How to Decorate a Girly and Grownup Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom sticking to your girly roots but make it feel grown-up with these simple tricks!

velvet tufted headboard

Purple and pink are statement colors when it comes to girly decor. You can make them feel instantly serious and more grown-up by choosing richer hues and darker shades. A royal purple velvet headboard makes a luxurious yet playful statement in this dramatic bedroom.

leopard sofa

Animal print hues always turn it up a notch and show off your playful side. Make sure when decorating with animal prints to choose high quality fabrics with rich textures like this velvet upholstered arm chair.

floral upholstered headboard

No need to paint over white – plain walls make the perfect backdrop for bright accessories. Bring your bedroom to life with a colorful throw, floral headboard and a mix of toss cushions to bring color and pattern to your room.

grey velvet tufted headboard

Grey has actually been the new WHITE for the last few years and can make a space feel grown-up and modern. Think of it as a neutral hue, you can still add in sprinkles of bright accents throughout to bring it to life. A muted grey palette also enhances an urban view and keeps everything feeling airy and fresh.

grily bedroom moroccan style decorating

Remember those feather boas you used to play with as a kid? Sew them onto a pretty blanket for a funky, girly-inspired throw!

morroccan style headboard

You can still keep your color palette simple using cream and silver as well as adding touches of pink with tiny floral arrangements. You’d be surprised at how a few small blooms can make a sassy statement!


A fluffy fur rug is the perfect way to soften up a room and give it some unexpected luxe. It’s also a good way to warm up a floor in the bedroom like this wooden engineered click flooring. The two small studded coffee tables also give it some rocker-chic vibe without going overboard.


The easiest way to create two-minute wall art is to frame your favorite wallpapers. These metallic wallpapers bring color to the walls without having to break the bank!

Photos: Brett Design, Lind & Cumings, M. Barnes and Co, Amanda Nisbet, Massimo Interiors

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Home Tour: Lauren King’s Comfy L.A Mansion

Sitting on two gated acres in Holmby Hills Los Angeles, interior designer Lauren King’s glitzy 1938 estate is really like no other. Let’s take a sneak peak into this sumptuous treasure hidden in the hills!


Talk about a home with history! Lauren’s L.A home has a long list of homeowners, being made specifically for Fanny Brice, a radio Hollywood golden girl from the 1910s who lived here until her death in 1951. The home was traded over five times over the next 50 years and even appeared on several covers of Architectural Digest!


Interior Designer Lauren King and her husband Richard who is the director of a TV syndication company now owned by CBS, first purchased the property knowing it would need a LOT of work. The ended up demolishing and re-building the house for over five years!

traditional-living-room-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107-2_1000-watermarkedThis sunny yellow living room is my favorite! Lots of moldings, antique furniture, engineered wood flooring, and luxurious carpeting. 


The reconstruction team decided to maintain the footprint of the original house and re-build it looking like the same house that the late Hollywood star lived in. Even the doors, windows, and bricks matched the originals.

traditional-media-game-room-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107-2_1000-watermarkedtraditional-living-room-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107-3_1000-watermarkedtraditional-dining-room-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107_1000-watermarkedA wall mural in the dining room really set’s off this uber-expensive look where everything is practically made custom! 

traditional-bedroom-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107-3_1000-watermarkedtraditional-bedroom-lauren-king-los-angeles-california-201107_1000-watermarkedTaking special care to get all the details right, the home really looks like you stepped back in time to old Hollywood!


In 2006 The King’s moved into their finished home which features eight bedrooms, 14 full bathrooms, a guest and pool house, fitness area, tennis court, koi pond, gardens, and even a vegetable patch!


They originally bought the home for $15 million and after all the renovations and reconstructing, it’s on the market today for $65 million making it one of the most expensive homes in America. The reason why they are selling it? “We’ve overbuilt our dream house, but I had a lot of fun in the process”, says Lauren.


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Floral Feast – Decorating Your Home with Flowers for Mother’s Day!

You can make an easy, inexpensive impact in your home using a mother’s day favorite – flowers!

mothers day brunch centerpiece floral arrangement dining table better decorating bible blog ideas how to easy

Create a Bedside Surprise

Start of your mother’s day with a simple bedside tulip arrangement. If you have a glass vase and you want to give the base of your arrangement a little more color,  an easy trick is to use a a few leaves and wrap them at the bottom of your vase. It’s easy, peasy, and looks wonderful!

mothers day flower arrangement tulips glass vase ideas better decorating bible blog

Use a Variety of Different Sizes

A variety of floral arrangements in different sizes proves that one floral centerpiece in the middle of the table isn’t the only way to go. Use a collection of various flowers in different sized vases and scatter them throughout your table. Even single stemmed pieces look great, just make sure to place large blooms near the end of your table. This way you can see and talk with your friends during your mother’s day lunch!

mothers day centerpiece decor ideas blooms flowers easy better decorating bible blog

Pick Flowers from You Garden

Sprucing up your home with blooms from your own garden is not only a great way to save some cash, but also lets you cut and arrange them any way you like. It’s also a wonderful way you can showcase your garden’s prized blooms for mother’s day. Plus, they smell fresh and amazing! A beautiful purple bouquet really uplifts this monotone kitchen and gives it a punch of color for spring!

mothers day kitchen flower centerpiece ideas easy better decorating bible blog bowl

Use Blossomed Branches

If one of your trees like your cherry tree is in bloom, snip a few branches and place them in a oversized vase for an oriental style flower arrangement. Cherry blooms are super popular in Asian cultures but they don’t last long when cut. You can make them yourself by snipping off a bare branch and gluing on tiny artificial flowers. The room below screams “spring is here” with the pretty purple walls as a backdrop and the rich walnut flooring.

mothers day flower arrangement big vase table centerpiece ideas better decorating bible blog

Match Your Table Linens

Flowers can surely make your home POP for spring, but choosing table linens in matching hues can create an even bigger color explosion. My favorites are Asian toile, Moroccan motifs and colorful paisley prints.

mothers day table decor floral print ideas bouquet flowers better decorating bible blog

Add a Flowery Punch to Your Patio

Even your patio needs some attention, especially during these warmer months of spring and summer! Instead of enjoying your mother’s day indoors, have a meal or cool drink outside on the patio for a change. Place a few fresh cut flowers in mason jars for a rustic, easy DIY!

terrace patio outdoor furniture decorating mothers day flowers in mason jars as vases better decorating bible blog
Photos: Dreamy Whites, Emily Ruddo, Juliette Byrne

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Easy Ways to Build a Kick-ass Home Theater – Movie Season is Officially On!

Transform an empty space into a home theatre room and enjoy endless fun watching movies with your family and friends!

home theatre movie room decorating ideas

Whether you’re an amateur filmmaker or you just want to recreate that movie theater experience in your bedroom or study, a home cinema is super easy to make and can provide you and your family with hours of entertainment! These used to be seen as a home luxury, but there is so much affordable screening technology on the market that just about anyone with a spare room of around 12 square feet can set up their own home theater! Here’s how you can do it the easy way:

Find the Right Room

Finding the right location can be difficult, but with a little creative thinking, it’s likely you can get round it. Is your spare bedroom really essential? Does the dining room actually get used, or is it just housing a table and chairs mostly? You could also consider decluttering a family room or even adding another room to your home in the basement. Wherever you choose to start, be sure to keep it separate from the areas of your home that are most in use. The noise produced by a home cinema can be significant, so avoid disturbing other people by using a side room or an annex-type area.

movie theater decor

Movie Tip: Watch a good Hollywood film production from the work of innovators like Marc Shmuger, executive producer of We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks. After 12 years working at Universal Pictures, his films have earned a total of 54 Oscar nominations!

Make Sure to Noise Proof

Once you’ve decided on the right room, it will need to be fitted out correctly. If you are building the space from scratch, you’ll need to incorporate a noise-insulating layer of material. This goes for the floor, the ceiling and any exterior or interior walls. Crowd scenes, gunfire and music will still be heard throughout the home, but the effect will be minimal.

Get Comfortable Furniture

The kind of furnishings you install are down to personal taste, but if you want to keep the experience authentic, go for comfy cinema-style seating. It’s available in smaller rows of four seats with cup holders and foot rests – just don’t forget to raise the back row slightly so that everyone gets a good view!

home theatre movie room decorating ideas blog

Choose the Right Equipment

For the best projection screen clarity, make sure to watch your ratios. For example, if you intend to watch a lot of HD films, make sure you install a 16.9 screen as it’s designed to match the ratio of HD productions. Along with your stunning picture, a powerful 7.1 surround sound system is a perfect finishing touch!

home theater movie room ideas how to decorating

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