How to Get Lush Grass and Maintain the Perfect Lawn

Determined to get that perfect lush lawn your neighbors will envy? Here are some tips on exactly how to get the greenest lawn ever, and how to maintain it to keep it that way!

Getting a beautiful lawn takes time and patience, but above all it’s totally worth it! Green grass gets the family together, and encourages yourself and kids to spend more time outdoors. The right lawn care can even add value to your home, and amp up its curb appeal. Now it’s time to make those neighbors green with envy and get working on your lawn! Follow our tips and you’ll surely have that lush lawn you’ve always dreamed of.

Get Started Off on The Right Foot

If your grass is horrible condition, sometimes there is really nothing you can do to save it. That’s why it’s best to call in the professionals to get you started off on the right foot. TruGreen lawn care company can easily bring out your lawn’s full potential. With their expertise, tailored services and programs, they can protect not only your lawn, but also your trees and shrubs.

A lawn care company can get your lawn into tip top shape, then it’s smooth sailing from there on. After your lawn is greener than ever, it’s simply maintenance to keep it in great condition. All you have to do is request a quote from TruGreen and they’ll let you know how to make magic happen on your lawn! Their company offers various services like lawn care, tree and shrub care, and lawn aeration.

Mow the Right Way

So after you’ve gotten your lawn in top shape, it’s all about the proper care and maintenance. One of the first things you’ll be doing is mowing the lawn once the grass gets taller. Do not cut your grass short, rather set your mower to three inches high. Taller grass holds more moisture and stays greener longer than short grass. Also make sure your mower blades are sharp, dull blades cause jagged tears and juice moisture from your grass.

Mulch Naturally

Adding mulch, or natural fertilizer to your grass is easy. A process called grass cycling simply reuses grass clippings from mowing. Instead of throwing out your grass clippings after mowing, leave them on the ground to decompose and enrich your grass with even more nutrients! Grass clippings also help retain water and are a smart way to keep your grass looking it’s best without any effort.

Keep Your Grass Hydrated

If you are going to water your grass, stick to a watering routine or set an automatic timed sprinkler system. Watering only here and there causes your grass to go in and out of dormancy, and can actually kill your grass. Water every other day, or weekly according to the season. One thing is for sure; make sure to water all season long to ensure you get the best-looking grass.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TruGreen,ca. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Ingenious DIY Summer Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Make your summer a little breezier with some of our smart cleaning hacks that will literally change the way you clean forever!

summer cleaning hacksPhoto: Daniel Hunter AIA

Summer’s are jam packed with picnics, barbeque cook outs, parties, having fun in the sun, and soaking up the sun’s rays – no one wants to spend their long awaited summer cleaning. To save time on your house chores and focus more on fun this summer we’ve complied a list of some easy cleaning hacks!

Easy Way to Clean a Barbeque


There is no doubt you’ll find yourself cleaning a barbeque grill this summer, and you’ll have a hard time doing it! If you are constantly barbequing, your grill will get very dirty in no time. Chunks of hard burnt charcoal and burnt food stick to your grill and can even get into your food the next time you use it. No need for a wire brush to clean the grill, all you need is some simple household supplies. First, using a sponge and soapy dishwashing liquid give your grill a good scrub down. If you have a gas grill, heat it up and spritz the grill with vinegar and lemon juice. Cut a half a onion and rub the grates to get them extra shiny!

Make Your Windows Sparkle


One thing is for sure, clean windows can mean the world to you home’s curb appeal and also to your decorating indoors. Sparkling windows make the view outdoors look even better, and are an easy task you can do to make a huge difference. This next hack I actually learned from a maid service in Chicago and they truly know how to master a cleaning hack! This window cleaning hack will save you tons of money and plus you have all the supplies readily available. All you need is a microfiber cleaning cloth and water! Avoid all those expensive window cleaners, and put your arms to work by wiping your windows with horizontal strokes and then vertical strokes at the top and bottom for your window. Now your windows will be as good as new!

Keep Your Washing Machine Fresh


In the hot summer months especially in areas where there is high humidity, mildew and mold can build up in your washing machine. This can cause it to smell and in return make your clothes smell. All you need to do is run your washing machine on empty. Turn it to a hot setting and place your regular detergent, plus a splash of white vinegar and 2 tbsp of baking soda in the tray. Once your washing machine’s cycle is done, keep the door open for air circulation and to keep things fresh.

Keep Ants Out of Your Home


One thing I always battle with in the summer months are ants invading my home. Something as simple as a few crumb falling on the floor can send swarms of ants coming through cracks and small openings in your home. To avoid an invasion all together, sprinkle coffee grounds near doorways

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Trend Report: Take a Look at the Hottest Kitchen Faucet Trends for 20

Kitchen faucets are now becoming luxurious statement items in our kitchens. Take a look at some of the newest faucet trends for 2016!

Kitchen faucets are one of the most functional and used installments in your kitchen. This year, faucets have gone a long way from being a standard kitchen necessity, but also a design statement. For 2016 we are seeing tons of luxury styled faucets that have become the ultimate eye catcher in the kitchen. Various materials, finishes, and new technology are bursting on the market and we can’t wait to share it with you. Here’s how to choose from the many new styles of faucets to suit your current kitchen’s décor as well as your lifestyle:

glamorous kitchen faucets decorating ideas white better decorating bible blog
Photo: James Yochum

Think About this First!


Before you go out shopping for your new faucet, keep in mind you need to match the faucet up with the mounting holes in your sink and countertop. For example, you need holes for extras like soap dispensers and sprayers.

All spout shapes are not all equal. Simple straight spouts do not swing over large pots or containers. Graceful high arching spouts have room for the large items but create backsplash in shallow sinks. In any case, you want a spout that will reach all corners of your sink or double-sink.

Installation requires some DIY skills or the ability to work in the tight corners under the sink. It takes some special tools and a little know-how. The best time to install new faucets is at new construction or remodeling.

Different Styles Provide Various Functions


black kitchen cabinets marble subway tiles decorating ideas
Photo: Zoe Feldman Design, Inc.

  • Simply single: A simple faucet should be proportionate to the size of the sink. For example, the handles must turn free of contact with the backsplash. Faucets come with a base plate that can cover holes you don’t plan to use.
  • Double handle: Double handles allow water temperature adjustment with separate controls for hot and cold. Handles may be base plate-mounted or wall-mounted. A two-handled faucet takes a little more installation, especially if you are also adding a sprayer.
  • No hands: Single or double mounts, you still need to operate them manually. Hands free models make for easy operation with movement towards an electronic actuator. Neat and clean, you can run the water with your hands full.
  • Out and down: The spout head reaches to length of its hose that retracts when finished. The extended spout reaches all corners of the sink and allows you freedom to wash and rinse inside pots.
  • Bar-tender: This high-arched faucet stands alone to afford a powerful spray from a dedicated water line or filter. You can match material and finish with main faucet, but your bar faucet lets you spray wash large containers, vases, or pots and pans.
  • Pot-washer: A pot-filler mounts on the wall with a segmented arm that folds any which way for different uses. Typical in large industrial kitchens, it fills pots near the stove from its own water line and may be more than most homeowners need.

What to Look for in Design

  • Bridge: A typical faucet juts at a 45-degree angle or in a gooseneck arch. Handles or levers may be at the side or behind. And, the shape might be Euro-utilitarian or imitate traditional modes like Early American.
  • Finish: Contemporary faucets are coated with “PVD” (physical vapor deposition). It’s a very durable and corrosion-resistant finish. You might choose stainless steel, brass, brushed nickel, chrome, bronze or hand-rubbed bronze. You might opt for colored finishes to match kitchen decor. Or, you can go for the gold or silver plate.

Brands like Kohler, Rohl, Perrin & Rowe, Waterstone, and Grohe lead the competition in quality and reputation. But, with enough confidence in what’s new in luxury kitchen faucets, you can shop at online sites and in big box home improvement retailers.

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