You’ll Want to Read this Before Hiring! – How to Find the Right Handyman

Finding the right handyman can be tough – how do you know he will do a good job? Will he overcharge you for his work? Does he have any experience? You may want to keep these things in mind when doing your next home reno. Considering that the American and also the UK housing market is heading for another bubble, there is little doubt that homeowners are looking to improve the appearance of their property by updating and renovating. US prices on existing houses have been rising while the sales of new homes showed a sharp decrease this summer.

It’s time to employ a handyman and get him to do all the dirty work around the house to up your homes value – here’s how to start hiring:


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– What to Look for in a Handyman –

 Check out his Local Reputation: 

Independent local handymen and firms often work exclusively in their local area to help reduce business overheads and benefit from positive word of mouth. The contractor that you select should therefore have a strong and glowing reputation within the local area, and this is an excellent way of appraising their working history and the quality of their client relationships. If you identify a handyman who is working outside of their local area, there may well be an issue with previous working relationships.

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Look Online for Positive Reviews:

The last thing you want to be doing is leaving a bad review online after learning from a horrible and costly mistake! Do your research before deciding on the right handyman and ask others on their thoughts and experiences. There are lots of reviews online for local handyman in your area thanks to Google Places where local handyman and firms are required to list their location. Before you hire a handyman service, it is worth reviewing their online profile and reading what previous clients have to say about their attitude, professionalism and standard of workmanship.

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Know the Firms Values and Business Philosophy:

Whether you hire an independent contractor or a larger scale handyman firm, it is important not to become too preoccupied with workmanship and quality. You may be confused why I’m even mentioning this, but you have to remember that these contractors will be required to enter your home, so they must also be courteous and polite. There is nothing worse than having a handyman that refuses to listen to your ideas and doesn’t attempt to understand your vision and plan for what you had in mind for your project. You should also evaluate their basic values, principles, and main business philosophy that define their service. So check out their website, and pay particular attention to the ‘About Us’ page.

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