Décor For Beauty Sleep: How to Decorate Your Bedroom for a Good Night’s Rest

Here’s how to decorate your bedroom to get a good night’s rest and hit the snooze button tomorrow morning!

leopard pretty girly bedroom decor
Photo: Classy Clutter Girls

Would you believe that your bedroom’s colors and the way it is decorated might actually be prohibiting you form getting a good night’s rest? No worries, you can easily transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of relaxation with some of our simple tips:

Choose Calming Colors


Studies continue to show the impact colors have on our mood and wellbeing. Stronger shades such as purple can stimulate and encourage alertness. For this reason, it’s essential to avoid any bold colors when choosing a color scheme. Instead, opt for pastel tones of blue, green or yellow, which have been shown to nurture feelings of serenity and peacefulness. It’s exactly what’s needed to unwind after a long day at the office.

Keep It Dark


During sleep, many of us can be sensitive to changes in light, especially when you consider that 20% of light enters the eyes when shut. Be sure to keep the environment as dark as possible, which should maintain the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Light blocking shades or long drapes can work well for those who live in a well-lit neighborhood. All electronic appliances should also be switched off. The glare from a nearby laptop screen may seem inoffensive, but it could be keeping you awake.

Change the Bedding


Soft bedding aids sleep and is a luxury that should be enjoyed in every home. You can easily upgrade with help from the many guides to choosing pillows, duvets, and covers that are out there. When buying new sheets, always opt for those which have a thread count of 200 or higher and check the label to make sure they’re 100% cotton. For some added comfort and luxury, choose Egyptian cotton sheets which become even softer the more they’re washed.

black panelled bedroom decor ideas louis style
Photo: Gravity Home

Upgrade Your Mattress


You may be surprised to learn that a mattress of over eight years can deteriorate in quality by as much as 75%. Be sure to switch you mattress every four to five years, and you’ll be assured of the best possible support. Aside from encouraging a better night’s sleep, it’s also important to avoid the complications associated with a bad posture which can often be impacted by a low-grade mattress.

Lower the Temperature


A warm bedroom may seem like a cozy sleeping environment but don’t make the mistake of overheating the house. Studies have shown that hotter temperatures can inhibit the release of the sleep hormone. For optimum conditions, keep your bedroom at a temperature of 18C to 22C. You may also want to choose less insulated bedding and wear loosing fitting pajamas.

Remove the Clutter


Before relaxing in your new haven of tranquility, you’ll want to remove any unwanted clutter. Take out the piles of clothes, clear dressing tables of old books and move all personal items into bedside draws. Now you have a clean and tidy space, you’ll be able to switch off, leaving behind about the stresses of everyday life.

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Easy Wall Molding Ideas to Dress Up Your Walls – You Can Do These Yourself!

Add some classiness to your blank walls with these easy wall molding ideas!

Looking to add some pizzaz to your home? Consider adding DIY friendly wall molding! Wall molding is a dream in adding visual elegance, sophistication, and class to a room. These moldings come in hundreds of different kinds of shapes and can be stained, painted, or left natural. What I truly LOVE about moldings is that the options are endless and every home’s situation is unique. Here are some easy ways you can apply this molding all in one weekend:

Emphasize Doors and Windows


Make your doors, windows, and even artwork standout with picture frame wall molding. Apply narrow rectangular profiles of molding to your walls to emphasize small spaces above doors, windows, and larger profiles around artwork. The trick to making this look really work is to ensure that all the frames are uniform and aligned.

Create Contrast

Use wall moldings to create dramatic contrast in an important room like the dining room. Black walls with bright white picture frame molding looks fierce and “modage”, a term for a mix of modern and vintage.

black dining room white modling ideas easyPhoto: Jonathan Calvert

Only Half the Wall


Create wainscotting on your walls using wooden panelling that lines the lower part of your rooms walls. This is the perfect choice to add some Old-World charm to your bathroom and looks elegant and traditional. Becareful when living with wainscotting in the bathroom, because too much moisture and water can actually make your wood rot over time. Consider contacting a professional like Toronto mold testing to give you some advice on how you should apply molding without the consequences.

All in One Color


Sometimes molding and wall color looks the best when it’s all in one color. Simply framing the walls with plain strips of molding can make a room look a lot richer, and you won’t even need any artwork to fill up the walls. Apply molding really looks like an intimidating project, but with a simple and easy-to-assemble design, even a beginner DIYer can tackle this.

grey bedroom wall molding ideasPhoto: Luxury Residential Photography

Frame Wallpaper


Wallpapering a whole room is time-consuming, labour intensive, and can be way too much pattern in a small room. If you are still in love with that bold damask wallpaper you’ve always wanted but are scared of the commitment,  just frame it on your walls using wall molding for a subdued look.

bedroom wall molding ideasPhoto: Amy Smucker Photography

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Fit for a Princess: Decorating a Girly Princess Bedroom

If you are a girly girl then show off your feminine side through your decorating with some of our princess bedroom decorating ideas!

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary where you relax, read, sleep, and even hang out with friends! If you are girls’ girl and like to feel pampered up, follow our guide on how to decorate your princess bedroom without covering everything in ceiling to floor pink!

Choose a Luxurious Headboard


To make your bed the prima donna of all beds, it all starts with an amazing headboard. Think Louis XVI or even victorian age styles with beautiful wood carvings, embellishments, tufting, and luxurious fabrics. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, search online! There are tons of tutorials where you can make your own custom double mattress or single mattress headboards using some simple wood working skills and materials all from your local hardware shop. Now that’s what I call the ultimate princess bed!

girly princess royal bedroom decor ideasPhoto: Bush Architecture

Create a Half Tester Canopy


A “half tester” is a form of a canopy bed which differs from the traditional “four poster” canopy bed. This canopy is only attached to the headboard, not the foot board. If you’ve always been longing for a canopy bed you can make your own half tester canopy by constructing a wooden rectangular frame, attaching it to the wall, upholstering it in beautiful fabric and then attaching curtains.

traditional-bedroomPhoto: Carolyn Reyes

Hang a Chandelier


Just switching up your lighting can make a huge difference in transforming your bedroom form a regular room to a complete princess themed bedroom. Choose a chandelier loaded with crystals to reflect maximum light all throughout your room.

princess bedroom decor ideasPhoto: CDA Interior Design

Choose Wallpaper and Paint


Wallpapering a whole room can make it seem smaller, tighter, and a little démodé. What’s really hot right now is wallpapering half of your room in a romantic damask and then painting the adjoining wall a similar shade. You’ll be surprised at how chic and modern it looks!

princess girly bedroom decor ideasPhoto: Vi-Design

Go All Out with Blue


A princess bedroom doesn’t mean everything should be pink, in fact we like blue hues even better! This teenage girls room really looks like it’s fit for a little princess with everything painted in cool blue, white and silver tones. Stick to a few shades of blue for your walls and fabrics, and then add cool streaks of silver with your chandelier and furniture.

victorian girly bedroom girly decor ideasPhoto: Evelyn M.Designs

Create a Seating Area


If you have enough space to do so, transform your bedroom into a whole multi-concept room. Choose a section in your room for a seating area fit with two arm chairs and even a small sofa if you have enough room. Back in the Medieval days, real Kings and Queens actually lived like this. Their bedrooms all had a seating area where they could eat their breakfast, and relax next to a crackling fire!

traditional-bedroom (1) Photo: AFK Furniture

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IDEAS to STEAL: 7 Outdoor Living Areas for Spring

Get a head start on your backyard décor for this spring with our dreamy outdoor living area ideas!

It’s never too early to plan for spring, especially if you live in a warmer place where the spring weather rolls around early! From outdoor carpets to outdoor chandeliers and cozy fireplaces, this year we are obsessed with bringing the indoors out and enjoying our outdoor oasis’ as much as we possibly can. Follow our ingenious ideas on how to make the most of your outdoor space whether it’s a large backyard patio or a small apartment balcony.

1. Repurpose Things You Already Have


This homeowner turned an abandoned greenhouse into a roof for their outdoor living and dining area. What a great way to repurpose something old and turn it into something new again! Big enough to house a living area and dining room, what’s a better way to enjoy the outdoors that with something so creative as this?

greenhouse patio decorPhoto: Oberto Gili

2. Go Au Naturel


Sometimes going the natural route is the best way to create a backyard sanctuary that feels magical, relaxing, and peaceful. This French patio kept to its roots using gravel, something the French are famous for using on their walkways and roads. We love the way they decorated their patio to be rustic, practical, and so European.

outdoor french patio backyard decor ideasPhoto: Richard Powers

3. Build an Outdoor Fireplace


To extend your outdoor living area into the chilly evenings, build an outdoor fireplace to keep you warm and double as a barbecue grill! You can roast sausages, marshmallows, and enjoy the crackling fire right under the moonlight.

outdoor fireplacePhoto: Karyn Millet

4. Mini Backyard Makeover


Stuck in the middle of the city? This Brooklyn townhouse backyard is teeny tiny, but with some creativity in mind, it was transformed into a lovely backyard stay-cation! Comfy seating, all season plant life and a beautiful fireplace that can also serve as an outdoor grill makes the perfect centrepiece and conversation starter.

brooklyn baxkyar makeover ideasPhoto: Richard Powers

5. Bring the Indoors Out


Create a second living room outdoors by equipping your patio with everything you use indoors. You want to make sure that you use furniture and accessories that are made for outdoor use. Outdoor fabrics with UV protection need to be used for seat cushions and pillows. You rug should also be outdoor safe with UV protection and water resistance. Choose furniture that is made out of rattan, teak, or high quality plastic to ensure long lasting furniture.

seaside beach theme patio decor ideasPhoto: Oberto Gili

6. Open Up to Your Balcony


Small balcony? Great weather? Install sliding doors in your apartment to make your balcony and living area connect and feel like one big space. What a perfect and romantic view that would make!

exotic balcony ideasPhoto: Architectural Digest

7. Hang an Outdoor Chandelier


Outdoor chandeliers make your outdoor areas so much more charming, and romantic – especially at night! This outdoor light fixture actually has a built-in vase to place your garden’s blooms in. What a beautiful way to add florals to the mix and bring your indoors, outdoors!

outdoor chandelier patio poolPhoto: Tongue and Grove

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