Makeover Your Home’s Exterior – Easy Curb Appeal Ideas!

Make your home stand from the rest by amping up its curb appeal with these easy and effective ideas! 

mediterranean-exterior curb appealEvens Architects, Los Angeles

A simple way to make your property stand out while adding to its resale value is to focus on raising its curb appeal. After all, first impressions are often lasting ones. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to raise your home’s curb appeal! We’ve gathered some easy ways – most of which you can do yourself to add instant and effective curb appeal to you home:

A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way!

mediterranean-exterior curb appeal yellow wallsDenis Mayer Photography

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to bring a house to life. If you have good DIY skills, it is a project that will take a few weekends, or you can always hiring a painting company and have it done in a few days.

Before you start painting, remember that you need to give the exterior a proper wash, scrape, and sanding. It’s better to paint from top to bottom to prevent messy drips and missed spots. Select a couple of shades or a main color and highlight to make the house stand out. The average cost of repainting would range from $1,500 to $3,500, depending if it’s a DIY effort or done professionally.

Repair or Replace Your Garage door

 mediterranean stone garage tuscan decorRick O’Donnel Architect

A garage door can occupy as much as 30% of the face area of the house. An old door with dents will look jaded, even with a coat of paint. Old garage doors often let in drafts, thereby adding to your utility bills. When upgrading the garage door, keep in mind both aesthetics and functionality as the doors come in insulated or non-insulated variants. A new door would cost you $300 to $1,500, depending on size, finish, and insulation.

If you decide to just repair your current door, you’ll want to call in specialists such as Pro-Line Garage Door Service. Most times the repair job you simply can’t do yourself, and this 25-year-old family company specializes in all types of repairs with a one-on-one service. Keep in mind that you will want to do the garage repair before you paint your house.

Focus on Landscaping

transitional-landscape flowers shrubs curb appeal walkwayCreative Environments, Pools and Spas 

A little bit of lawn care and a few flowers can make a remarkable transformation to your home. Plant some planters around your doors and line your driveway with flowers or beautiful shrubs. If you are looking to sell your home, remember that in the past investments of only $400-$500 in landscaping brought returns of four times the amount. So prune the trees and bushes, and add flowerbeds – it’s worth it!

Clean and Repair Your Roof

 mediterranean-landscape orange roof repair curb appeal ideas easyJeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Replace broken and missing shingles, and remove the dirt, moss, lichens, and algae that accumulate over time. This is a job best done by professionals and should cost you $600 to $800. For that small sum, the house will suddenly look younger and fresher.

Add Some Window Appeal

 traditional-exterior curb appeal blue green shuttersRWA Architects

An easy way to improve curb appeal on a budget is with interior or exterior window treatments. This can range from adding shutters to painting or adding drapes and blinds. Adding window boxes with gorgeous colorful flowers also add a pop of color and coziness!

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Save Space! Here’s How to Convert a Loft into a Living Space

Utilize every square foot of space in your home and turn your empty attic or loft into a practical living space!

sloped ceiling attic bedroom decorating ideas loft

Domaine Home


You would be amazed at home much space there is wasted in your home, and how much potential there is to create even more living space than you already have! In most houses the attic or also known as the loft, is frequently used as storage space only, meaning the whole floor has gone to waste! Transforming attics into living spaces is becoming really popular all around the globe, especially the loft conversions in London where home prices are soaring just because of an extra loft living space.


With a lower ceiling and awkward walls, this unusual room can be a little daunting to decorate. Follow expert tips to easily makeover your space and have you enjoying your new loft in no time!

 attic loft office decor how to utlize space better decorating bible blog

Todd Richesin Interiors

Get Creative When Using Up Your Space 

Just because your ceiling may be a little lower in certain areas, doesn’t mean you can’t use it! Use your creativity and place lower furniture like a chest of drawers, tables and TVs. You can even use this type of space for a work desk and a mini office with low profile storage units and bookcases. A sofa can also fit under the eaves, as well as a bed.

sloped ceiling decor attic bedroom how to better decorating bible ideasDomaine Home


Promote Natural Sunlight

One of the nicest things about a loft space is the amount of beautiful natural light. Decorate your loft with a lighter color pallet to enhance the natural light even more, and keep things positive, airy, and fresh.

attic decorating ideas sloped ceiling wooden wall panels better decorating bible blog ideas loftThe Landschute Group


Choose the Right Type of Flooring

With loft spaces noise can sometimes be an issue so it is super important to choose the right type of flooring. Noise easily travels through the floor, so choosing a carpet floor is a smart way to insulate noise coming from the floors below. You can also simply lay thick rugs for a similar effect.

attic loft bedroom decorating ideasThe Land Company

Install Good Blinds

Loft spaces receive loads of natural sunlight, so it’s important to have good blinds to keep out the heat during the summer months, as well as provide privacy and prevent all your furniture and carpeting from fading from the sun. Roller blinds, roman blinds, or black out shades work perfectly and don’t take up too much wall space.

attic loft office decorating roman shades blinds better decorating bible blog decor ideas sloped ceilingCharlie Barnett Associates 

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6 Speedy Cleaning Hacks that will Change Your Life + A Home Tour!

Guests coming over? Don’t panic if your home is a mess, here are 6 cleaning hacks that will have your home looking spick and span in no time!

glitzy entance glamorous persian rug black gold wallpaper gold chandelier decorating ideas

Sticking to a few simple tricks when it comes to housecleaning can make a HUGE difference in the amount of time, effort, and money you spend cleaning your house. What I figured out is that it’s super important to develop a cleaning system that actually works and makes cleaning not only easy, but also fun! If you do annual deep cleaning like scrubbing your grout, or hiring a service like Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, the simple tasks like wiping up dust, dirt and some grime is super easy to upkeep with our simple tricks: 

union jack pillow decorating taupe walls wainscotting walls better decorating bible blog

1. Keep Your Tools Within Reach

Looking for and gathering cleaning materials around your home can be time-consuming. Keep your tools handy so you can easily locate them when they’re needed. You may store them in one cabinet or basket or assign a separate space in your utility rack for them. This way you can save time and energy and you can start cleaning immediately. 

living room stone fireplace decor better decorating bible blog accent wall

2. Set a Timer 

Be efficient in doing your cleaning job by setting a timer for yourself. For example, allot 5-8 minutes for each room. You have to finish all cleaning in a particular area before the timer goes off. When it does, move on to another room. This ensures that you don’t take too long in one part of your house so no time is wasted, and you would be able to consume wisely the total time you’ve devoted to cleaning whether it be for 30 minutes or an hour.

orange pink greek key carpet office glamorous decorating white gold table

3. Develop a Cleaning Pattern

When cleaning a room, start from one side of it then end on its last corner. It can be clockwise, counter-clockwise, from top to bottom or bottom to top—it’s up to you. This guarantees that you don’t miss out on any area as opposed to just randomly cleaning parts of the room, and you would be surprised that it would actually help you finish faster. 

greek key rug pink orange yellow office decor glamorous decorating

4. Use Stylish Storage

Choose a basket or box which could double as home décor where you could temporarily store some clutter while you have visitors. These could be woven or made of canvas, preferably ones that come with lids so you can conceal some unwanted things even just for a short while.

bedroom decor ideas gold sunbirst mirror greek key dresser better decorating bible blog

5. Spray and Wipe Off

Pour disinfectant in a spray bottle. Grab a clean rug or cloth. Work faster by spraying on walls, tiles, glass and countertops then wiping it off with the rug to remove surface stains and dirt. You might need a mixture of vinegar and water for stubborn ones. Your other options include rubbing alcohol and liquid soap mixed with water. On the other hand, spray furniture polish on areas that need shining, like the front of your fridge or your floor.

dining room lamour decor blue white garpet palm tree mirrored side table taupe walls chandelier better decorating bible blog

6. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to conserve time and energy, use a vacuum cleaner instead of manually sweeping all floors in your house. Do this so you’re sure to gather all specks of dirt on your floors and carpets. You may also use this on upholstered couches, chairs or even your bed to rid them of dust and other particles. Plug it in an extra-long extension cord so you can carry it around the house. 

living room decor glam morrrocan carpet taupe textured wallpaper better decorating bible blog ideas fall centerpiece

Managed Within Minutes!

Aside from the tips listed above, you can also look for other ways on how you could easily clean your house. Use a lint roller for your lamp shades if they’ve already caught a lot of dirt. Wrap a sock around your hand and use it to remove dust off walls. If you don’t have the time to wash sheets and covers, simply make your bed and fluff your pillows. Listen to upbeat music while cleaning your home quickly and efficiently. Following these steps will help you look after your home even if you’re away most of the time—and will surely make your relatives and visitors love your place!

bathroom aged antiqued mirrored tiles chinoiserie metallic wallpaper bette decorating bible blog wall sconesAll Photos By: Clark and Clark Interiors, NC

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Party Planning Color Guide – Decorate with These Super Hot Hues for 2015

Planning a special event at home? Find out what colors are trending for fall 2015!

Turning your home into your own party, wedding, or special occasion venue is a smart way to save time, money, and it’s also a lot easier than you think! To make your special event a hit, it’s worth having a look at what colours are going to be most fashionable this fall and why. Lucky for us, there’s going to be lots of color bursting choices! Take a look:

Radiant Orchard

Radiant Orchard is the perfect mix of subtle and colourful. Without being too overpowering, the shade creates character and energy and can be paired perfectly with white or cream. Think of a nice plush orchard sofa with cream walls and vanilla colored accessories! The color carries the radiance of summer but also incorporates a cool, autumnal feel. If you are planning a wedding at home, try to use orchard colored accessories and tie them in with matching bridesmaid dresses and décor to complete your look.

2015 decorating color trends radiant orchid living room sofa couch curtains better decorating bible blog

Cypress Green

If you want to go for something a little more uni-sex, cypress green showcases both elegance and strength. There is nothing more autumnal than greens and browns, and this shade of green celebrates the beautifully natural colours of this season. Without leaning too far towards khaki, cypress green looks refreshing, energised and sophisticated.

pantone decor 2015 color cypress green


Dark, mysterious and perfect for those colder nights, sangria exudes luxury. Sangria coloured napkins, table toppers, sashes and flowers paired with white table cloths and chair covers creates the most exquisite look. The mix between red and purple indeed creates a shade of burgundy that cannot be described as anything less than glamorous. Watch out for this colour as it is predicted to be one of the most popular autumnal shades of the year.

pantone sangria color decor table wedding better decorating bible blog ideas centerpiece candle table runner


Hold on to the summer and subtly hint at the mix of oranges and yellows that will fill the skies and the streets this autumn. Misty yellow and faded yellow are among the predicted favourites for this year as the shades enhance a perfect contrast to the darker colours of autumn. Whether you want to match dark colours or light colours with yellow shades, you have the option to create the perfect ambience for your day.

pantone yellow decor color trends 2015 patio furniture

Aurora Red

If you want to stand out, make sure you stand out with style. Aurora red leaves the dark shades behind and makes way for the new trend of bright autumnal colours. Perfect for flowers, accessories and of course, lipstick, you can coordinate flawlessly with this shade. Red is unquestionably the colour of romance, sophistication and fashion, and this autumn will be spent celebrating the vibrancy it brings.

pantone decor 2015 color trends flowers aurora red decor

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