Get Ready for a New Season: Easy Fall Prep Garden Projects

Since summer is slowly coming to an end and the fall season is creeping just around the corner, there are some simple things you can do to get your garden prepped and looking it’s best for fall. It’s important to prepare now while the weather is still warm for DIY projects, patio cleaning, and even a fresh lick of new paint on your outdoor furniture.

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Transform Your Garden with the Right Fence

A fence can serve many purposes in a well-maintained garden. You can use a fence to create exciting spaces in your garden, dividing up a larger area to create some cozy nooks with a particular theme or style to them. Combined with a trellis, you can create an exciting feature with a climbing plant. A strong and high fence can also provide shelter for plants and people from harsh winds and sunlight.

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Swing gates seem to be super popular lately and I actually installed one in my own garden to keep out unwanted pets such as rabbits and foxes. If you are looing for a supplier of swing gates, is a great place to start and offers lots of gate hardware, and accessories to get you the exact look you want.

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Make sure when starting your new fence DIY to not get ahead of yourself – building a fence requires careful planning and hard work. Measure with a string to make sure your fence is straight, and concrete to keep the posts firm and fixed for a long-lasting fence.

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Consider a New Garden Shed

A shed doesn’t have to be a tired-looking construction squatting at the end of your garden, full of useless odds and ends – it can be an exciting centrepiece that conveniently doubles as protection for your most vital gardening tools. The first thing to do is check if you need planning permission from your local council – in most cases, this won’t be necessary, but it never hurts to check. You should also check with your neighbours if the shed will be close to the boundary of your property, to avoid unnecessary disputes later.

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Next, consider what material you want for your shed: a metal shed is easy to assemble and will provide a sturdy, low-cost shelter for your tools. On the other hand, it’s hard to beat the natural charm of a timber shed – but beware of the regular maintenance required to keep a timber shed in top condition. Finally, pick the best location – allow space on all sides of the shed and make it south facing if you want to use it as a summerhouse.

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