3 BIG Decorating Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Even though there are really no rules when it comes to home decorating, basic guidelines still do exist to avoid making your décor clash. Even a small tweak to your space can change the whole design, so you have to be extra careful when mixing and matching while decorating.

Keeping it simple is the easiest way to avoid making a mistake even though I always love to take the extra mile into making a space unique and interesting. Whether you like a simple design, modern, or classical, follow these tips for best results:

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Bright Spotlights

There is nothing that ruins the ambience of a room quite like a bright spotlight. Avoid all kinds of bright bulbs that will only highlight imprefections on yourself and in your room. Lighting is essential, but making it stylish and cozy is another story. Aim to have 3 points of light in every room – a chandelier or pendant lamp, a floor lamp, and a table lamp.

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Hanging Curtains too Low

Give your home the illusion of a high ceiling by hanging curtain rods right below the ceiling rather than directly above your window frame. This way, your curtains won’t make your room feel cramped and won’t close up your space. You want to make sure to try to make your home look as big and as spacious as possible!

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Tiny Pieces of Wall Art

Instead of hanging tiny pieces of wall décor throughout your room, consider one or a grouping of oversized pieces of art for a dramatic statement. Consider the proportions of your wall and aim to have two-thirds of the wall covered with artwork. To make your room seem more spacious, consider an huge mirror that you can lean against your wall to create movement and depth.