Take a Trip To Morocco – 7 Tips to Nail This Exotic Decorating Trend Straight from the Dessert


Moroccan décor is both timeless, exotic, and most importantly comfortable décor filled with energetic rich colors and metallic accents. It’s filled with gorgeous ornate furniture and warm colors which all seem to work together in harmony to create a unique, one-of-a-kind decorating style.

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Since it’s the season of traveling and exploring new countries and cultures, why not bring a little bit of Moroccan global décor straight into your home? The Moroccan trend is booming right now, and all you need is to add a little hint here and there to jump straight onto the bandwagon. We promise, it’s super easy and it’s definitely a style you’re going to want to keep.

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Get the Moroccan Trend in 7 Easy Steps:

1. Focus on Furniture

Elaborately carved furniture in deep colored wood is the perfect backdrop for intense patterns and luxurious fabrics. The furniture is usually low to the ground, and roomy which makes it super comfortable.


2. Accessorize Right

Metal lanterns are a staple in Moroccan décor and you can use both hanging as chandeliers and freestanding ones in a wide variety of punchy colors. Pop in a few candles at night to set off a romantic, intimate ambience.

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3. Decorate with Moroccan Patterns

Get your patterns right and use quatrefoil, tile, and modified trellis patterns for you pillows, chairs, rugs, and throws. Get these patterns right and you’ll set off the Moroccan trend in a snap.

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4. Use Poufs

You really can’t do this trend without a pouf! These are so fun to decorate with and come in so many colors – my fave is gold, deep purple, and silver! You can use them as coffee tables, chairs, or as a convenient footrest!


5. Tiles and Mosaics

Section off an area of your floor or even a wall and add a tiled mosaic for an instant Moroccan style focal point. It’s hard finding Moroccan tiles, so you may want to order them online like from my fave supplier, Habibi Interiors. You’ll be surprised at what a dramatic statement this will make as well as a stunning work of art.

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6. Use the Right Colors 

Strong colors are the focal point of Moroccan decorating. You want to focus on drawing inspiration from the landscapes and nature found in Africa. Look for intense blue and green from the Atlantic and Mediterranean as well as shimmering gold from the Sahara sand. Also rich reds and orange found in the African sunsets are a must.


7. Choose Spicy Scents

To wrap up your new Moroccan home make is smell beautiful with the right fragrance. Candles, incense and diffusers that draw you straight to the African bazaars in scents rich with spices like cinnamon, saffron, and nutmeg make the perfect finishing touch.

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Designer Spotlight: We Are Obsessed with Sally Campbell’s Punchy Textiles

Paisley Passion, Hoopla, Think Pink, Hot Dots… these are just some of the names of the exciting prints at Sally Campbell’s textiles shop and we just can’t get enough of them! I absolutely adore anything unique, bursting for attention, and absolutely adorable and here you can definitely find all three!

2 sally campbell textiles

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Sally Campbell to feature some of her divine products which I would rather call works of art! As a film designer, Sally traveled many times throughout India collecting fabrics, which truly defines her creative, handcrafted, and exotic style. She sells quilts, throws, and cushions that are all hand-dyed, hand-stitched, hand-woven, or hand block-printed. All of the products are actually hand made by artisans throughout India like the applique work that is done near Pakistan, or the natural dye block printers in Rajasthan and the village weavers in Bengal.

4 sally campbell textiles

We have to admit, her products are a hit and it definitely shows – her first collection that was launched in Sydney’s Shapiro Gallery sold out immediately – tons of quilts, appliqued curtains, and table linens were quickly snatched up by collectors and appreciative homeowners.

3 sally campbell textiles

What I love about Sally’s newest collection is that it’s fun, happy, and bursting with energy and color. If you are looking for something to bring an instant oomph to your space and a definite mood lifter – consider throwing on a few of Sally’s signature cushions or even an intricately appliqued throw to the mix. Sprinkle them throughout your space for a splash of color and positive vibes.

Take a look at some of our fab finds below from her online shop, Sally Campbell. You can also check out her blog for some amazing views of her personal life and travels to India.

sally campbell textiles

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Recycling DIY – Decor Projects using Reusable Stuff You Can Find at Home!

Everyone likes a great DIY and even better if you have all the materials you need right at home! Instead of going out and buying new tools and supplies, use what you already have at home to create unique decorative items all on a budget! These projects don’t have to look cheap and junky if you make sure to master the craft of mixing high and low pieces. Designer items with a few cheap knickknacks here and there is a total DO and looks great as a finished product.

Frame Pages From a Book

For wall art in a snap, frame pages from one of your favorite classical books. These are taken from Alice in Wonderland’s novel and were framed in luxurious gold and black frames. For maximum impact, arrange the frames in groups of four or six.

framed book sheets alice in wonderland easy gold frame diy better decorating bible blog

DIY Beach-y Seashell Vase

Smothering a plain vase in seashells is a smart way to use up your seashells from your last trip to the beach. All you need to do is slather your vase with a thick layer of grout using a spatula and stick on your sea shells. Let it dry for 24 hours and slather on another layer if you wish between the shells, wiping away with a damp cloth. Seal it with 2 parts PVA glue and 1 part water.

diy seashell vase easy better decorating bible

Use Pennies for a Backsplash

Out of ideas for your kitchen backsplash? Now your penny jar will finally come in handy! First make a template for your pennies using mesh backing for mosaic tiles. Use any kind of glue thats good enough to hold metal and start gluing your pennies onto the mesh. Stick on your completed mesh tiles and grout them in place with laticrete epoxy grout in chocolate truffle.

penny backsplash diy how to easy grout tiles better decorating bible blog kitchen easy budget

Make a Swing Bench from Palettes

Who knew you could make furniture from palettes? Instead of tossing them out, put them to good use! Check out this easy tutorial to make your own palette swing bench for your front porch or backyard.

palette swing bench diy easy recycle better decorating bible blog

Colorful Doily Tablecloth

Here’s a easy way to add a punch of color to your tablecloth – sew on crotchet doilies! It’s hard to come across a affordable table cloth that matches your existing decor, so making one at home is fun, cheap, and easy! Take a look at the tutorial here.

diy doily table cloth sew ideas how to better decorating bible blog dining

Frame Classical Sheet Music

This is a real easy DIY and it’s super fun to do it! Print out pages of sheet music and make a mixture of seeped mint tea and coffee. Take the tea bag and dab the pages to create a antique or aged look. Your guests will never guess you did it yourself!

framed sheet music diy old easy budget art better decorating bible blog

Make Candles in a Tea Cup

What a fab way to re-use old, mismatching China! You can pour your own candles in porcelain china cups for a romantic accessory that you can re-use over and over again. These also make great home-made gifts that are easy and cheap to make. Click here for full instructions.

diy tea candles tea cup better decorating bible blog easy

Turn Bottles into Vases

Instead of returning your used bottles to the liquor store for a few cents, turn them into vases! Paint wine bottles in exotic, punchy colors and then paint over an intricate, henna design in a contrasting color. I love the look of orange and turquoise, it gives a fresh, summery vibe to a dining table. Just pop in a few blooming flowers and you’re good to go!

painted bottles vases diy

Make a Drift Wood Table in Minutes

Take a trip to the beach and try to find a good, sturdy piece of drift wood. Level the top of the wood and place a sheet of glass or marble on the top for an instant table! Now how cool is that?

drift wood table top recycle diy how toRecycling materials you already have is the smartest way to save money, get creative, and be eco friendly! Check out TDS SafeGaurd for more tips on recycling.

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Home Eye Candy: Tour These Gorgeous Homes with Stunning Windows and Views


A jaw-dropping window or view can really make or break your home’s curb appeal or indoor décor. What’s even better is that the perfect window can be the highlight of your home – a great view works miracles and brings in tons of natural sunlight inside of your home. We’ve rounded up a few gorgeous homes that have windows to absolutely die for! Take a look:

1. Circular California Dining Room

This beautiful dining room situated in sunny California actually belongs to Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady. The circular dining room and long floor length windows are perfect for showing off a fabulous view of the pool. Notice how they hung the curtains slightly higher than the actual windows to mimic the look of taller windows.


2. Sunny Bathroom on the Balcony 

Don’t have room for a bathroom? Make one on your balcony! These french doors double as windows in this rustic Mediterranean home and lead into a secret bathroom getaway. What a smart way to make the most of your space all while enjoying the nice sunshine and outdoors.


3. Sunlit Master En-Suite Bathroom

I love a bath with a great view, loads of natural light, and privacy at the same time! This traditional en-suite bathroom has it all with a grand window overlooking the backyard as well as built-in roman shades which provide the ideal amount of privacy.


4. Stacked Windows in Cathedral Ceiling or Master Bedroom

If you have a cathedral ceiling in your home, look no further – this calls for the perfect opportunity to make a grand ceiling-t0-floor window combination. Just take a look at master bedroom room – the glass french doors double as a window and the moon shaped window above offers convenient shutters to provide ample light but also keep out the heat.


5. Southern Jaw-Dropping Conservatory

Can we say wow!? The conservatory of this Texas home gives you magnificent views from all angles of the room and is flooded with loads of natural sunlight and views of the gorgeous outdoors. The homeowners eat breakfast here which is if you ask me the perfect way to start a gorgeous day.  When shopping around for windows, consider something durable like the ones from Shaws Joinery that conserve heat and are still big enough to cover a whole wall like seen in this conservatory.


6. Central Park Home Office View

When you are planning a home office you have to keep one important thing in mind – can you see yourself working here comfortably all day? To help get through your day make sure to pick an ideal spot in your home that makes you feel great. This office provides a pretty view of a quite New York neighbourhood right by Central Park.


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