Exclusive Giveaway with French Charmed Antique Shop!

traditional-bedroom-auvergne-france-201111-5_1000-watermarkedThis month, we have the lovely honor of partnering up with one of our favorite antique shops: French Charmed! Girly, chic, and romantic, this shop has everything you need to create the perfect French ambience at home. From lovely floral dinnerware sets, to crystal doorknobs and even a whole set of French antique chocolate boxes – French Charmed has something unique, and magnifique for just about any space in your home that needs to be “charmed”!

I caught up with Chelle, antique expert and founder of French Charmed who started in the antique business way back in 1991. She has collected all kinds of stunning pieces from around the globe and started her shop to sell exclusive, French antiques only.

She helped me pick some of her customer’s faves to feature on BDB and offered to giveaway one of her favorite, and newest books from Jeanne d’ Arc Living – a fabulous company that supplies many items in her shop. The book is loaded with inspiration and ideas to host weddings, romantic dinners, and add a ton of charm and sophistication to your next event or gathering.

* To enter – simply ‘Like’ and ‘share’ this post on Facebook and we’ll choose the winner on Friday!

french charmed Collage

French Antique Tapestry, Mademoiselle Canvas, Love Paris Tags, Zebra Pillow, Chair Slip, French Script Gift Wrap Sheet, Crystal Knobs, La Rose Pillow, Horse Pillow

french book giveaway

I’m a huge fan of romantic French interiors, and like shop owner Chelle, collecting antiques is one of my favorite hobbies. Don’t you just love the look of a well-travelled room that seems to have so many stories to tell? Refinishing lovely antiques, reupholstery, and repainting them will add a new life to a gorgeous piece of furniture and give your home a unique, one-of-a-kind look.  I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite spaces that are totally “charmed”! Take a look:

dining room french decor




traditional-bathroom-bunny-williams-inc-palm-beach-florida-200603_1000-watermarked traditional-bedroom-bunny-williams-inc-richmond-virginia-201201-3_1000-watermarked









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Save Space and Make your Home Look BIG with our Top Tips

contemporary-office-library-so-paulo-brazil-201305_1000-watermarkedStuck with a small home? You can make your home look twice the size by changing only a few key pieces of furniture, adding in some simple accessories, and de-cluttering your busy area into a spacious haven. Make it look bigger, roomier, and save loads of space with our easy tips:

Clear your Windows

Remove heavy drapery, curtains, and blinds. A big window can work miracles in brightening up your room and making it look more expansive.



De-Clutter the Entry

Shoes, umbrellas, and jackets can make your home’s entryway look suffocated and junky. Pack everything away neatly in your closet, or consider built-in shelves with loads of storage space to keep clutter out of sight.



Use Shiny Surfaces

Use surfaces that are glossy, shiny, and reflective to make light bounce all over the room making it look instantly bigger. Consider mirrored furniture and walls, marble floors and even a clear coffee table.



Get a Proper Wardrobe

Instead of keeping your clothes scattered throughout your bedroom, draped over a chair, or bursting out of your dresser – get a proper wardrobe. A wardrobe like Furniture UK’s Norell Merlot 2 Door Double Wardrobe is practical, stylish, and offers double the space than any standard wardrobe. Armoires can also serve as storage not only in the bedroom, but also in your living room to store linens, or even a television!



Use See-Through Furniture

A nice glass dining table like this one from Horchow can work miracles to your space. The trick with clear furniture is it visually takes up less space. Consider lucite dining chairs and a glass coffee table that will make your space look bigger and won’t cover up great flooring or a pretty rug.




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Enter to Win! Spring Decorating Pinterest Competition


Spring is officially here, making it the perfect time to makeover your home and jump into some of 2014’s most stylish decorating trends. From luxurious jewel tones, to mosaic floors, floral prints, and dark, moody walls, there is definitely something for every home this season. Since I know how much we are all obsessed Pinterest and can spend hours skimming through gorgeous decorating photos, we’ve decided to team up with FADS furniture store to do a fun Pinterest contest this spring to win a £100 FADS voucher!!

Entering is EASY:

Create a Pinterest board for any room in your home (or your whole house!) titled #FADSSpringRestyle and include a collection of photos that inspire you – no decorating rules here! Include anything you like and create your own, unique style.

* Make sure to include at least one photo from the FADS online store, follow them on Pinterest here, and then share a link to your board below in the comments.

I’ve gathered up some gorgeous photos that will help inspire your own board and get you started. Feel free to use them if you like!




















traditional-bedroom-rain-phillips-new-york-new-york-201309-2_1000-watermarked traditional-garden-kara-childress-inc-houston-texas-201308-2_1000-watermarked

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Splash your Home with Color this Spring – Here’s How


When it comes to decorating your home this spring, stay far away from the nude, white, and earthy tones seen in our dreary homes throughout the winter. Throw in something exciting – the brighter, bolder, and livelier the better!


The trend this season still features the grey pallet but with a twist! Use strong colours like Yellowcake (a bright yellow), Charlotte’s Locks (a deep orange hue) and Pelt (a luxurious matte purple) to give a zing of colour to your space.


To achieve this lively, trendy, yet subtle look, make sure you get the balance right. Simply add a small splash of colour to your home but don’t overuse it. Introducing too much color can overpower the neutral tones and create a completely new vibe within the house.

colorful bedroom palm wallpaper better deecorating bibleHGTV

Pick your main wall within the room and start introducing your color here first. This could be something in your space that has an eye-catching feature on it like the fireplace, flat screen TV, or the wall right behind your bed’s headboard. Hang up an exciting, colorful work of art, paint one wall your fave color, or reupholster your headboard to make sure everything stays on balance with your new feature wall.


Experiment with textures like vinyl matt, silk, and sheen like from Kent Blaxill’s range at Dulux Trade paints to make sure you get the perfect texture, feel, and ambience in your room. Whichever color you decide to choose, whether it is a pastel or a dark earth tone, make sure you get the correct shade and style for you. Choosing the exact color can be tough, so make sure to use a colour matching service, to mix the correct paints together to create your ideal color.


Of course, there are other ways of incorporating color into your home without getting out your painting equipment and masking tape. By simply adding a few accessories like rolling out a new rug, tossing some gorgeous pillows, or whipping out an psychedelic tablecloth, you’ll have the right flow of color into your home in no time.


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