How to Install Pebble Tiles in Your Washroom

Pebble tiles are becoming a hit this year and they are an excellent way to bring in a natural and cottage look to your existing bath decor. Installing them on your floor or wall is super easy and requires only a few simply tools and some patience. This is a project anyone can do at home this weekend and is actually really hard to mess up. With the simple guide provided below, you can just see how uncomplicated installing pebble tiles really is. So have no worries, roll up your sleeves, and get tile-ing!

Archia Homes, Harrel Remodeling

Motion-Space, Rockefeller Partners

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2 Responses to How to Install Pebble Tiles in Your Washroom

  1. washrooms says:

    Hi Suzy Q,
    Thanks for the above, I re-graveled the front generate of my house. I did it in a hurry and now have to offer with some difficulties.

    The initial surface area was gravel which had develop into mixed with the underlying clay like a muddy concrete. I mounted drainage – a bottle gulley to a RW drain, with a run of land-drain into the gulley.

    I taken out free pebbles from the old surface and laid 2metre-broad (7′) strips of black weed-guard. I secured the joins with galvanised banding preset with 6″ (150mm) nail. On top rated of this, I laid 2″ (50mm) of 20mm gravel.

    The finish result is Alright. It really is like walking more than a shingle seaside. The sounds provides fantastic intruder warning and it has place an stop to all former drainage difficulties. Nonetheless, there is a draw back.

    Driving across it provides wheelspin that can rip the cloth. What can I do? If I cleared the gravel, then laid a layer of sharp sand ahead of putting the gravel again, would this assistance? There are honeycomb plastic tile units, but these are pricey. Any person listed here have any experience?
    All the Best

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