How to Ease the Process of Carpet Cleaning?

Make your carpets look brand new with these simple carpet cleaning tips!


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Often after a party, we are faced with the problem of soiled carpets. You can, of course, take the carpet to dry cleaning, but first we recommend that you try to cope with the problem on your own, because you have modern means at your disposal. There was a time when the set for cleaning the house consisted of a rag and a broom, but the times were changing – the equipment for cleaning the premises was changing, and a carpet brush was created to help the housewives.

In order to facilitate the boring and exhausting activity – cleaning the house, various devices were invented. Some were not entirely successful and did not pass the test of functionality, durability and convenience. But some amazing inventions greatly facilitated the cleaning process, making it simple and quick. For example, in 1876, a young American, Melville Bissel, invented a mechanical brush for cleaning carpets. Thanks to its practicality and reasonable price, it immediately became a hit among housewives. It was this device that became the prototype of a modern vacuum cleaner.

Currently, they produce very convenient mechanical brushes for carpet cleaning with interchangeable nozzles: special nozzles with magnetic inserts, with which you can easily pick up insecure buttons, metal shavings and other small metal objects from the floor; short-haired nozzles – suitable for upholstered furniture; a brush with a soft, long pile – will clean hard objects and the floor. Cleaning brushes are very different: If you have a general cleaning, get several brushes at once: for the floor, upholstered furniture, carpets, clothes; For cleaning carpets, a mechanical brush for cleaning on a long handle is well suited.

If there are pets in the house, then their fur constantly causes inconvenience, flying around the apartment and, sitting on the carpets, upholstered furniture. To solve this problem, apply a couple of drops of glycerin to the bristles of a mechanical brush and then the fur will be very easy to collect. Upholstered furniture can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or, alternatively, with a mechanical brush for cleaning carpets. With it, you will remove dust, trash, pet hair, and thanks to the device, all collected garbage will go to the container.

How to Complete the Cleaning?

After dry cleaning with a mechanical brush, proceed to wet cleaning. Cleaning is most effective if carried out regularly. The main thing after putting things in order is not to start everything, then the procedure will be easy and not burdensome. If in any way you cannot force yourself to put things in order at home, then try to make a game out of cleaning or fill the procedure with pleasant moments: you can wash the floor with music and do aerobics along the way; you can clean the carpet with the above mechanical brushes with a book in your hands.

Prevention of Carpet Contamination

  • To clean the carpet less often, adhere to the basic principles of care:
  • fluffy interior items do not like too hard brushes, hot water, dampness, “anti-wool” cleaning;
  • if spots appear on the carpet, then clean them immediately, since old spots are more difficult to remove;
  • try to dry the carpets in the summer on the backyard and clean in the winter in the snow;
  • to freshen up the color of the carpet, you can use all kinds of special foams for cleaning or shampoos sold in hardware stores;
  • when removing dirt, do not rub the carpet heavily, otherwise you may damage the pile;
  • after the stain removal procedure, be sure to treat the palace with a wet sponge, brush or use a washing vacuum cleaner;

Useful Tips For Carpet Cleaning

The latest cleaning products will not only cleanse pollution, refresh the color, but even remove static electricity. After such processing, the product looks updated. You can use natural cleaning methods for the same purpose:

1. Clean with salt, which can then be removed with a vacuum cleaner, brush, or a broom soaked in hot water.

2. Refresh with vinegar solution: 1 tbsp. l funds for 1 liter of water.

3. Dark carpets can be freshened with tea leaves.

Potatoes will help to return the paint to the coating: grate potato tubers on a grater, as finely as possible. Pour them with water, leave for 3 hours. Strain and clean the pile with this water. Let the carpet dry, then vacuum up.

Tarnished colors on the carpet will become brighter if you use lemon and salt in this way: mix the juice of 1 lemon with salt. Using the resulting mixture, brush the carpet. Remove salt from the coating by vacuuming it.

All these methods for cleaning can be quite helpful but who wants to waste his time in cleaning when he can spend the day in much more interesting way. Moreover, if you do not apply the right products, you can damage the carpet. The easiest way to enjoy fresh and clean carpet is to order professional carpet cleaning services. Many of you have probably heard about the spectacular cleaning services, offered by ProLux Carpet Cleaning! ProLux is the most popular cleaning company in London, working only with non-toxic cleaning products. If you test their services, you will be fully convinced that this is exactly what you need!

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