Dream Home Décor – Sticking to Your Budget for the Final Finishing Touches

Putting the final finishing touches on your newly decorated home? You can still get high style for less AND work within your budget with our easy décor hacks!

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Get Your Lighting Right Like the Pros

Lighting is the secret weapon to instantly transforming a space with almost no effort at all! Everything in your home depends on light and every other bit of décor can be transformed simply by changing the way it is lit. To achieve a transformation using lighting, install the right type of lighting for your space. Recessed, spot lights, hanging chandeliers, and even skylights will make or break your room.

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Remember that if you CAN get natural light, then promote it as much as possible! Natural light is completely free and healthier than artificial alternatives. As houselogic.com explains, the right lighting makes you appreciate every color in the room, especially your new paint job!

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Update Inexpensive Blinds

Walk into a home decorating store and you will find that the world of window treatments has come a long way since you first purchased your home. Window blinds are especially getting closer to the status of artwork, but at a stiff price. Bring down the cost by investing in plain old white Venetian blinds, wooden slat blinds, or bamboo blinds. If you like, you can buy some paint and customize them to better match your newly decorated space.

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Choose Concrete Countertops

EVERYONE aspires to gave those gorgeous marble countertops, but keep in mind that any top of the line countertop material is going to take a bit bite out of your décor budget. You can customize concrete countertops and actually make them look like real marble or even granite without ever being able to tell the difference! What’s even better with concrete, is it is MUCH more durable than any type of exotic rock used for countertops.

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Consider a Reverse Mortgage

If you are tight on cash to finish off your home remodel, remember that you always have a home finance option to reverse your mortgage. You must be at least 62 years old and already have paid off your existing mortgage. What’s great is that the mortgage company pays you instead of you paying them, sending you a monthly check, lump sum, or a line of credit. If you are interested in considering this, you can read NASDAQ’s “Reverse Mortgage Advice: 4 Things to Carefully Consider” for some great advice. You can then use the payout to finally add the finishing touches to your dream home!

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Quick Tip: Cutting costs is easy, just make sure to use your imagination and do your research. There are tons of other options, ideas, and DIY projects that can get you a high-end look for a lot less!

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Dream Hobby Room: How to Create Your Own Art Studio At Home

Turn an empty space in your home into a professional looking art studio to get those creative juices flowing!

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In order to get your “creative mind” working effectively you need to have your own personal space that where you can draw loads of inspiration. Having an art studio will allow your imagination to run wild and your creations to come to life, just like business owners have an office space to carry out their day-to-day tasks. Whether you create music, sculptures, or paintings, having a small studio filled with inspiration and away from all distractions can often help you create in ways you never thought possible. If you are lucky enough to have an empty space in your home, you can easily transform it into your own studio with these simple design tips:

Choose a Quiet, Sunny Room

When it comes to creating your own studio location is going to be key. Select a location in or outside of the home that allows you to get the most work done. Here are a few ideas:

* Spare rooms: Do you have a spare room in your home that could be turned into an art studio? This might be your basement, attic, or den area that you’ve been using for storage all this time. If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, why not clean it out and turn it into a creative studio of your own.

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* Garages/Pool Houses: If you don’t have any room on the inside of your home, you might want to check out your garage or pool house. These also can make great spaces to create a studio. While garages would give you more privacy, pool houses would give you more natural light, and a beautiful canvas to look at as you create your art.

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* Metal Buildings: If you’re not fortunate enough to have a garage or pool room, you may need to consider investing in other options to create your own art studio. Some art collectives with the appropriate yard or property space actually buy prefab metal buildings in order to house materials and projects. These buildings can be customized to just about any shape or size and can also be customized to meet specific needs. They are also a lot cheaper than renting out commercial space.

Personalize Your Space With Things You Love

Now that you have chosen the space for your studio, you’re ready to begin personalizing it with decorative items you love – they don’t even have to match!

1. Hang Posters: This is your space where you can retreat to and feel good about, and therefore you should really try to incorporate things that you love and enjoy most. Posters can be a neat way to add a little “personality” to your walls. Silk screen concert prints and vintage movie posters are great ways to spice up your room.

2. A Mood or Inspiration Board: Putting up scraps of fabrics, photos, whatever drives you to be creative or even your goals in life can be a lot of fun to look at when you’re working away on your next project. This wall should be somewhere that you look frequently. You can even make a collage of family or friends and even tropical locations you’d like to travel to!

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3. Move Your Workstation: If your desk or workstation is currently facing a wall or in a dark corner, it’s time to do some rearranging. Pull your workstation or desk away from the walls and in the center of your studio to make sure you’re taking in inspiration from all around you.

4. Let There Be Light: The best light for inspiration is natural light, so remove heavy drapery or curtains that block out any light or make your space seem smaller. Having other light sources can be a great method for illuminating the projects you’re focused on at the moment. Whether you choose vintage lighting, barn style lights, or color tinted lights, the more you can see, the more your creativity can shine through.

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5. Get Creative with Storage: Having paintbrushes, nick-knacks and clutter all around is definitely a mood killer – so make sure to combat the clutter early on! Invest in clear containers in multiple sizes and make sure to label your items so they’re easy to find. The containers should be easy to stack and store until you need them.

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6. Gallery Walls– If you’re really looking for inspiration, why not create a gallery wall that is filled with your finished projects? This is a great way to look at your accomplishments and a good option to show off your completed work to visitors – especially if you’re interested in selling your crafts.

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7. Have Fun with ColorColor can do a lot for your mood. Whether you want to feel upbeat and happy or mellow and relaxed, there is an array of color choices that you can use to bring your art studio to life. So step outside of tradition and choose colors that simply make you feel inspired.

Quick Tip:

It’s all about being creative with your space, so DON’T be afraid to step outside of the box when it comes to interior design. When you walk into your studio space each day you should feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and most importantly, inspired to hone in on your craft and create masterpieces each and every time!

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Star of the Show – Four Ways to Make Your Bed an Insanely Nice Focal Point

Make jaws drop when entering your bedroom with a luxurious bed fit for royalty!

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Every room should have a focal point, something which will help it feel more inviting and unique. A focal point can easily be an item of furniture, and with a bedroom your bed is the item all eyes should be on. Whether you prefer to dress it up with fancy sheets or with a beautiful headboard, here are four ways to transform your bed from dull and downcast to the star of the show:

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Customize Your Headboard

Tufted velvet with nail heads, diamond buttons, embroidered initials, the list of customizable ideas for your headboard goes on! If you’re feeling particularly crafty and fancy customizing your own there are so many ingenious ideas posted on Pinterest and other sites, which you can use for inspiration. The key is to make sure that you consider your lifestyle, whether you want it to just look pretty or also serve a purpose rather than just grabbing the first headboard you come across.

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Upgrade to a Bigger Size

If you currently have a single bed yet have enough space for at least a double size bed, upgrade it! Single beds are uninspiring and with larger beds you will find that you have a wider range of bedding and headboard options to choose from. But the bed upgrade shouldn’t just end with changing its size. There are also fabric frames available in gorgeous colours that can really renovate a bedroom. With such a wide selection of different designs available now, there are no excuses for hanging on to a dull and uninspiring bed!

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Invest in High Quality Bedding

Given how much of your life you will spend snuggled up under those sheets, it is worth investing in good quality ones. There are so many different options depending on your budget and tastes; it is worth spending some time to look around until you find the perfect match for you. If you are on a tight budget it may be wise to wait until the seasonal sales in your favourite shops to nab yourself a bargain, but don’t feel too guilty for splurging as this will be something you will feel the benefits of immediately.


Pick a Calming Color Palette

When it comes to picking the colours to use in rooms, people often immediately think of the colour paints they will be choosing. It’s not all about the wall color, think how the colours of your bedding, your bed frame, and other items of furniture interact with the colour pallet you’ve chosen. Do they clash? As you will want to relax and unwind in your bedroom it might be wise not to choose clashing colours to decorate it with but to harmonize calm and soothing tones to help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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Safety First! Keep Your Stylish Home Safe with These Easy Security Boosting Ideas

Your glamorous home looks just as good to thieves – here’s a few easy ways to stop them in their tracks for good!

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Home security doesn’t always mean cameras and invisible fences. Sometimes homes are simply born more secure than others with a great design that repels burglars. If you’re planning a renovation, or if you’re shopping around for a new home, we’ve got some features for you to keep in mind. These range from accessories to landscaping, and many can be applied to existing houses as well.

Keep Things Bright

Shadowy streets and driveways are incredibly inviting to anyone planning to case your house for valuables. The lurking robber isn’t just a cliché – anyone with designs on your belongings will have a much easier time avoiding detection if they can stay in the dark while approaching your house. 

So light things up. Map out obvious approaches to your home, and ensure that they’re covered by at least some lighting. More subtle avenues – such as a back yard with an easily-jumped fence – should also be considered.

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External floodlights are your friends when you’re looking to shed a large amount of light on a large area. Think about using them to cover wide driveways or walks, just make sure not to aim them directly into neighbors’ windows. Motion-activated lights are also handy. Not only do they conserve power at night, but they’re also an intimidating surprise for anyone they catch off-guard.

Have an Open Landscape

Similarly, do your best to eliminate easy cover around your house. Eyes, both yours and your neighbors, are the most effective deterrents against theft. Anything that can shelter a burglar against them can pose a problem to home security.

While we don’t want you completely leveling your yard, consider strategically getting rid of certain elements. If a low hedge totally covers ground-level windows, it also covers someone attempting to break into those windows. If you do want to keep trees and hedges, don’t let them grow too close to your house, and ensure that they still see plenty of night-time illumination.

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Hang Curtains and Blinds 

TVs and electronics behind an uncovered window can catch attention from even a completely innocent passer-by, particularly if you’re the type to watch TV at night. Make sure to hang black-out curtains and roller blinds to keep these things out of sight at night time as well as when you leave home.

Covering up and confusing the layout of your home can make it much more difficult for a prospective thief to detect your belongings, greatly reducing any incentive they might have to stage a risky break-in. Do yourself a favor – pick up some fully folding, venetian-style blinds, or a set of non-translucent curtains, to stop living in a fishbowl.

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Location, Location, Location

And now we come to the one thing that really can’t be changed by a homeowner, at least not immediately. Location really is everything when it comes to security. The risk level of the area you’re in, proximity to neighbors, local police responsiveness (in a city like Long Beach ADT Security alerts may take extra time to go through) – all of these factors very, very heavily into the overall security of a house.

If you already live in a risky neighborhood, make up for that by paying close attention to the security of your home and picking up additional security measures as needed!

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