9 Easy Ways To Dress Up Your Windows This Christmas

With the exciting Christmas holidays just around the corner, everyone is slowly getting in the festive mood hanging mistletoes, ornaments, and wreaths throughout their home. One thing you don’t want to forget is dressing up your windows – and there are a million ways to do it! We have rounded up 5 easy, and affordable DIY projects you can do to dress up your windows this Christmas:


1. Recycle old Cards

Gather up all of your old Christmas cards and decorate your windows, hanging them up just like clothes on a clothesline. Use metal rings or wooden clothespins to hang them.

diy christmas cards hanging window ideas decorating

2. Hang Stockings

Stockings aren’t only for the mantel – you can dress up your windows with them too! Hang them up on a string along with ornaments and garlands to decorate your windows and jazz them up even more for the holidays!


3. Use Gingerbread Cookies

Bake ginger bread cookies, tie a loop at the top with a ribbon and hang them against your window for a “Candy Shop” window look!

ginger bread man hanging windows diy ideas christmas

4. Mix up Candy Canes and Pine Cones

Candy canes are a cheap way to dress up any area of your home and make it scream “Christmas is coming!”. Tie a string across your window and hang red and white candy canes along the string on a ribbon. Go for a nature walk and pick up pine cones, mixing them up on the string along with the candy canes. To make your decor even more festive, paint glitter over your pine cones to make your window twinkle all night long!

candy cane pine cone hanging window decor diy christmas

5. Hang a Wreath

You can’t go wrong with a simple holiday wreath that you can hang either on the inside or outside of your window. Wrap a bold red ribbon around it and add some holiday baubles for even more color and cheer.

holiday wreath christmas window red ribbon diy ideas dress up

6. Hang Ornaments

Hanging clear glass ornaments over your windows is a good way of dressing it up. Glass ornaments invite natural light in and cast a shine and sparkle all over the room. You can hang the glass ornaments with ribbons of different lengths but make sure the ribbons are tied securely onto the bauble and on the frame of the window.

christmas baubles ornaments window hanging ideas diy ribbonr ed white

7. Starry Starry Night

If you want a sweet and starry starry night vibe this holiday, hang pieces of dried wood vines outside your window pane and add laces and gold stars on it. You can also hang paper snowflakes from the rods using colorful season inspired ribbons to depict a scene of snow falling from the sky. Christmas lights will also make it look classy and vintage.

christmas window twigs starts diy ideas

8. Stain Glass Inspirations

Stained glass is expensive and thankfully there are many ways to mimic this high end look. You can purchase Christmas decorations that are inspired by stained glass and even stained glass stickers for easy application and removal. You can also try DIY stained glass windows, using colored tissue paper and glue – a great way to get the kids involved!

christmas diy stained glass windowImage Credit:  Christmas Decorations at GardenSite

9. Spray Paint Twigs

This is a great way to bring the outdoors in and use what you have around your home – twigs. Use dried twigs and spray paint them in shiny black, gold or silver. You can also add some glue to them and roll them in glitter for a sparkly look. Pop them in a few glass vases and hang some crystal beads on it for an icy winter look!

This article was exclusively written by Huffington Post blogger Patricia Evans. You can read more of her work at her blog on The Huffington Post.

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