7 Steps to Decorating Your Dream Kitchen – Make Sure to Buy our Must-Have Items!

Designing your dream kitchen is not all that hard if you pay attention to the right details, accents pieces and accessories. You can turn your kitchen around in one day following some of our easy instant-glam steps and must-buy items!

Metallic Wallpaper


Designers are causing a stir over metallic decor accessories like metallic lamps, drawer pulls, faucets, and knobs. It’s fun to jump into new decor trends, but even better when you do it from a different perspective. Metallic wallpaper gets our seal of approval as one of 2016’s hottest decor trends. Just how glam does this turquoise kitchen look with this dazzling wallpaper and matching cabinets?

blue wallpaper kitchen teal turqouise decor ideasPhoto: Sheila Bridges Design Inc.

Kitchen Chandeliers


Now this is an easy way designers make any kitchen look INSTANTLY more expensive and luxurious. Kitchen chandeliers aren’t even expensive to buy (home depot carries some lovely affordable ones) and they reflect light all over the place, lighting up every dark corner and making your kitchen look twice as big!

kitchen chandeliersPhoto: Tumblr

Nailhead Detailing


Nailheads make anything look chic! We’ve seen them everywhere from sofas to ottomans, even storage boxes and now they have made their way to our kitchen cupboards. You can buy nailheads on strips by the yard and easily glue or tack them onto the edge of your cupboards and counter tops for a glammed-up look that’s on a whole other level.

studded brackets kitchen
Photo: Thehighheeledhostess.com

Durable Wood-Like Flooring


Hardwood flooring in the kitchen screams luxury because as we all know, it’s super easy to damage and is very pricey! You can get the look of hardwood flooring in the kitchen using tiles that look exactly like real wood. To keep your kitchen looking elegant rather than rustic, choose light walls, cupboards and countertops like the granite and quartz ones from Mayfair Granite. Having these wood-like tiles stretch throughout your whole home makes it look expansive, luxurious, and very much like your dream kitchen!

dream kitchen chandeliers decor white grey wood floorPhoto: Hallmark Floors Inc.

Waffle Ceilings


Having a wood waffle ceiling was long thought of as being uber expensive, sometimes even unnecessary, and a decorating style made for the rich only. Today there are tons of alternatives where you can get the look of a waffle ceiling for a lot cheaper! Styrofoam molds mimic the look of real wood, and when painted you can barely tell the difference.

Wilhoit_kitchen-v1Photo: John Kraemer & Sons 

Glossy All-Black Kitchens


Don’t shy away from black walls and cupboards, an all-black kitchen can make a huge statement room for your whole house! The trick to making black work as a wall color is choosing a glossy shade that reflects light rather than swallows it up. For your hardware such as drawer knobs, pulls, and kitchen faucet choose a brushed gold to amp up your new dream kitchen.

black kitchenPhoto: Style Me Pretty

Built-In Kitchen Appliances


An ugly fridge and dishwasher can really break your overall decor. What’s trending for 2016 is making your kitchen look as seamless as possible. This means dishwashers and fridges that are built-in and look almost invisible!

built in kitchen frigde dishwasherPhoto: Pinterest

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Spotlight on PIXERS: Custom Wall Murals, Stickers, Prints and Posters

We give you the scoop on why we love PIXERS, the hottest custom wall décor company that designers can’t stop talking about!

PIXERS pixersize custom poster prints wall murals wall decor ideas print your own images cover a wall budget decor


One thing every home decorator strives to do is to create something unique, custom, and memorable. There is no better way than to achieve home décor like this than with custom made artwork. We are SO excited this month to be able to partner with PIXERS, a company that is creating lots of buzz in the home décor industry and they have a good reason to do so.

PIXERS creates your own custom wall murals, stickers, prints, and posters for your home so you can have one-of-a-kind artwork and achieve the décor of your dreams! You also have access to 30 million wall murals, stickers, prints, and posters and can customize ANY product you want: change the material, resize the image, or reframe it. What a fun way to spruce up your home, office, or even give a customized gift to someone for the holidays!

When browsing through PIXERS online store one thing that really got me excited was the big collection of map prints. Maps have been a HUGE hit in the décor industry this year and prove to be classic, timeless, and elegant pieces of artwork. Who wouldn’t love to have an office wall covered in an amazing old world map? Just think about how glamorous that would look!

PIXERS pixersize custom poster prints wall murals wall decor ideas print your own images cover a wall budget decor map canvas print 2

They also have a wide range of animal prints and one of my favorites – zebras! Zebras are my favorite exotic animals to decorate with and they make a room look sleek and modern with their monochrome stripes. They also match with absolutely anything! You can order their zebra prints as a poster, canvas print, or a premium-framed poster. Take a look at some of their gorgeous zebra art straight from their online store:

PIXERS pixersize custom poster prints wall murals wall decor ideas print your own images cover a wall budget decor zebra canvas print 1

Want to order one of their beautiful prints or make your own custom masterpiece? All of PIXERS products are made-to-order, eco-friendly, and ship WORLDWIDE! Their custom prints also make the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

Check out their website here and make sure to take advantage of their JAMES BOND promotional SALE CODE FOR 20% OFF! Use code MYNAMEISBOND and start shopping now – sale starts Sunday November 22nd till Wednesday November 25th!

pixers pixersize custom wall murals stickers canvas prints artwork order make your own wall decor



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Vacationing for The Holidays? Here are Beautiful Places to Visit + Scoop on the Newest Vacation Home Trend Called TimeShare

Planning a holiday vacation is exciting and can be even more affordable than you may think!

Who doesn’t dream of having a home away from home? To be able to visit another oasis, have a change in scenery, and a nice break from work! The only drawback of owning a vacation home is the huge expense in taking out a second mortgage. Here’s how you can do it on a small budget thanks to TimeShare:

A timeshare is a form of property ownership in the form of resort style condominiums. You basically buy the rights to use a property during a specific time of year and are under contract for partial ownership, lease, or right to use basis. There are tons of gorgeous places you can visit like the Welk timeshares, a beautiful resort in San Diego.

You can buy a deeded timeshare, which means you own the unit and have the rights to use it for the amount of years specified in the contract. You can use it during a certain time of year and have the option of selling the property, renting, or exchanging your unit. You also are responsible for paying a monthly mortgage, annual maintenance fees and some property taxes. You can also buy the right to use option, which means you own the right to use the unit, but are not guarantee the same unit every year.

Before you ever consider buying a timeshare, make sure to check out lots of reviews online such as this one included in the Welk timeshare reviews. It gives you a better understanding of what the experience will be and how pleased others were with their stay!

Now here is our roundup of 5 gorgeous places to visit this year!

Cote d’Azur, French Riviera:best vacation places
Photo: Pinterest

Ojai, California:
dream vacation
Photo: My Domaine

Provence, France:
provence vacation
Photo: Domaine Home

Monte Rosa, Switzerland:
europe dream holiday vacation
Photo: SkiCanadaMag

San Miguel de Allende, Spain:
spanish vacation
Photo: Hotels.com

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Decorating With Your Sofa for the Holidays! – Here are 6 Easy tips to Dress Up Your Comfy Couch

Get your sofa into the Christmas spirit with these fast and easy decorating ideas!

A comfy couch is the heart of every living room, so make sure it’s comfy, cozy, and looking it’s best this Christmas. A plain sofa looks boring, washed out and un-festive – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be dressed up. Think of it as a blank canvas waiting for some creativity! Here are 6 really easy ways you can bring some color and Christmas spirit to your sofa in minutes!

Add Some Sparkle!

Christmas is all about twinkling lights, shiny ornaments, glitter, and sparkle! You can make your sofa light up with sequin pillows that practically reflect every light bulb, flickering candle, or twinkle light like a disco ball. Just don’t over-do it, one or two smaller sized pillows can make a big statement on even a larger sized sofa.

sequin leopard holiday pillows how to dress up a sofaPhoto: Lo Murphy

Color Is Everything

Draping bursts of color over your sofa can make it take on a whole new look in seconds! Drape a deep red throw blanket over the top or even running along the middle of the sofa to ignite it with some holiday hues.

Hang up a Wreath!

You don’t even need to touch your sofa to dress it up this way! Place a festive wreath right above your sofa and tie a big red bow to tie the whole look together. When it comes to holiday wall decor, there is nothing better than a nice juicy wreath!

christmas decorating wreath better decor bible blog mirrored wall
Photo: Miles Redd

Cozy Up With Fur

Fuzzy fur makes everything seem more cozy and warm! The holidays are all about snuggling up with loved ones and most of the time is spent in the living room. Throw on a few sheepskin hides over your sofa or even a few fur pillows to make your seating area look more inviting and intimate. Even if your couch looks plain and boring, you’d be surprised at how just adding a few cute accessories can really give it some life!

holiday decor fur blanket sofa decor living room
Photo: Bliss-athome

Wrap up Pillows

Turn your couch into a giant Christmas present by wrapping up you pillows like presents using ribbon and tying a big bow in the center. This way, you don’t even need to buy new cushions, just dress them up and they will dress up your sofa!

Stick to Traditional Textiles

Plaid has always been looked at as a holiday textile and really makes a mark that the holiday season is finally here! Mix in plaid into your decor with plaid cushions and throw blankets all over your sofa to get the Christmas cheer going. This chesterfield sofa looks glam on its own, but will a little help from some festive pillows it definitely turned Christmas-ready!

plaid christmas sofa decor ideas how to dress up your couch for the holidays

Photo: PlushPalate.Blogspot

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