8 Simple Tricks to an Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

Give your bathroom a quick remodel with our simple tricks that will help you save tons of cash! 

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Remodeling a bathroom can turn into a huge, expensive task that can cost up to several thousand dollars. Yet, a bathroom remodel is sometimes a requirement, whether you want it to look better for your own family or so that you can entice people to purchase your home. So, here are 8 inexpensive bathroom remodeling tips that can help you keep your bathroom budget under control:

Avoid Using too Many Tiles While Remodeling 

Bathroom tiles are expensive. It’s one thing to install a tile floor. It’s quite another to use tiles on the walls and in the shower. If your budget is tight, you can save a huge amount by limiting how much tile you use in your new bathroom design. One horizontal strip of it halfway up the wall can help to tie the room together without breaking the bank.

Purchase or Create Inexpensive Bathroom Counters

One of the most expensive parts of any bathroom can be the counter and there are tons of ways you can cut that cost. If you are shopping for a granite counter, don’t be afraid to purchase one with defects. Almost anyplace that sells granite counters will have “seconds,” which are pieces with imperfections. If those imperfections are minor, they might be totally invisible once the counter is installed. In fact, you might even find that the defective section will be removed anyway to make way for the bathroom sink or faucet handles.

If You’ve Got Grimy Grout, Clean it Out

An easy thing to focus on when remodeling your bathroomis the grout and caulking. Be sure that your tub and shower are properly caulked. If your grout is grimy you can revitalize it with something as simple as baking soda or toothpaste. You can also choose to reapply fresh grout and caulk in certain areas.

Make Sure You Only Have to Paint Once

Painting is often so inexpensive that people don’t worry about it too much. If you don’t like the paint, you can just paint over it in a different color, right? But, if your budget is tight and you don’t want to do the job twice, be sure to do it right the first time. Use mold-resistant paint that is specifically meant for bathrooms and tape everything off properly so you don’t have to do the process over again later.

Don’t Replace the Shower or Tub

If you plan to sell your home, there’s no point to totally replacing the shower or tub. Replacing either one would be far too expensive. You can save a lot of money by simply having them relined. You might not increase the sale value of your home that way, but you will minimize your losses and make your bathroom look more desirable.

Focus on Updating Your Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are not as expensive as you might think. Replacing anything from the sink faucet to the lighting can actually be easy. You can either purchase these items at secondhand stores or when they are on sale, or you can even choose to make some of them yourself. A DIY light fixture can make your bathroom look totally unique.

Make Your Bathroom Environmentally-Friendly 

It might cost a little more to do things like purchase low-flow showerheads and toilets, but it’s always a good idea. Not only will homebuyers love it when you’re ready to sell, but in the meantime you and your family will reduce how much you have to pay on your bills.

A Little Imagination and Used Items Go a Long Way

When you’re trying to put the finishing touches on your bathroom, remember to use your imagination. A little creativity can easily make up for a low budget. Make your own shelving; purchase some used items to use as decorations, and generally put your own personal stamp on the space. That way it will look and feel inviting.

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7 Secrets to Redecorating Your Home Like a Pro

Redecorate your home this season with our 7 tricks to a magazine worthy transformation!

4 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

A new season marks and new beginning, which also means that it’s time to switch up your home décor and give it a whole new style. Redecorating doesn’t have to mean drastic changes; with a few tricks you can give your home a whole different style. We’ve teamed up with Singapore interior design, AD.I WRKS to help us turn our ideas into a well-designed room, rather than just a collection of our favorite things:

2 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

Get a Professional Opinion

You don’t have to get a full design firm to redecorate your home, but just hiring an interior designer to give you some insights on what works and doesn’t can make a huge difference and set you on your way. If you are an amateur interior designer, you can take the lead of a professional that can help you implement your ideas in your home like a pro.

It always helpful to get another perspective on your design ideas anyway and a good interior designer will be able to offer you solutions that you might not have considered, such as adjusting the furniture arrangement so that the room flows better and more space is created.

7 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

Choose Big and Bold

Something big and bold like a large painting, a big fur rug, and even a glamorous armchair can take your home to a whole new design level. Not only will it turn your décor up a notch, it will also make your place look magazine worthy, showing your not afraid to take risks when it comes to design.

glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

De-clutter and Add a Few Accessories

Clear out your bookshelves, tabletops, and mantels from junk and you’ll be surprised at how big of a difference this can make to your home. Your space will look bigger, cleaner, and sleeker. To fill in your space, purchase a few metallic décor accessories, a nice vase, and a few hardcover designer coffee table books.

5 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

Promote Natural Lighting

Natural light can make a huge difference to your space and can light up those dark corners, making your space look even bigger. To promote natural lighting in your space, choose light pastel colors that make sunlight bounce off the walls, like light pink, mauve, peach, lilac, lavender, or dove grey. These colors make a room look endless and make way for spicing it up with accessories.

6 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

Collect Inspiration and Copy What You Like

Pinterest is the perfect place to spark your imagination and scour gorgeous design. If you like a room you see, just pin it and use it for inspiration for your own project, or just try to remake the whole design at home. Flip through design magazines like Architectural Digest, Veranda, and Beautiful Home and start off a scrapbook full of clippings. If you are out of ideas, just crack open your book and you’d be surprised at how fast your creative juices start flowing.

Play with Textures

All the pro’s swear by this decorating trick to make their spaces look cozy by adding textures through accessories and furniture. If you have a sleek linen colored room, a soft velvet chair with a studded trim is just va-va-voom! Add some silky cushions, a fuzzy fur throw, and a few rattan storage baskets for a texturized combination that looks priceless.

Add a Finishing Touch with Natural Arrangements

It’s a no-brainer that plants and flowers add life to a room, but they also scream “an interior designer has been here!” No design is complete without a touch of Mother Nature. Real floral arrangements can be pricey, but investing in some high-quality silk flowers is well worth the money and can last for years. Even natural items like seashells or bouquet peacock feathers work wonders as well.

3 glam living room grey walls tufted ottoman mirrored buffet table pink white fluffy fur better decorating bible blog waffle ceilingPhoto: Jan Hiltz Interiors

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Getting You Home Ready for Fall – Here’s What You Need to Know!

Get your home in tiptop shape for fall with our homeowner’s tips!

american style country home fall decor drivewayDavitt Design Build, Idlewild

Even though the sun is still shining, the heat is kicking and the backyard barbeque pool parties are keeping you busy, it’s still time to prep your home for the upcoming fall season. September is here and the fall weather comes fast, and before your know it you will be playing catchup all the way to Christmas.

Tear yourself from the pool for a few moments and read our tips on getting your home ready for fall:

1. Inspect Your Home for Drafts

With fall comes the first hints of winter, which means you’ll have to kick on the furnace here and there. Of course, that costs money, and if you have any draft in your house, it will cost even more money. Rather than paying to heat the great outdoors, spend some time inspecting windows and doors for gaps that might let air in and out.

2. Check out Your Furnace

Those cold nights can come out of nowhere. One week you’ve still got mild weather and the next you’re having the first frost of the season. Getting your furnace inspected by an HVAC serviceman will help you ensure that you have the heat you need when you need it. An inspection will also determine if any maintenance—like air filter replacement—is needed. Such maintenance ensures that your furnace is running at peak efficiency, which saves you money in the long run.

3. Clean the Gutters

Depending where you live, fall can be a time of heavy precipitation. If your rain gutter isn’t clean before this heavy rainfall, you will have a problem on your hands. You can hire out this work of course, if you don’t have a willing husband or teenager to put up to the task.

4. Have the Chimney and Fireplace Inspected

If you’re the type to use your fireplace often during the cold months—who doesn’t love the smell of a real wood fire!—you’ll want to have a professional inspect and clean it. At its most innocent, an improperly maintained chimney and fireplace is an annoyance, sending smoke into the house rather than out of it. But if this has gotten bad enough, it can be a genuine fire hazard.

5. Load up on Firewood

If step four applies to you, then this one does too. Wood fires are cheaper than always relying on your home’s furnace, not to mention how romantic it can be to curl up with that special someone before a real wood fire. However, you can’t save money or enjoy romance unless you have firewood stocked up.

6. Inspect Winter Gear

This means checking out your snow blower and snow tires and the like. You don’t want to wait until that first snow—which we know often comes during the fall—to discover that your snow blower died a quiet death during the summer or that one or more of your snow tires have gone flat.

7. Decorate Your Home

Finally! Something fun! Having tended to all the essentials, you can now see about getting your home’s interior ready for the coziness of fall. This means digging out all your autumnal colors: your throws and pillows and candles with yellow, orange, and red accents. You’ll also want to find those Halloween decorations or make your own. And of course, don’t forget to adorn your house with flowers in those same hues.

We know you don’t want to think about fall yet. All you want is to blend up another margarita, get back to your pool and take in more of the summer sun while it lasts. And you can! Just find a little time here and there to get your home ready for fall. You’ll be glad you did when that first frost hits and you and yours are sitting before a fire, cozy, contented, and warm!

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How to Hang Artwork in Your Home: The On Center Rule

It’s easy to hang art on your walls but it’s also just as easy to make your walls look like a jumbled mess! We’ve got the scoop on how to master the 57-inch rule and turn your home into a pro-am museum that’s still cozy enough to call home.

black dining room chandelier dramatic romantic gothic decor how to better decorating bible interior design blog decorThomas Britt Inc – Photo By: Toni Soluri

The 57-Inch “On Center” Rule

The 57-inch “on center” rule says that you should always hang your artwork at 57 inches on center. On center means that the middle of your artwork is always 57 inches high off the ground. This is the average height of the human eye – meaning that your artwork will become a focal point in your room, tying everything together, creating continuity.

How To Create Room Continuity

Continuity refers to how things flow together. Have you ever been in someones home where things just naturally seem to go together? Now, what about a home or room where something seemed “off,” but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it? What you sensed was “continuity”, meaning arranging all of the home decor so that it feels like it fits together – like it belongs together.

gallery saloon wall art decor how to hang art on your walls better decorating bible blogRichard Lambertson – Photo By: Joshua McHugh

Sites, like www.bedbathandbeyond.com, can help give you an idea of how to put a room together, and provide you with the raw materials (the artwork and related fixtures and frames) to make it work, but it’s really the way that you arrange them in your home that makes or breaks it.

The best way to create continuity is to spend a lot of time planning and measuring. Aside from the positioning, try to build themes with your artwork. For example, if your home is full of antiques, choose gold gilded frames and wall tapestries.

traditional style living room decor damask wallpaper walls blue white chinoiserie vases marble console table fireplace antique styleSpencer Churchill Designs - Photo By: Oberto Gili

BDB Tip: Don’t discount items like photographs, postcards, posters, or children’s drawings. While they may not be what you consider “real art,” they can be creatively framed and they will stand out and look amazing.

Choosing Your Frames

Aside from hanging things “on center,” you also need to choose your frames carefully. A frame can sometimes add or detract from your artwork.

They can also make otherwise unprofessional or “non art” look more appropriate. In some cases, you can create a unique look that replaces art on the wall. An example of this would be a professional frame that holds your child’s drawing.

Use The Right Tools

To get the look just right, you’ll probably have to use spacing tools and tape. Be really specific about it too. In fact, you should be millimeter-specific rather than relying on rough approximations. A rigid ruler is your best tool, along with a level and a plumb bob to measure the artwork’s relative position in space on your wall.

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