Living the Miami Dream – How to Buy a Home in the Hottest Property Market

If you are looking to purchase property in Miami Florida, look no further. We have broken down all the necessary steps on how to buy a condo in Miami, get a great deal, and live the dream!


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Miami is always at or near the top of the list most years, for hottest property markets. It will always attract retirees, second-home buyers, and investors, but with the national economy stabilized and growing again, this area is attracting high-end condo buyers in large numbers. If you are in the market for a high-end condo purchase in Miami, here are some tips for you, to assist in a smooth purchase.

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Hire a Realtor


When you are looking to hire a Miami condo real estate agent, it is best to go with a licensed company that is reputable and has a proven track for smooth transactions and satisfying customers. There are agents who offer discounts on fees and other seemingly attractive perks, and plus they can tell you their best kept secrets to buying your first home  (if you are a first-time homeowner) and what you should expect.

The process of purchasing a condo is detailed and can often take many twists and turns, so having a realtor with knowledge and professionalism is important in helping you get what you want and have a smooth purchase. The realtor will oversee most of the major issues relating to buying the home and all of the important paperwork. This includes:

The Appraisal – The appraisal is an independent valuation of the condo you are purchasing. It is based upon many factors including square footage of the unit, location, amenities and process for comparable units on the market or recently sold in the neighborhood.

Escrow Documents An escrow is a deposit of funds, a deed or other instrument by one party (the seller) for the delivery to another party (you the buyer) upon completion of the sale of the unit.

The Purchase and Sale Agreement – Once your offer has been accepted and your home inspection is complete, you’ll need to have a lawyer draft a Purchase and Sale agreement that will cover all of the key clauses about your condo purchase.

Title Insurance  A title insurance policy protects against losses that may occur if you discover after closing that someone else can claim ownership of the property.

Make an Offer


You just saw a condo you love and you know the seller’s offering price. Now it is time for you to make an offer. How do you decide on the price to offer? Are there any home renovations that need to take place? Here you can work with your realtor and do your own homework on prices of similar properties in the neighborhood. If you are buying an existing condo, take a hard look at the appraisal of the property and use it to help you determine your offer. Is it a buyers or seller’s market?

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Check and see how long properties are typically on the market in the neighborhood you are purchasing. Now look at the condo you are seeking to purchase. Is the house in great condition, and has the current owner made upgrades or improvements to the unit? Are there other buyers interested in purchasing the condo? All of these factors will go into determining the price you should offer for the condo. Remember sellers often expect to negotiate, so consider this when making your offer.

Do a Home Inspection


If you are buying an existing property, it is paramount you conduct a home inspection. The walk through and inspection is carried out by a professional inspector who once completed, issues a report about the property’s heating and central air conditioning systems, interior plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, attic, visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundations, and basements, and the condition of appliances and outdoor plumbing.


With nearly every house, there are issues found by the inspector and this can lead to negotiations between buyer and seller about how to fix or replace anything broken or not functioning at 100%.

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Give Your Home the Superstar Treatment with Luxury Flooring

Upgrade your home this spring with luxurious flooring for some serious design points! Keep reading to find out what’s trending and how to choose the right type of flooring.


Photo: Lynne Scalo Design

There is something about spring that really makes us want to give our home a change. We are always looking for ways to revamp our homes, liven them up, and give them a fresh new start. What’s a better way to bring some new life into your home than will new, luxurious flooring? If you are still stuck with old parquet flooring from when you first bought your home, or worse carpet flooring or vinyl – it’s time for a serious makeover. Here are some designer-tested and approved flooring trends that we have been drooling about. Take a look:


This trend is surprisingly still going strong and it looks as glamorous as ever! There is something special about grey wood floors that make them look quirky and versatile as ever. What’s also so great about choosing grey floors is that they go with just about any decorating style or color scheme. I love the look for grey flooring, and a nice grey kitchen with gold hardware and accents. Such a modern, chic, and clean look for 2017.

-> Do you like monochrome too? Check out this post where I share my monochrome stripe addiction!

Photo: Domino

Bring some panache to apartment living by installing grey flooring and re-decorating in a black and white theme. This apartment featured in Domino magazine was designed by a fashion blogger that was determined to design a home that matches her style. Her striking geometric statement wall really worked well the grey flooring trend!


One of my favorite trends, black floors look glamorous and are very beautiful if you can up-keep with your cleaning. This is definitely not a trend you may want to follow if you do not have a good ventilation and air filter in your home – black floors show dust SO easily! There are tons of black laminate flooring options that you can choose from which makes these floors actually quite durable and affordable. Black flooring makes a home look like it’s floors run for miles and looks beautiful with white walls for a monochrome look.

Photo: My Shabby Slips


Trying to make your home look bigger? A must-have trend when designing a small home is using wide plank flooring to visualize a larger space. This is one designer trick you really want to remember while decorating your home! Choose wide plank flooring for a modern, elegant and rich look to your home. Wide plank floors are definitely gaining steam in the design world for 2017 and are no stranger to attention. Manufacturers are only looking to make even longer and wider planks, which is why we think this trend will soon become a flooring staple.

Photo: B Interior LLC

This modern New York apartment takes city dwelling to a other other level thanks to wide plank flooring. These floors really are a great way update your home’s decor and put a rustic spin to modern decorating.


I love the look of wood especially when used all throughout the home. Have you ever looked in décor magazines and saw hardwood flooring used in the kitchen and bathroom and thought – just how does that work out? You can get that look without the worry of wood floors expanding, contracting, raising up and splitting due to humidity and temperature changes. Wood-effect tiles are just tiles with a wood design and real timber feel to them. There are easy to wipe-up, maintain and can last for years unlike wood flooring.

Photo: Little Green Notebook Blogspot

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