How to Add More Room to Your Home

Is your house feeling a little tight? Try these easy ideas on how to add some more space to your home to make it feel twice the size!


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When my family bought our first home, we bought it because of how much room we thought it had. We were amazing at how big the rooms were and how much closet space there was. As I look back now, it didn’t take us long to realize that the rooms looked big because they were empty and there seemed to be a lot of closets because our one bedroom apartment only had one closet. Funny how we see things in a different perspective after the events have already happened. We bought the house. And we love it. But we had to do a lot of work home renovations, decorating, and even knocking down some walls over the years to get it up to the “size” we wanted it to be.

When we noticed the house seemed small, we decided to go through each room and get rid of anything we hadn’t used in awhile. “Awhile” being since we moved into the house. If we had it in the apartment but hadn’t used it since we moved in, we declared it useless and shipped it off to charity.

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The next thing we did was divide one larger room into two rooms. Sure, it seems counter productive to make a room smaller by turning it into two smaller rooms, but what we needed was two spaces to function differently, not one space with two functions. So we decided to DIY a wall to turn one room into two, and we added a door in the hallway to make the new room accessible. We used our trust Makita power tools – you can buy Makita power tools here – and we got the job done in a weekend. Suddenly, our office was now an office and a storage room for overflow from the office and rec room. It helped us get organized.

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The final thing we did was to take a long, hard look at our existing furniture. We had oversized furniture and decided that it was time to invest in smaller, more sleek pieces so that they wouldn’t take up so much room in the house; or at least, they would give the illusion of not taking up so much room in the house. We downsized our sleigh bed frame to a more modern tight back fabric headboard; we went from one long dresser in our bedroom to two smaller high dressers on either side of the bed, we got rid of our six-person dining table. And suddenly, with our new home decor our home started to feel bigger than it was. And we felt more comfortable in it because we didn’t feel cramped and tied to all of our belongings. 

BDB Tip: You can also make your home look bigger with flooring. Check out our post here on flooring tricks to make your home look bigger!

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If you think your house is too small, take a walk around and see where you can cut the fat or even add a wall to make one room into two rooms. You’ll be surprised by how much room you have when you rearrange some furniture and get rid of things you don’t need or use.

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5 Outdated Home Decor Trends to Get Rid of in 2017

Make sure you’re not rocking outdated decorating trends at home by finding out which trends are out for 2017!

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Home décor trends continue getting better each year, and with each new trend, the stale old items and themes get outdated. You don’t want the same floral accent in your house your grandma once had. Don’t get us wrong, but we’re trying to save you from posing an old impression. We have enlisted 5 home décor trends that made a splash in the 80s to early 2000s, but that is exactly where they belong now!

White Color Scheme for the Rooms


A flawless white interior looks untouched and bright at first, but it starts getting dull and boring with each passing day. It also looks uninviting and requires heavy maintenance, which is why it didn’t stay in fashion for long. You can swap the white interior with contemporary navy blue look to add warmth to your rooms. It also contrasts beautifully against light-colored textures. Fresh colors can lighten up your mood and circulate a refreshing vibe all around your house.

Traditional Kitchen


Say goodbye to traditional kitchens where granite and heavy marble countertops were the stars of the show. Now the trend is to employ lighter materials and tiles to elevate modern appeal. Moreover, lacquer cabinetry and dark wood counter height stools provide the aesthetics of a modern cooking space.

Ditch the cooking appliances that take all the space. Instead go for wall-embedded refrigerators, counter-fitted stoves and counter-embedded sinks to have a clear, open area for a better cooking experience. Modern cooking tools play an important role in upgrading your kitchen. Shop modern range of kitchen appliances from home equipment dealers like AJ Madison to secure the best rates.

Pointed and Oversized Furniture


Circular and geometric variations in furniture have returned in 2017, because boxed furniture have been throwing off the look of your living room for quite a long time. Shapes affect your mood in many ways, so it’s better to have different shapes around for a fun atmosphere rather than sticking to single boring cut. Same discouragement goes for oversized furniture. They not only make your space look crowded, but also appear clumsy. Stick to decent pieces of furniture that maintain the intricacy of your home.

Hanging Edison Bulbs


The interior is not the only part of your home, the outdoor space counts as well. We require lighting to illuminate our patio and most of us find Edison bulbs a convenient way to do it. Although conventional bulbs promote a retro feel, they are old-fashioned and need to be replaced. Modern day lighting solutions encourage the use of LED lights, fairy lights and solar lights not because they are energy-efficient, but due to the fact that they give an enchanting look to your patio. Modern patio decorating ideas also include the use of suspended paper lanterns, mini chandeliers and string lights.

Smooth Textures


Smooth and sleek textures convey ‘flat’ rather than ‘elegant’ look. You should incorporate chunky stitches, pleats, folds, fur and other cozy textures to enhance the comfort of your home. Home is more about what you feel when you’re inside, and a transition of different textures can ignite your senses while staying true to the modern age.

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