New Trend: Jazz up Your Greenhouse this Christmas

If you have a glass greenhouse or conservatory in a part of your home – don’t neglect it this winter. Conservatories are the perfect place to start your holiday décor and let the festive spirit truly come to life! Don’t abandon it just because of the colder months and get creative with holiday decorations, in-season plants, and lighting. Follow our easy tips on transforming it into a festive wonderland the whole family will enjoy:

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Layer on Accessories

If your green house was looking a little bland throughout the year, it’s definitely time to dress it up and transform it into a true winter wonderland. It’s all about festive chaos – in a good way, of course. Add gorgeous Christmas throws over your furniture and throw cushions to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for your guests and kids.

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Choose a Distinctive Theme

A décor project always starts off with a theme or a combination of your favourite themes. This is a great way to get the whole family together and collaborate all of your ideas into one space everyone will love to enjoy. Opt for a different color scheme to set apart your space from the rest of the house and make it feel special.

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Add Warmth with Colors

Throw in a nice deep dash of royal red with an area rug or ottoman. Add in lush green or gold cushions for an instant holiday look. Try using warmer colors to give your space warmth and opt for features that will not only look warm but also make your space feel warm.

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Put up a Extra Christmas Tree

What winter wonderland would be complete without a tree? A conservatory can provide the best place for a Christmas tree since it can shine through all its glory without having competition of the fireplace and other furniture like in your living room. Let it be the center of attention and the main focal point, so decorate it with style!


Be Creative with Lighting

Its your chance to take some risks so try out a dramatic chandelier in your newly decorated conservatory to add some interest and spark. You can also try out string lights or interesting fairy lights to make your space unique and magical. Clever lighting in your glass space will instantly create a festive and fun feel, as well as adding an extra element of warmth.

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