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Use your photos to create canvas prints and unique personalized gifts for the holidays with!


Turning family photos, and special memories caught on camera into amazing artwork is easier than ever with our favorite canvas shop, I’ve always loved to create unique artwork that has a special meaning to me, and there is no better way than hanging up your own personal snapshots. Photos of friends, family, your pets, and even your favorite selfies can instantly be made into works of art by being printed onto high quality canvas.

At it’s so easy to create your own art, all you need to do is simply upload your photo, choose your canvas size, thickness, style, frame, and place your order! You’ll soon receive your custom artwork within 3-7 business days. If your order exceeds $70, you’ll receive free shipping as well!

Since the holidays are soon approaching, family photos printed on canvas are without a doubt one of the best, and most heart-warming gifts you could give. Artwork has always been a prized and cherished gift that hangs on the wall for years to come. Creating meaningful artwork as gifts has never been easier and more affordable. You can gift canvas prints for cheap that look stunning, without having to break the bank.

What’s better than beautiful canvas artwork? How about custom printed blankets! If you are looking to create a cozy, warm, and personalized blanket for yourself or for friends and family look no further. At you can create your own personalized photo blanket with your very own photos! The soft and cuddly fleece blanket that’s super comfy and care-free is the perfect addition for a bedroom blanket, living room throw, or even as a picnic blanket!

There are two types of blankets available, the standard fleece photo blanket and the premium plush fleece photo blanket that comes with a plush soft layer for an extra cozy experience! Both blankets look absolutely stunning, are high quality, and will maintain their vibrant prints even after machine washing.

To make things even better for the holiday season, also offers beautiful custom phone cases! Made with a robust plastic shell and printed in either high gloss or a matte finish, the custom phone cases are really the perfect gift for co-workers, friends, teen kids, and even for mom and dad!

So what are you waiting for? To kick off the holiday season, we’re giving you two promotional codes to made you save BIG on your holiday gifts.

BETTERDECORCANVA – Use this code to customize your own 8”x8” canvas print for only 5 USD (instead of the retail price $49.00 USD!)

BETTERDECORPHONE – Use this code to create your own personalized phone case for only $12.90 USD (instead of the retail price $49.90 USD!)

To redeem your code, simply go to, upload your required photo and select either 8”x8” format canvas print or your required phone case model. Then, enter the special promotion code (BETTERDECORCANVA or BETTERDECORPHONE) in the coupon code (shopping cart) section and that’s it! Both promotion codes will be valid until: 20.12.2017!

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How to Choose a Mattress for Back Health and Wellness

Choosing the right mattress is the one of the most overlooked but important parts about decorating your bedroom. Keep reading to find out why!

Photo: Cindy Barganier

If you experience back pain, you are not alone. A recent study revealed that eight out of ten Americans will experience this problem during their lives, and that the risk increases as they age. While these issues can have many causes, a common factor is sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. Depending on your health and body type, your mattress may be causing you aches and pains. If you are ready to choose a new mattress, there are several tips you can keep in mind when it comes to achieving optimum health, wellness, and great sleep.

Photo: Randi Garrett Design

Consider Current Health Issues

Before you choose a mattress, it is a good idea to consider what health issues you may be suffering from currently and how they affect your sleep. For example, if you already have back pain and your current mattress is making matters worse, you may want to consider buying a brand that is designed to support and cushion your spine and relieve pressure points that may cause pain.

One way to narrow down your mattress choice is to ask your physician for advice. He or she can advise you about how different types of mattress might help or hinder your current pain issues. You may want to let your doctor know about your sleeping patterns and how many days out of the week you wake up with back pain so he or she can gauge whether your current mattress is a major factor in the discomfort you feel. A physical may be necessary to better understand the source of your pain.

Photo: Cuckoo 4 Design

Think Body, Not Brands

While it might seem impossible to choose a particular mattress brand out of all that are available, the good news is that brand names do not have to be a major factor in your decision. While you might gravitate toward a certain brand because you have enjoyed a product in the past or it has favorable consumer reviews online, your body’s individual needs, not the mattress name, is what counts.

As you shop for mattresses, consider how a soft or firm brand might affect your back pain. For example, a mattress that is too firm may not have enough give where you need it the most and put pressure on your spine or put it out of alignment. As a result, you may wake up with back pain. Test possible mattress choices at your local mattress retailers to gauge your body’s individual needs and keep in mind that firmness is usually in the eye of the sleeper.

Photo: Decor Gold Designs

Research Before You Buy

While your doctor can help you understand what type of mattress might help alleviate back pain, you can also perform research on your own before you start shopping. Learning about different types of mattresses might help you understand whether a memory foam or coil style is a better choice for you. The more you understand the differences between what types are available, the easier shopping can be.

If you choose to perform research online and look into consumer reports, it is important that you keep your individual needs in mind. Even if a mattress has excellent reviews, its construction or type may not be effective for helping to manage your back pain. You may want to discover what type of mattress best suits your needs before you read these reports.

Choose the Right Accessories

The accessories you buy for your bed, from good pillows to sheets, can contribute to sleep wellness and preventing back pain.  Mattress extras, such as memory foam pads, must be carefully considered. While these mattress toppers can provide extra softness and protect your mattress from stains, they can also raise your body temperature during the night. If you are sensitive to temperature changes, you may want to forego them to have a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Photo: Home Decor Plush

Browse Adjustable Beds

One way to alleviate back pain and get the ultimate in mattress comfort is to invest in an adjustable bed. These beds, which allow you to change the angle and firmness of the mattress, might go a long way in helping you manage chronic pain. Some brands include heat and massage features; however, beds with multiple accessories may eclipse your mattress budget.

Chronic back pain can interfere with daily activities, cause restless sleep, and make you miserable upon waking. The right mattress can help reduce some of this pain; however, proper research, understanding how the differences in mattress construction can affect your sleep, and your body’s individual needs are all important in helping you make the best possible choice for health and sleep wellness.

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