A New Decorating Trend for 2016 – The Year of the Statement Pendant

living room pendant light ideas decorating trends for 2016Photo: Arlington Design Center

Pendant lights are all the rage for 2016 and many designers are taking down their chandeliers from last year and installing shiny new pendant lights. So what is so wonderful about pendant lighting? First of all pendant lights inject vibrancy, style, and an of-the-moment look to your home in literally minutes! They make a huge change and are perfect for any space in your home: the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom!

pendant lighting kitchen decorPhoto: Becki Peckham

These pendant fixtures are a single light that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a metal rod, chain, or cord. They come in so many different kinds of shapes, styles, colors, and materials which make it easy to find exactly what you need for your home.

Hanging a trio of lights above a center island provides enough lighting for dinner preparation and casual meal-time. Pendant lights are the perfect way to highlight a kitchen island and make it the focal point of a room.

dining room pendant decorPhoto: Brandon Architects, Inc

The drama doesn’t stop only in the kitchen, pendant lights are perfect even in the dining room (above)!  You can hang pendant lights at different heights depending on the space you are decorating. For example, in your dining room you can hang your lights a little lower to create a dramatic and intimate ambience. Also since it is hung right over the table, there are no worries that someone will walk under it and bump their head.

decorating with pendant lights trend 2016 better decorating bible blogPhoto: Carol Hwall

One of my favorite styles of pendant lights are the star shaped light fixtures, they add a majestic beauty to a room like no other! There are tons of different types of shapes available, circular, square, rectangle, lantern style lights, and even a cluster a baubles like these ones from Moleta Munro.

kitchen pendant lights decorating ideasPhoto: Drury Design

Pendant lighting in the kitchen is both practical, beautiful, and adds a huge visual interest directly where you put it. Don’t think that this trend is here today and gone tomorrow – pendant lighting is timeless and always looks great whether it’s in your kitchen or running down a long corridor.

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Here’s How to Glam Out Your Staircase and Skyrocket Your Home’s Value!

Make a showstopping appearance every time someone enters your home with these gorgeous staircase ideas!

royal palace french entrance grand staircase decoratingPhoto: Haleh Design Inc.

Every dime you put into your home contributes to it’s value, curb appeal, and aesthetic. Remodelling your staircase is a HUGE deal breaker when it comes to selling your home or even simply making a great impression for your guests. It’s one of the first things someone sees when they come into your home, and having an impressive staircase is a priceless feature.

A few details like sanding down your stairs and applying a beautiful dark glaze, installing new pickets, and other stair fixings are simple projects that can make a difference to not only the value of the property but how your home appeals too. Here are some of our designer approved tricks of the trade to give your staircase and entrance a whole new life:

Roll Out a Animal Print Runner

Tiger, leopard, even zebra prints have always scream: luxurious, opulence and great style! Instead of opting for a traditional staircase runner or even going bare, choose an exciting animal print one. Not only will you give your home’s entrance a serious design statement, you’ll also add an unexpected accent that adds edginess and allure.

leopard stairs staircase runner makeover animal print ideasPhoto: Design By Design

Hang a Candle Style Chandelier

Want to know how to really make a huge design statement in your home’s entrance? Settle for anything but common and choose unique pieces like this candle style chandelier. I LOVE candle style chandeliers, they look even better when paired with monochrome style interiors. A glossy black and white staircase paired with a medieval style chandelier is to die for! Check out this mysterious gilded age splendor:

black stairs makeoverPhoto: Crisp Architects

Install Molding and Trim

A little goes a long way and installing some molding and trim to your staircase really isn’t a huge investment but the results are amazing! Adding things like this are great quality home improvements and will make your homes value increase, plus it’s an easy project! This designer installed a simple chair rail and some molding to the sides of the steps to spruce it up and give this space an updated look.

staircase moldings makeover ideasPhoto: Urban Home Magazine

Add Color with Oversized Artwork


Sometimes keeping your walls white has it’s perks – you can decorate your walls with so much color! These oversized Marilyn Monroe Andy Warhol prints make this staircase explode with color. Paired with a vibrant green stair runner, this entrance looks like a masterpiece!

green runner staircase retro ideas decoratingPhoto: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

Make a Entrance Seating Area

A built in bench in this staircase is a wonderful way to save space and utilize every square foot of this magical home. The beautiful tufted backing, crystal chandeliers, and pink stair runner make this place fit for a princess! To get the look at home without custom installing your own bench, simply place a pretty bench or a small two seater sofa next to your staircase and plump it up with pretty pillows.

french staircase princess pink runner decorating stair makeover ideasPhoto: Dallas Design Group Interiors

Create Your Own Architectural Masterpieces

Getting the look of a custom wall mural is easy and the results look expensive and amazing! Simply frame sections of your wall with thin molding and apply a wall mural wallpaper inside of them. Easy peasy and take a look at the results:

staircase wall mural chinoiserie print wallpaper ideasPhoto: Northworks Architects and Planners

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6 Easy Updates to Amp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

5 easy curb appeal ideas outdoor backyard decoratingPhotos: Dennis Mayer

Giving the exterior of your home an upgrade does not need to be expensive or time-intensive. In fact, there are many quick little fixes that can brighten your home’s exterior features. These fixes are ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Just about any area of a house’s exterior can be renovated, such as windows, doors, and walls.

A Designer’s Trick – Outdoor Lighting Works Miracles!


Apart from repainting the walls, few things can jazz up a house exterior like the right type of lighting. Whether you install low voltage energy efficient lights or solar powered types, you have choices. While the beauty of these may not be obvious in the daytime, they can make quite a statement in the night. You can go very basic by adding just a fancy lantern or two for a special effect.

A Fresh Lick Of Bright Paint


3 easy curb appeal ideas outdoor backyard decorating

This is maybe the easiest way to give new life to a house’s exterior. If you like trends, consider bright, vibrant colors instead of safe colors such as white and off-white.  Warm yellow for example can give the impression of a house that is cozy and inviting. Apart from improving curb appeal, painting the exterior of your house can also help improve the value.

Update Windows and Doors


easy curb appeal ideas outdoor backyard decorating

Changing out old, dated doors and windows is a quick way to improve the look of a house and improve its curb appeal. If the door is sturdy and of a good quality material, you can make a big impact by just painting it. You can also paint the wooden frames of windows to brighten up the look of the windows and the house. You can install decorative shutters or wrought iron grilles.  Window boxes are great for improving the exterior look of a house.

Change the Roof


1 easy curb appeal ideas outdoor backyard decorating

The right roofing can make a house attractive. The choice of roofing should depend on the style of the house and the weather conditions in the area.

A Mailbox


An eye-catching mailbox can add to your home’s curb appeal. Start by matching the color to the that of the house or use one that complements it.  If you love greenery and plants, you can create a flower garden around the mailbox. Make the mailbox whimsical or festive using trimmings and artistic designs.

Amp Up Your Landscaping


4 easy curb appeal ideas outdoor backyard decorating

You don’t need to have a green thumb to put in a garden that will improve the look and value of your home. If necessary get professional help to design the layout of the garden and get advice on the best types of plants. Go with layering by placing taller plants in the back and shorter plants in shrubbery in the front.  If you don’t have enough space for a garden, whether in your front or back yard, consider window boxes. If you work on your landscaping, you can take it slowly, doing it in phases to help you find what works best for you. Visit your local gardening store for advice if you are new to gardening.

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