3 Ways that Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Prevent Allergies and Illnesses

Abandoning your air duct for months without cleaning can have adverse effects on your overall health. Sadly, very few homeowners realize this fact.

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When you fail to attend to your air duct for long, dust and debris accumulate in it. This forms the perfect breeding ground for disease-carrying pathogens and microorganisms. Such airborne pollutants can even trigger asthma and other breathing complications, lowering your quality of life and increasing health costs in the process. Allergies are terrible reactions that our bodies have to certain things such as pollen and bee stings. Dirty air ducts harbor impurities that could cause allergic reactions among those living under the same roof.

Here are 3 ways that cleaning your air duct could help prevent diseases and allergies:

Eliminating Dust and Pollen

Some individuals are usually allergic to dust and pollen. If you love decorating your home with tons of knick-knacks you could be a victim to a dust allergy. These two particulates are easily carried by air currents and transferred to different parts. Some of it accumulates in the air duct and over time, causes severe allergic reactions to the inhabitants. The easiest way you can eliminate dust and pollen from your air duct is to have it cleaned. Get an experienced professional to do it for you. As doctors always say, prevention is always better than cure.

Disinfecting to Kill Microorganisms

Dirty air ducts are usually home to colonies of bacteria and disease pathogens. When these colonies increase abundantly, they start spreading to other parts of your home and could even spread diseases. Spiders that build their webs in air ducts could also harm those living within. The air that normally travels through these ducts collects a variety of things and spreads them throughout the house. This transmission of impurities can cause asthma among your loved ones or aggravate the condition of asthma patients. Getting your air duct cleaned is one of the best decisions you can make. Check out the Denver air duct cleaning website to get a team of professionals you can trust.

Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

The quality of air you breathe matters a lot. That’s why it’s super important to know all the cleaning tips to keep the air you breathe at home fresh and dust-free. Medical researchers have discovered a worrying fact about indoor atmospheres: they are rife with pollutants and impurities that could potentially cause health issues. These pollutants come from air fresheners, insecticides, aerosols and other household items. It’s recommended to leave your windows open to allow proper aeration of the house. Cleaning your air duct can also help to rekindle an exquisite atmosphere around your house. Bad odors and unpleasant stuffiness will be eliminated, giving way to fresh air with less impurities. And as health experts always say, your health is your greatest asset.

Sprucing up your air duct will not only prevent illnesses from arising, it will also cut your energy costs tremendously. A lot of energy is wasted by inefficient HVAC systems. An air duct with too many impurities usually runs inefficiently and wastes energy. Rather than waiting for mayhem to happen, it’s better to nip this issue in the bud.

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Watch out for these Dining Room Trends for 2018!

There are so many flashy new dining room trends coming out for 2018, and we’ve got them all rounded up in one sizzling hot list!

Photo: F.D Hodge Interiors

The New Year is just around the corner, which means interior designers are buzzing around to see what the hottest new decorating trends will be. The dining room is one of the most important spaces in our home, and we love to keep it looking formal, flashy, and impressive for family and guests. We also want to avoid it looking a little démodé, and keep it on track with the latest decorating trends.

Take a look at some of our favorite dining room trends of 2018 that we seriously cannot get enough of!

The Color Palette

Photo: Daniel Jackson

To really make a splash for 2018 in your dining room, change up your color palette to something more of-the-moment. We are definitely seeing a lot of blue, moss, sage green as well as neutral tones popping up in the dining room. To bring your space to life with the hottest hues in decorating for 2018, you don’t have to slather your walls with one of these colors. Stick to neutral on the walls such as off-white and then play up your room with accessories such as sage green place mats and a huge bowl of moss as a centerpiece.

Creative Tablescapes

Photo: Kelley Nan

Get creative when it comes to serving your dining table and try using things you already have around the house. All natural centrepieces made from pine cones, moss and rocks, as well as branches are even more beautiful than something store-bought. Fresh floral wreaths hung on the wall, and a great centrepiece paired with amazing cutlery such as Laguiole Cheese Knives and gold forks/knives make a fantastic statement.

Pendant Lights

Photo: Lisa Petrole Photography

Even though I am a HUGE fan of gorgeous showy chandeliers in the dining room, 2018 is all about pendant lighting. Not only reserved for above your kitchen island, pendant lights can also be hung right above your dining table. They add warmth and focus on what’s important – a scrumptious meal, your table décor, or your centerpiece you passionately put together. Make sure to choose pendant lights that complement your hardware used in your kitchen. If you have brass cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and faucets, then choose a brass pendant light as well.

Focus on Details

Photo: House of Turquoise 

When it comes to making your dining room really stand out for next year, try focusing on smaller details. Hand painted wallpaper is a great way to revive your dining room, and always adds a classy, sophisticated look plus a wonderful conversation starter! How about rolling in a beautiful vintage bar cart into your dining room? Not only does it add extra space for food, but it’s also super convenient and looks uber chic.

A Bright Buffet Table

Photo: Thibaut Design

Make a bright statement in your dining room for next year with a statement buffet table. There are so many vintage buffet tables that you can find at flea markets and on craigslist which makes this pretty project quite affordable. A fresh lick of paint as well as new hardware can take an old buffet table from trash to treasure! Buffet tables are great for extra storage space for formal forks, knives, and plates as well as extra space for serving food.

Looking for more dining room decorating ideas? Check out this post: Create an Elegant Dining Room with 3 Easy Steps from the Pros

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