How to Effectively Paint the Exterior Walls of Your Home

The painting job and choosing the right colors to use on the exterior walls of your home can be a daunting task. However, nothing beats the beauty of a well-painted house!

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Nicely painted exterior walls make the most visual impact of your home. Painting is of the easiest ways of remodeling your property and it can increase the value of your home. Here are tips to enable you paint the exterior of your home.

Wash the Walls

The exterior of your house attracts dust and other strange things such as cobwebs and wasp nests. You cannot paint the surface with all these things on the wall. For smooth clean paint, you need to wash the walls first. Washing the walls with the pressure washer will be fast and you will reach the hard to reach areas. Hand washing is tiresome, slow and might not give a perfect clean surface.

Use Darker Colors or Paint the Same Color

Use the same color as you had painted before to freshly paint your house. Alternatively, you can use a darker color than the one you had painted before. Doing this will save you from the work of painting too many coats of color. If you are painting the same old color, take the sample of color with to the paint store. It will help you pick the exact color. If you want to change the color use a darker shade. If you use a brighter shade, the old paint will show through the new paint and it will not look pleasant.

You Do Not Have To Prime the Entire House

Priming the walls before painting is good but not necessary. You can only prime areas that only need it. Such areas are where there is raw wood or surface. However, if the walls are in bad condition, you can apply the primer. It will make the painting job quicker and easier. If you are not sure whether or not to prime, you can hire exterior painters to take care of painting your house.

Pick Colors for Curb Appeal

A well-painted house looks beautiful. Pick the paints in accordance with the design of your house and the exterior décor of the home. Pick colors that complement the color of the roof and the stones or bricks accents. Do not pick colors that will make your home dull. Look for inspiration from your neighbors or buildings that you come across.

Avoid Scraping Too Much

Avoid scraping off the old paint too much. It will keep on flaking up which is going to take too much of your time. To cut down the amount of time you spend preparing to paint, avoid scraping off the old paint. The new paint will seal the off the flaking parts of the new paint.

The painting process is tedious yet very exciting. It will give your house a whole new fresh look for a long time. Remember to use high-quality paint for the exterior walls of your home. The paint will look good for as long as ten years. You can look for paints expert to help you paint or choose the paints.