7 Home Staging Tricks Designers Use for a Quick House Sale!

We’ve hunted down 7 hot tricks designers use to make a home market ready in just one day!

mediterranean home staging tricks tips decorPhotos By: Vivid Interior Design

1. Use Pedestal Sinks

Homebuyers LOVE pedestal sinks and they make any bathroom look much bigger and airy. Kick out your old vanity and hook up your new sink to show off how much square footage your bathroom has.

2. Remove All Clutter

Remove every single bit of clutter on kitchen countertops, your fireplace mantel, tables, coffee tables and bathroom vanity. This way, you can show off how much countertop space you have and make your home look bigger than it really is!

marble kitchen mediterranean designer mansion home staging tricks decor

3. Cover an Ugly Brick Fireplace

If you are stuck with one of those bright red brick fireplaces, a lick of paint is all you need to make it uber modern and market-ready. To create a natural look, instead of using a paintbrush use a rag to lightly cover the bricks without covering them completely in a color that matches your walls.

4. Transform an Old Kitchen with Stain

This trick is tried-and-true and makes a quick house sale almost every time! Instead of buying a whole new kitchen and spending THOUSANDS of dollars, just stain your kitchen cabinets. To finish off your look, buy new hardware and you are good to go with a kitchen that looks as good as new!

5. Clear Away Personal Belongings

When a homebuyer comes into your home, you want to make them feel at home and welcome. Keeping family photos and personal belongings around the house makes them feel like it is someone else’s home. Stash these away and use neutral decorative accessories and artwork.

taupe bedroom gold sunburst wall decor ideas home staging

6. Mimic Stainless-Steel Appliances

Stainless-steel appliances are HOT and homebuyers love the look of an expensive luxury kitchen. You can easily make a dishwasher, or even a fridge look like stainless steel with a stick-on covering that costs $20.

7. Light Up Your Home 

Use the most natural and artificial lighting that you can to brighten every corner of your rooms. Pull back curtains and roll up your blinds to make a bright, airy, and welcoming ambiance in your home. You would be surprised at how you can double a home’s size just by following this easy trick!

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Easy Ideas to Fill Up and Decorate Blank Walls in Your Home – Designer Approved!

Even a mansion would look dull with bare walls!  When it comes to decorating, it’s not the size of your home that counts but how you use it.  Despite the location and size of your personal space, dress it up with a bit of pizazz by paying attention to our easy designer-approved tricks!

how to fill up blank wall gold frames artwork stairs wallMandarina Studio

Use Dried Flowers as Art

Purchase fresh flowers from the grocery store or take a walk in the park and pick a bouquet of pretty flowers. Sandwich them in an airtight frame and hang them on the wall for a natural piece of artwork that is fun, easy, and cheap!

dried flowers artwork diy ideas easy how to decorate and fill up a blank space better decorating bible blogKevin Spearman Design Group

Deck the Halls

Are you a person who is sentimental, keeping a stack of received greeting and holiday cards somewhere in a drawer?  Give the sentiments a second life with a collage.  Group birthday, Christmas, and other holiday cards together so onlookers can enjoy the art and associated messages written by givers.  It’s a warm and sentimental way to celebrate a holiday throughout the year.

Antique Blueprints

Search through vintage stores and antique shops for old maps or blueprints of dated buildings.  It’s a crafty and unique way to celebrate the union of lines and different shapes.  Plus, if you’re a history buff or appreciate the process of engineering, it’s a great way to spark conversation with guests.  If you can’t find any old maps or blueprints in your area, look online.  Hang your prints in black or even gold frames for a designer-approved look on your walls!

framing old antique maps decorating gold frames better decorating bible blog tufted sofa cow hide rugToronto Interior Design Group

Parade of Pictures

Find picturesque images online or take your own photos.  Create a themed collage that features tree branches, flower stems, or ornate windows.  There is tons of software now that you can use to easily print images from your digital camera or smartphone and turn them into instant glamorous works of art! Visit sites like the Canvas Factory to find how you can bring your pictures to life and turn them into art.

Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the perfect way to display small decorative items and fill a blank space. You can also lean picture frames onto your shelves for gallery type look. My favorite way to do this lean black and white photos in black frames of all sizes, overlapping one another. The effect is vintage-like and striking.

gallery wall black and white photos on floating shelves decor ideas easy grey wallsTurner Pocock

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Spotlight On: White Fences Inn – The Most Luxurious Place to Stay in the Hamptons!

White Fences Inn is the most luxurious bed and breakfast in the Hamptons and we are absolutely addicted! Staying at a hotel is SO outdated; here is what makes this inn so great…

white fences inn bed and breakfast in newyork the hamptons shopping review where to stay residence pool near the beach modern decor better decorating bible blog

White Fences Inn in Water Mill, New York has become the absolute place to stay when visiting New York. A LOT of people are swaying away from traditional hotels and opting for private residences and small inns. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing, cozy, and homey like feeling when visiting out of town? No hustle and bustle of the big city, at White Fences Inn it’s like you are coming home!

The Innkeepers, Eric and Liz Brodar are experienced and super friendly hosts who previously owned an award winning Inn in Kennebunks, Maine. Can we say more? This Inn is loaded with all the necessities you need – chic, high glam décor, modern amenities, and a pool for those that love lounging outside.

White Fences Inn is such a welcoming place to stay and it makes you want to stay, forever! Don’t think you will be bored during your visit; there is TONS to do nearby. Take a short drive to the beach, go boutique shopping, experience world class dining, and just about everything the Hamptons has to offer. Visit multiple museums, beautiful farms or even drive by the gorgeous mega mansions where stars like Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere vacation.

1 white fences inn bed and breakfast in newyork the hamptons shopping review where to stay residence pool near the beach modern decor better decorating bible blog

My favorite part about staying at White Fences Inn is the delicious 3 course served breakfast. Everyday there is something different served, from freshly baked croissants with homemade orange honey butter, to homemade scones, Nutella banana nut muffins, berry baked oatmeal, banana sundae, and more!

3 white fences inn bed and breakfast in newyork the hamptons shopping review where to stay residence pool near the beach modern decor better decorating bible blog


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Fall DIY: Easy Outdoor Furniture You Can Build Yourself

There are so many types of outdoor furniture that even a person with basic woodworking skills can create something with ease – like Adirondack chairs, for example. Here’s a few other types of furniture you could be making right now!

easy fall diy projects

Pallet Board Furniture

Pallet board seats are easy to make, and cheap. Pick up a pallet from a warehouse – make sure you’re getting pieces they obviously don’t need. Just about any shipping yard or large department store has pallets that they won’t use but once. Snag one (ask if you must) and deconstruct it.

Build up the legs and the sides. You can use a basic frame made from steel if you want added strength. Then, cover everything with the pallet boards. It’ll look rustic without the rustic price tag. When it’s finished, stain it, seal it, and it will probably last forever!

Adirondack Chairs

If you get good Adirondack chair plans, you almost don’t need to know how to build a chair. Traditional Adirondack chairs are made from Hemlock (wood), but you could theoretically use something else if that’s not in your budget. A well-built chair will easily last a lifetime.

Some people make the chairs out of cedar fence boards. If you’re looking to recycle woods, get your hands on whatever you can. You’ll also need some outdoor grade wood screws and some waterproof glue.

Aim for 7-8 full-length boards, and 1” screws. Aside from that, you’ll need a saw, drill, tape measure, and a pencil for marking. It should take you no more than a day to make the chair. When it’s done, make sure you stain and seal it to protect it from the rain.

Concrete Bench

Concrete has so many uses, it’s ridiculous. If you’re looking for an easy way to get more out of those concrete blocks you’ve been eyeing down at the home improvement store, here is your next idea: A concrete bench.

Buy a bunch of blocks and arrange them on the ground next to an exterior wall. If you want protection from the elements, arrange them on the porch. make it 2-3 bricks high, depending on how high you want the seat to be.  A lot of people set them on the ground and then backfill the concrete with loose gravel. It looks nice.

Get a piece of upholstered foam and lay it across the top of the bricks. There’s your bench. Now, for the backing, most people use throw pillows. Make sure yours are waterproof so they don’t get moldy during the summer (or if left out in the rain).

Pallet Table

A pallet table is an interesting spin on the pallet chairs you made earlier. If you know how to construct a basic table (it’s not hard), you enhance it with pallet boards by laying them across the top. It’s a rustic look, that can be stained and sealed and will last you a long time.

Cooler Inside A Patio Table

If you have an existing patio table, and you are feeling gutsy, take a saw to it. Cut out part of the middle and insert a cooler. Now, when you have friends over, fill it up with ice, and put some cold ones in there. Instant party.

Make sure your cooler is the type that can be drained from the bottom, because yanking a cooler out of the center of these tables tends to be difficult. Smaller coolers work the best, but you could also use larger ones if you don’t mind losing foot and leg space underneath.

Most coolers that are situated inside of outside tables like this are suspended in the table (sandwiched between the top of the table and the frame underneath. This gives the illusion of a floating insert, which is both cool and classy.

Outdoor Fireplace

You will need some rolled steel for this – 12 gauge. It will be enough to withstand fire. A standard size would be 40” x 20” sheets. These can be welded into a box shape. Once that’s done, you can weld some legs onto the bottom and anchor it into the ground. If the bottom is fireproof (i.e. dirt or gravel), then you can put almost anything in there and it will burn safely.

Most people who do this use a dirt floor for the fire box because it’s simple, dirt isn’t going to explode or pop on you, and it’s cheap. Dirt is everywhere. Odds are, you have some in your backyard right now, waiting for a fire.

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