Spotlight on Canvas Discount: Make Your Photo a Masterpiece Printed on Canvas!

Turn regular snapshots into works of art with one of our favorite canvas printing studios: Canvas Discount!

Putting those amazing photos you have saved on your computer or iPhone on display in your home has never been easier! Canvas Discount, is a premium printing studio that transforms your favorite photos and pictures into artwork by printing them onto high quality artist cotton canvas. All those selfies, snapshots from your last vacation or family photos can now actually be turned into your own personal Picasso!


I have so many amazing photos on my computer that don’t ever get a chance to be shown off, and turning them into instant artwork is not only a great decorating idea, but it also gives your home a personal and customized feel. I believe in great design, but I also believe in adding personal touches throughout my home to make it actually feel like a real home.

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A collection of pretty photos in frames looks pretty, but a large customized printed canvas makes a statement and focal point. When decorating, I usually go by this rule: 1 large decorative piece makes a statement meanwhile a collection of smaller pieces simply ends up looking junky.

So what makes printing on canvas so great? Printing on real canvas adds a personal touch and it’s also a precious way to treasure great memories and beautiful photos. Not to mention, it makes an amazing birthday or wedding gift!

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Canvas Discount has tons of affordable cheap canvas prints that come in a variety of sizes and frames. To ensure the best quality artwork, Canvas Discount uses high quality semi-gloss canvases designed specifically for canvas printing. The latest HP Latex inks are used during their printing process which makes sure your photos are fade resistant for up to 75 years! The artwork is made on sturdy .75” or 1.5” wooden stretcher frames that are of the highest quality.

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Another thing I really love about ordering from Canvas Discount is that it’s super easy! Just upload your photo, choose the right format, and then get it printed! So what are you waiting for?

Head on over to Canvas Discount to start
making your own customized artwork!

canvas discount printing on canvas artwork custom photos

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How to Renovate Your Bathroom This Summer – Follow Our Must-Know Tips!

Thinking of refreshing your home this summer with a bathroom renovation? Avoid making any mistakes with our must-know bathroom reno tips!

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Photo: Todd Richesin Interiors

Renovating your bathroom is a fun and exciting project, from choosing the latest bathtub styles to beautiful floor tiles; it can really make your bathroom dreams finally come true. In order for the renovation to run smoothly and for the project to stay on track, consider some of these tips we’ve learned from the pros:

First Set a Budget

You must set a budget and sketch an idea or guideline of how to spend on your bathroom renovation. Make a decision which fixtures you will buy, the tiles, and extras. Included in your budget, find out how much time it will take to renovate, since time equals money. Set a time limit to what date you would like your reno to be completed.

Working Sequence

There is a specific sequence when it comes to the bathroom renovation includes a lot of mistakes and clean up time. Always start from the top of the room, whether you want a simple repainting or demolishing sheetrock. To avoid and prevent the damage to your components, follow the work sequence by remodeling the ceiling first, then walls second and the floors to be the third.

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Photo: Favreau Design

Take Measurements

There is a major limitation with respect to the size in the bathroom renovation: (1) the location of the electrical wiring and plumbing pipe (2) The overall size of your bathroom at home and (3) the standard dimension of your bathroom fixtures. Therefore, make sure that you may have an accurate measurement and specifications when you go out shopping.

Hire a Professional

Renovating a bathroom isn’t as easy as it may look, so to avoid any difficulties and complexities, consider hiring a professional contractor. Tiling, electrical, plumbing, and so much more is involved in a bathroom reno, so make sure to do it right the first time.

bathroom decoratingPhoto: Houzz

Install The Right Lighting

Having great lighting in your bathroom can actually make or break your newly renovated space. Placing not enough lighting, can make your bathroom look small, placing dim lights can even make your bathroom look dirty. Make sure to choose warm, neutral lighting, or you even may consider to install a led lighted bathroom mirror that could be functional and create an atmosphere. The maximum amount of natural light should be planned first, then add on with artificial lights like – LED mirror lights with, at least, 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot.

Keep Ventilation in Mind

Ventilation needs good planning – like the installation of the exhaust fan in the right position with a good deal of electric wiring. If the ventilation is poor, it could leave your bathroom damp, which is not good for your health. Continuous airflow is very important to prevent decay of fixtures or wooden trims as well it avoid the saturation of the building insulation.

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Photo: Interior Desires UK

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The Best Time for Home Decor Shopping: Everything is on Sale!

When is the best time to buy summer furniture and home decor items? Right at the end of spring season of course! Tons of summer home decor is going on sale end of June and beginning of July. So if you’ve waited this long to make your purchases, you’ll sure be saving tons.

Stores like Kohls, Target, and JC Penny, are putting up their clearance sale signs and it’s time to save. With that being said, now is the best time to purchase furniture and home accessories for summer! We’ve scoured the web to find some amazing deals – so grab them before they expire…

Up to 60% off on Selected Styles at Kohl’s


With the closeout deals, you can get up to 60% off on selected styles at Kohl’s. Find the best deals on living room, kitchen and dining, bedroom, office furniture and more! Plus, you’ll get additional discounts if you apply the right coupon code. Club them and get the best price available on furniture. The sale ends on July 13. So, hurry up!

Up to 30% off on Furniture at Target

target furniture finds

I personally LOVE shopping at Target, you can get expensive designer looking furniture for cheap! With such a wide range of furniture and home décor accessories, you’ll surely love the deals you find at Target. Even better, you’ll find coupons for Target. All you need to do is to be sure that you are clubbing the correct coupon codes with existing deals at the store. Bonus: Shipping charges apply but if your order with orders of $25 or more, you might get free shipping too!

Up to 40% off on Home décor at JCPenney



This is the time when you should expect flash sales and JCPenney is doing just that. Check out the offers available on Home décor at the store and get the best offers on your purchases. Start looking for the right codes and be ready for it because the sale is ending soon.

Similarly, you’ll find up to 60% off on kitchen & dining, storage and organization and more at!

* Exclusions and details are mentioned on the website. Please make a note of it before completing your purchase.

There really are some irresistible deals available this season! Make sure to check them out and post your amazing finds in the comments. I look forward to seeing what you managed to snatch up!


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