Flooring 101: 5 Tricks to Make your Home Look Bigger


Make your home look bigger and brighter with the right kind of flooring to open it up and make it seem like it runs for miles! Okay we can’t make it look this big but we can try! Check out these top 5 tricks from the pros:

1. Install Flooring Diagonally

Laying flooring diagonally across your room will make it instantly look bigger. If you are using hardwood, stone, or laminate, the rule applies for all.

2. Use Planks not Strips

Visually expand your space by starting with your hardwood floors. Strips are boards that are skinnier than 3 inches and planks are wider than 3 inches. Pick the longest wall in your room and run them parallel to this way to make your room run for miles!

3. Keep it Consistent

Instead of installing a different type of flooring for each space in your home, use the same type of flooring throughout. This way you will create a “seamless” look that ties one room directly into another giving the illusion of having more space.

4. Use Oversized Tiles

The standard 12” porcelain tiles scream – outdated builders tiles! Choose a great tile bigger than 12” to give the look of an expansive space that “breathes”.

5. Opt for Dark Woods

Dark wood floors will make your space look bigger if paired with the right wall color, trim and molding. I like the look of the rich, dark wood that I’ve seen at Factory Direct Flooring, only to have it complemented by a cool, muted wall color. Opt for a trim that matches close to your flooring and an even lighter shade for your crown molding.

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