7 Electrical Safety Tips for Kids at Home

We all love to decorate our homes, but safety around electricity is  something many people overlook. Here are some easy basics so you can stay safe this season!

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Electricity runs our life, but it can also be lethal. Adults are aware of the power and pain regarding electricity, but kids don’t understand it properly. At home, kids move around quite carelessly. If there remains any electrical glitch at home, the children may be a victim. To deter these types of accidents, electrical safety is must at home. 7 such electrical safety tips for kids are discussed below.

Leakage Proofing the Entire House

This safety comes at the top of the list. Electrical leakage is something that can’t be seen. It can only be felt after you get a shock. Fortunately there is another way to detect such leakage. You should call an electrician to detect this leakage.

A house, be it new or old, there is always a chance of leakage. Your kid may unknowingly step into that leakage and may suffer lethal damage. So you should check if there is any leakage in your house and fix it as soon as you can.

Cover the Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets can cause accidents. Kids are curious. They can put their fingers or any object into the electrical outlets. Kids just don’t have the brain to understand the outcome. So a grave accident may occur.

To stop this, electrical outlets should be covered properly. This will ensure safety for them.

Keep Children Away from Electrical Sources

You may use a grinder or a vacuum cleaner, but you shouldn’t let your kids to go near these machines. Heavy electrical tools discharge greater amount of electricity. As kids just don’t know their proper usage, they shouldn’t be allowed to go near them. This should always be remembered.

Don’t Use the Switch with Wet Hands

It is well known to the adults that no electrical instrument should be used with wet hands. But, kids ignore this lesson and cause accidents. They should always be reminded that wet hands can cause severe damage to their body. So, they should always keep their hands dry while using any electrical equipment.

Avoid Heavy Watt Electric Toys

The toys that require highly charged batteries should be avoided. This may sound quite unnatural, but this is a true fact. Often toys get heat up while charging and can cause accidents. Kids love this type of toys but they don’t know what danger is larking behind. It is parents’ duty to keep away from such heavy watt electric toys.

Don’t Keep Loose Plugs and Open Wire

Sometimes unintentionally you keep the plugs loose or keep some wires open in the room. This can cause serious problem. Your kid may hold this bare wire in his/her hand and may get a lethal shock. For your kids safety don’t keep any open wire or loose plug within your house. You can call an electrician to fix this loose plug.

Check your Entire House

The last precaution you can take by checking your entire house by an expert electrician. From your kids room to your bathroom, every corner of the house should be checked. There might be damaged a cable or weak section in your wiring. The electrician can find the fault and fix it.

The above safety tips should never be ignored. Remember precaution is better than cure. So, always remind your kid about these safety tips and your kid may lead a safe life.

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Freshen Up Your Home’s Space with These Decorating Tips

Over time, your home will start to look the same and you may be ready for a change. You can freshen up your home’s space quickly and easily with some of the decorating tips below!


Photos By: Arthur McLaughlin & Associates, Inc.

Take Advantage of the Natural Light

Artificial light is different from natural light and you will find that over time, constantly being under artificial lights makes your eyes sensitive to natural light.

Whether you have a couple of windows in your home or many windows, you should open them up and allow the natural light to flow in. If you are someone who enjoys the privacy and does not want their windows open, consider some sheer curtains or light drapes that still allow the natural light in but protect your privacy at the same time.

When it does come to artificial lights, do make sure that you layer your lighting and make sure to highlight areas of your home that offer a dramatic entrance or statement.

Give the Bathroom Vanity an Upgrade

A simple replacement of your bathroom vanity can provide you with more storage space and allow you to sport a new look in your bathroom. In addition to the vanity, opt in for new fixtures that can really pull the look together for you. Discover more storage tips here that work in your bathroom and other rooms in the house.

Another idea for your bathroom would be to replace the current mirror with one that is more modern or ornate in nature.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Home

Color is a wonderful way for you to express your personality and elicit feelings from someone. Often, you may see homes that sport a neutral or plain color, and this can be boring. You want to add a pop of color and make your space stand out.

For example, painting your walls yellow can add a lively flavor to your home and even brighten the space. The darker the color, the darker the room will feel too.

Another great way to add color is to create a statement wall or use bold colors that others would not think to use. There are many programs online that allow you to test pain colors on a virtual room, so you can get an idea of what you may want.

Create a Functional Space

Your home’s space needs to be functional and make sense at the same time. If you have a small living room space, you want to see to it that your living room functions with storage options for you as well.

To create a functional space, think about what you want in the room and then decide on how you can incorporate those things. For example, if you like to keep blankets and throws on hand for the couch, find an ottoman or coffee table that has storage built into it where you can keep these items.

You can quickly and easily spruce up the look of your home with the above tips. As you decorate, think about ways you can incorporate storage ideas into your space too.

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