hallmarks of great furniture is that it’s both versatile and distinct. You can use it in a tonne of different places and wherever you do choose to use it, there’s simply no mistaking that furniture’s unique style. Such is the case with bean bag chairs.

They may not be the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about interior decorating ideas but their unique status makes them a hugely underrated asset. Home decorating is all about making a space your own through self-expression and if properly used, a lovely little bean bag can say quite a bit!

Here, then, are just a few reasons why you may want to give beanbags a second look when it comes to decorating your home, office, or patio space.

Their Affordability

One of the most important aspects of any decorating scheme is, of course, the cost associated with it. On the one hand, you may not have a fortune to spend on expensive home furniture and accessories. On the other hand, your home décor reflects on you; and as such, you certainly don’t want it to look or feel cheap!

It’s here that bean bags prove to be a true stroke of genius. A deluxe bean bag has a lovely finish and can provide a brilliant splash of colour to any room, at a reasonable cost. While sets of chairs or armchairs can easily run into four figures, you can get quality bean bag and foot rest combos for far less than that, allowing you to decorate in style while still remaining fiscally savvy.

Photo: ShopStyle

Their Portability

Another downside to traditional forms of decorating? They can be difficult to move. This can make for a big hassle if you’re looking to shift décor elements around your room and an even bigger one should you need to move. With a bean bag, naturally, it’s much simpler. They’re easy to move, which in turn allows for greater decorating freedom.

Photo: Buzzfeed

Their Versatility

This in turn points to one of the biggest strengths of bean bags as a decorating option – their incredible versatility. Bean bags are, without question, a way to characterise a room as being more casual and colourful or even give it a bit of retro chic. They can also be used in a variety of different decorating setups, indoors or out, which is why they are incredibly versatile. They are, of course, well-known for their characteristic cushioning ability but even so, they can retain their shape and serve in a variety of different capacities within a given décor scheme.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up a room or add a dash of colour to your outdoor patio with furniture, bean bags are a great way to add a casual chic touch to any decorating project!

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