8 Ideas to Makeover Your Bathroom for Fall

Sometimes it takes a little something out of the ordinary to turn a boring industrial washroom into something more entertaining, uplifting and homey. Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with new design trends and are the perfect place to try out wacky wallpapers, bold colors, and daring patterns you wouldn’t try anywhere else. Since there isn’t a lot of furniture in this space, you can get away with bold colors and prints that otherwise wouldn’t look good elsewhere. Take a look at these easy bathroom ideas that offer some creative alternatives to those that are looking to add a unique twist to their space.

1. Refresh with the Right Roman Shades and Bathtub Curtain

There are many different types of window treatments on the market that can really make or break your décor. One thing you want to keep in mind when choosing the right shades and curtains is that they will create big blocks of color throughout your bathroom. To avoid a “choppy” look of mixed and matched patterns, choose colors and shades that will complement each other and the rest of your overall décor. Roman shades and bathtub curtains in the same or complementary colors will help create a flow throughout your space.

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2. Swap Your Bath Curtains for a Sleek Bath Screen

If you want to go the extra mile, swapping your regular shower curtain for a bath screen is a clever investment. A great supplier that I purchased my current bath screen was from Mira Showers, who installed a sleek screen that has transformed my bathroom since. Mira’s screens are a modern and stylish alternative to regular shower curtains which are slowly becoming a thing of the past. What’s great about their products is that they are made from toughened safety glass that is easy to clean and actually protects your shower while showering. 

bathroom screen better decorating bible blog interior decorating how to update bathroom easy contemporary-powder-roomWinder Gibson Architects

Showers are available at Mira Showers as well as other bath accessories that can bring your bath from bland to beautiful!

shower head hardware

3. Install a Fancy Chandelier

One of the best moments when walking into a bathroom is finding the last thing you would expect to be there – an elegant glass chandelier. It doesn’t have to be big, but installing a fancy chandelier will cast a striking glow and make your space that much more fun and memorable. They can be pretty expensive if you don’t know where to shop so when it comes to the bath, I drop by at Target’s lighting section which has some really nice, and affordable pieces.

2 traditional-bathroom chandelier marble wooden cupboards decor how to columns circle ceiling better decorating bible blogKim E Courtney Design

4. Layer the Artwork

If you can’t decide on where to put a piece of art, or which one to put on the wall – just layer them on in the bathroom! Never place a tiny piece of art alone on a wall, create a saloon wall full of big and small photos or art left and right.

kati kurtis design artwork tiles plates wall washroom better decorating bible blog ideas eclectic-bathroomKati Curtis Design

5. Make a Statement Wall with Wacky Wallpaper

Playing around with wallpaper in the bathroom is by far the funest thing to do since you can experiment with the wackiest walls ever and mange to get away with it. I usually drop by at Graham and Brown’s motif wallpaper section and end up finding the coolest designs like stardust and tiger print. Since there aren’t many different colors and furniture in your bathroom, busy wallpapers really seem to work in these small spaces.

wallpaper purple design bathroom gold sunburst mirror mahogany vanity better decorating bible blog contemporary-bathroomTineke Triggs

6. Go All Black with Your Bathroom Walls the Right Way

Add some drama to your bathroom with all black walls from the floor trim to your molding. If you have always wanted to do this but never had the guts, now is the time to experiment with black walls and gold accents. This combo is super glamorizing and the intimacy created by this bold color in small bathrooms is really fun and daring.

paint washroom black wooden panelling french colonial style better decorating bible blog traditional-bathroomCharmean Neithart

7. Spoil Yourself with a Towel Heater for Toasty Towels!

Indulge in a towel heater to treat yourself this fall and winter! There is nothing more luxurious than the feeling of a warm towel on a cold autumn morning. Make sure to buy one that matches your current hardware in your washroom. If you have chrome faucets, then opt for a chrome towel heater to match. These gizmos are great additions that give your bathroom an instant update without a hefty price tag.

white washroom compact toilet easy updgrade towel heather chrome better decorating bible blog ideas modern-bathroomWanda Ely Architect

8. Jazz up Existing Pieces with New Hardware

Just switching up your knobs, pulls, faucets, and lighting around your mirror can make a huge, huge difference. Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up and you would be surprised at what a change it can make. What’s of-the-moment now is chrome hardware which provides a sleek and modern jazz to your bathroom.

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