Spruce it Up: The Easy way to Update Your Office Space!

With a few simple touches and just a handful of ideas, you can transform your cubicle into somewhere as inspired as your home!

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After all, working in an environment you enjoy can only help with your productivity! So, go for it, adorn your desk with chic decorative items, gadgets and gizmos, and of course, a few comforts of the home.

Make it Personal

There are tons of decorating ideas you can use to spruce up your office decor and make yourself feel at home. If you’re working in a home office, it’s great having pictures of the kids and family around you. It pays to remember what motivates you, especially when you’re slogging away. But have you thought about updating your wall art? A customised sign would be a nice, elegant touch to your workspace. Or, it might just bring a smile to your Monday face. You can put a true stamp on your workspace with custom signs at smartsign.

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Fun Stationary

Developing a collection of fun pens, pencils and general stationary, is a great way to put your individual stamp on your home office decorating. It may be psychosomatic but you’ll be surprised at how much you genuinely feel more excited when you put pen to paper, if your stationary is more tailored to your style. So, forget boring biros and plain pencils! Bring a touch of colour and personality to your desk! But don’t forget – keep your office professional.

BDB Tip: You can also team your new stationary with plenty of vibrant organizers or wall pockets in fun colours and modern designs. Whatever speaks to you the most!

Brighten Up

It may sound simple, but if you’re working late then there’s nothing more demotivating then sitting in a dull light, staring at a screen and watching the clock. A desk lamp is crucial for keeping you awake as you grind away when everyone else has gone home. After all, your work can only ever be as good as your lighting. So, invest in some excellent lighting to help keep you motivated. It’ll be home time before you know it!

Photo: Michelle Jennings Wiebe

Turn Up the Heat

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a cold office. But working in a cubicle, it comes with the territory. One person’s idea of warmth is another’s idea of the artic! Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you don’t switch off when the heating does. Try keeping a throw, or blanket from home nearby. Something that reminds you of home can also help to motivate you – and you can always bring in a couple of cushions for extra comfort – just try not to fall asleep!

Elevate Your Work

Are you sitting comfortably? Did you know that most office workers don’t have their office equipment set at the right height for their comfort? You can change this straight away, and instantly stop hunching over the computer. Elevating your laptop or computer monitor will help keep your back and neck straight and make your desk look even more professional and personal.

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DIY Decorating a Home SPA Party!

Photo: Style me Pretty

Holidays are fast approaching — we quite all know that 2017 is indeed a stressful year making you feel a little worn out. Even if you book with a spa with a spa software for booking appointments, time simply isn’t your friend. It’s quite the hassle not to be able to stretch out and detox.

Have you been trying to plan a bonding with your family or friends but something always comes up and it doesn’t actually happened? Why don’t you try to throw a party and turn your house into a spa with these following smart ideas that can help you save your time and money?

Crafty Movie Popcorn Station

We all love movies and we’re pretty sure that a few will say no to it. You can install a mini movie theater in your house, but don’t forget to put a popcorn station with lots of amazing popcorn mixes. Now you can enjoy a little movie time while waiting for your other friends to arrive.

You can enjoy this movie station either in your living room or on your backyard by simply spreading out those blankets and cushions. If you want it indoors, it is easier to use a screen projector and make it a permanent feature of your living room decor or bedroom! But if you’re thinking of an outdoor movie station, try searching for a painter’s canvas available at any hardware store and hang it on your house walls or in between trees.

Steam Sauna Bath Station

Steam baths are so relaxing and it really helps us to unwind after a toxic day. A room of hot steam with a pleasant, relaxing aroma from different essences will surely take away all your stresses away and help pamper you up. But don’t worry, it’s possible to install a steam sauna bath station for your SPA-rty because you can purchase a portable steam sauna of your own! And if you have a spacious basement, you can make it a steam sauna bathroom! Enjoy leisure time with your family or close friends whenever you like it.

Massage Station

Another SPA-rty must-have is a massage station! All you have to do is create a calm, peaceful room with soft music and air-filled essence. A dim room with a skilled masseuse is the best thing we can have to start up that SPA-rty. If you have a large bathroom consider decorating an area for this specific purpose.

You can also seek advice or rather make an appointment to a professional spa therapist for consultation and improvement of your condition. While it’s hard to replicate the relaxing experience at home, having a massage station in your home can help you cut costs instead of going to spas.

Face Mask Station

After a good and nice facial massage from the massage station, getting a facial mask will complement the overall relaxation and unwinding process.

In this station, offer a facial mask that is gentle yet nourishing will help brighten unbalanced complexions and will surely help sensitive and oily faces. Pamper yourselves with this SPA-rty idea by preparing different types of facial masks that will promote restoration of a natural glow, detoxify the skin, tighten pores and heal blemishes.

Manicure & Pedicure Station

Your SPA-rty experience will not be completed without a manicure and pedicure. Your tired hands and feet needs a massage and a new nail polish! Pamper your fingers and toes by soaking them with warm water then give them a scrub and scrape off those hard and stubborn skin. You might as well apply some moisturizers and soothe them well.

Yogurt Bar and Tea Station

Always remember that a SPA-rty is a party and a party always offer goodies! Yogurt and tea are the best things we can complement our healthy and refreshing party. The yogurt bar and tea station can be the last stop before we call it a day. Have a yogurt bar that you can customize, add some mixed berry on it to give some extra flavors and a prepared tea for a calming effect.

Photo Booth Station

An after-spa-rty groupie can’t be missed! Have a photo booth station and keep these special moments and preserve those smiles to make the party unforgettable.

Props are must-haves for every photo booth. It will help your guests to get in the fun-photo-mode and break some ice. And since it’s a spa theme party, make some props that are unique like a facial mask, nail polish, cucumbers, and other stuff that are related to spas.

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