The Insane Perks of Replacing Your Windows – Homeowners Read This!

They can cut your utility bills in half, amp up your security, and so much more! Replacing your windows is at the top of our list this fall – find out why below!

Old Windows Blow Up Your Heating Costs

 window-dining-room-winter-frostPhoto: Crisp Architects

The winter weather is quickly approaching making us re-consider giving our old windows another chance this season. Even though they aren’t cracked, still look descent and work fine – they are definitely a big contributor to heat loss. Taking the cheap route by not replacing your windows can save money today, but will rack up bills in the long run. To reduce your window heat loss 10%-20%, consider installing storm windows. These should include weather-stripping at all movable joints, be made of strong, durable materials, and have interlocking or overlapping joints. These aspects all help seal in the heat and seal out the cold.

The Right Windows Increase Security


Good windows and doors are amongst the first lines of defense when it comes to security. As expected you can’t install a security system when you have old windows with broken frames, rotten wood and broken glass. Your windows ought to be the first priority before you think about the security system. There are tons of vinyl windows you can choose from on the market that will match your home’s current style. I recently purchased customized windows from Euroseal windows in Burlington that were delivered to me and installed. My heating bills have gone down as well as my cooling bills in the summer. It’s a win-win situation!

Energy Efficiency and Good Aeration


Energy efficiency is very critical especially now that energy is a huge concern in the current day. Good aeration is equally important for health purposes and maximum comfort. If you’re using those tiny windows that does not sufficiently serve your aeration needs, its time you thought of better windows. These can save you lots of cash in terms of energy and save you from respiratory related infections.

Stylish and Elegant Looking Home


Nowadays, no one wants to be left behind when it comes to adapting to new trends. The situation is no different when it comes down to properties or housing solutions. You don’t want to appear like the odd one out when all your neighbors have trendy up-to-date windows and doors.

Protection Against Wind, Rain, and Storm


Heavy rains are a threat to poorly installed, loose windows. During stormy weathers, leaking, broken frames and glasses might cause rain leakage into the house. This can lead to even more damage indoors and is a huge negative if you are trying to sell your home. Avoid this by replacing old windows with updated and more modern windows like those from – a windows replacement company that will offer you a wide range of quality windows to suit your pocket needs.

Frost Clogging


Nowadays, there are a wide range of windows that’s specifically designed for certain purposes. Frost clogging is a common occurrence in colder regions during the winter. If you’re still using one of those windows that can’t overcome frost, you may want to consider purchasing frost-proof windows which also help keep the cold out of your home.

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Using Oil For Heating Your Home? Here’s How to Get Your Tank Ready for Winter

Avoid any mishaps with your oil tank this winter with our smart tips that will save you tons of headache and bills in the long run!

propane-tank-oil-tank-lanscapingHere’s an Easy Way to Mask Your Oil Tank! (Photo: Award Gates and Screens)

Heating oil also known as Fuel Oil No.2, is essentially the same as diesel fuel used for heating millions of homes throughout America. This oil is stored in underground tanks, in basements, or sometimes above ground outside the house. For those of you that may not use oil for heating your home are probably wondering if this is even safe.

Heating oil is completely safe when stored and used appropriately, the only problem is with accidental spills and leaks that can endanger your health and the environment. A bit of preparation now and you can feel snug – and maybe even a bit smug – as the temperatures start to drop.

Check the oil levels in your tank and put an early order in

As you’d expect, as soon as it gets colder, people start turning on their boilers and the demand for oil goes up sharply, causing the prices to rise pretty much in synch. As winter goes on, it might be more difficult for suppliers to deliver oil, too, causing a rise in delivery charges and customers running out of oil just when they need it most. If you want to get ahead of the curve and bag some cheap home heating oil, you need to check your tank at the end of summer and then put an order in.

Service the boiler

After an easy summer, your boiler isn’t so much rested as out of shape! The sudden drop in temperatures puts a lot of strain on your boiler, so you need to give it a quick check-over and an overhaul before it’s pressed back into service. Oil-fired burners are also prone to accumulating soot, which can cause blockage problems and even a build-up of dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Head off problems at the pass by getting in a technician to make sure the old girl is working at her best.

Check the tank for damage

This is something you can do yourself, especially when the weather’s cold. Look for rusting, cracks, bulging or anything coming loose. If you see these signs, call your technician, don’t try to repair them yourself.

You also need to look at the pipes and the tank base for small cracks – all it takes is a night of freezing for these cracks to worsen and either let oil leak out or let water in. Additionally, if your pipes or tank base aren’t sound, you might not be able to take any deliveries until they’re fixed. Better to face this problem in August than December…

Trim or cut back overgrown plants near your tank

Plants that cover your tank base or wrap around pipes need to be removed because they can mask damage and make access for deliveries impossible. You also need to stop vents getting blocked by leaves and other debris over autumn and winter.

Look after your tank lock

As oil theft happens more over the winter, you need to make sure you can use your security equipment with no problems, so check over your tank lock and lubricate it regularly to stop it freezing or seizing up over any particularly cold spells.

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Create Your Dream Deck From the Bottom Up

Enjoy sizzling fall barbeques with our guide on how to create a dream backyard deck!

The summer heat was simply too hot for any outdoor projects. Ever since the temperature winded down a bit, now is a great time to get outdoors and start building your dream deck! Building a deck is a larger scaled project that can be completed with a little time, patience and creativity. What’s great about it is that you can customize your deck any way you like. How about building a special section for your hot tub and a pergola with climbing roses over your eating area? The choice is yours; follow our steps on how you can make it yourself!

how-to-build-a-backyard-deck-diy-steps-guide-better-decorating-bible-blogPhoto: Randle Siddeley

* Special thanks to the deck contractors in NJ at for helping us out with this amazing article!

Start With a Solid Plan and Make it Happen!


You first want to start with a plan for your new outdoor deck. Are you looking for a place where your kids can have fun in the warmer weather? Maybe you want an adults-only area where you can relax and unwind with a nice beverage. Or perhaps this is going to be a very social area where friends and family can get together, share memories, and have parties. Whatever your deck is going to be, make sure it is something that you can stick with for the long run. Think about your future plans and make sure that you are totally happy with your ideas. Then it is time to put those ideas down on paper and make your dreams a reality.

Measure and Prepare


Once your planning phase has been completed, and you know exactly what you would like to use your deck for – it’s time to measure it out. To make sure your deck is built exactly as you have envisioned – this phase is super important. Get out your measuring tape and mark out the height of your deck as well as the length, and width, to make sure it’s leveled and even.

Build a Sturdy Foundation


Anything that is made to last, needs to be built on a sturdy foundation first. The next step to building your deck is starting with stumps and bearers that you deck will lie on. Then, install joists, the beams that will support the decking boards.

Measure Twice to Avoid Mistakes


Now is the time to re-masure, re-check, and make any alternations to your deck. You want to ensure everything is prepared and ready-to-go before you lay down your decking boards. If your deck beams are off level, fix them now. If it’s made too big or your deck seems too small, now is the time to resize it.
The Final Deck Building Phase

The final phase begins by laying out your decking boards. Using a nail gun, fasten your nail boards to your joists. Then, slather on a stain or paint your deck with a weatherproof paint, making sure to seal it when completed. Voila, a brand new deck that will create tons of memories, delicious barbeques, and wonderful parties!

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