5 Tips to Adding Reclaimed Brick Cladding to Your Property

Thinking of adding brick cladding to your home? Here are 5 tips to make it look gorgeous!


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Bricks and stones are the highest quality materials for home exteriors. They’re long-lasting and require little to no maintenance with minor repairs needed once in awhile. Designed to give homes a refined, timeless look, bricks are often used on the exterior of homes for increased protection and security.

They’re weather and fire-resistant and reduce costs related to heating and cooling. They also help insulate noise and are a great remodelling and renovation idea for your home. Although reclaimed brick cladding can be costly, they are durable and can last as long as your home. Therefore, they are worth each penny spent on buying and installing them.

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Available in versatile designs, brick veneer comes in different styles to suit every unique taste, preference and personality out there. They give an authentic, natural look with a cozy, warm finish. The bricks are often used outdoor to create a positive impression, especially in the eyes of potential home buyers.

Here are five tips to improving your property with reclaimed brick cladding:

Create a Driveway

Use brick cladding to define your driveway, ensuring your visitors don’t get to park on your front lawn. The bricks aren’t just functional to demarcate where cars should be parked outside your home, but also add a unique character to your property and home’s modern architecture.

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Secure Physical Barrier around Your Property

Brick cladding can also be used on your perimeter wall to give your home a new look while securing your property from intruders. It also offers privacy within your front- and backyard and makes a great diy remodelling project.

Render a Brick Façade around Your Property

Although rendering a brick façade on your exterior walls can be costly, it can give your home a completely new look while elevating your property’s general value on the market. In fact, it can increase the value of your home triple times what you’d spend offsetting your exterior space.

Photo: RSVP Design Services

Create a Neat Garden

Add brick cladding around your garden beds and potted plants to create a neat garden, which in turn improves the value and aesthetics of your property. Matching your neat garden with the exterior walls of your property or creating a contrasting appearance can give your home the look and functionality it deserves.

Create an Entrance

Use brick cladding to create a beautiful entrance in your front pouch. Entrances provide the first impression of your home to visitors, hence should look its best. Although it’s unique, find brick cladding with a finishing look that matches or contrasts other aspects of your exterior space such as roofing and patio.

Although all the tips discussed above encompass using brick cladding outdoors, they can also be used indoors to create centerpieces. For instance, you can clad a single wall in the living room to give it some character with a touch of your personality and style. It can create visual interest for a more attractive interior and exterior space.

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5 Green Tips to Keep Insects Away from your Home

Keep your home clean this season and pest-free! Here’s exactly how…


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You don’t need to endure with pests to enjoy the beauty of nature. There are numerous eco-accommodating approaches to get bug control, regardless of whether the issue is slugged on your porch or a snake in the pool. We never again need to depend on cruel chemicals to appreciate the summer. For professional help, contact Adams Pest Control – Adelaide.

Regular Insect Repellants

Cedar oil is a characteristic, non-harmful bug repellent that doesn’t cause allergies or illnesses. It can be utilized to repulse mosquitoes, bugs, ants, cockroaches and different insects. It’s safe for your skin and even has a wonderful scent. Pets and pet sheet material can likewise be treated with cedar oil to control bugs. Citronella oil is another normal mosquito repellent and is regularly utilized as a part of outside candles, while the Mosquito Plant, or Citrosa Geranium, is frequently developed on yards for its mosquito-repulsing characteristics.

“Gainful” Insects

Beneficial insects are regular predators of different bugs that can cause harm in the garden. Live specimens and eggs are accessible economically, yet by giving an ideal living space through plantings that give cover to these insects, you can pull them to your property. Make the correct condition and you can have a multitude of insects go to work for you.

Solar Power Repellents

Solar power bug control items are a moderately new green item available that can keep your home pest free. Sun based boards on the highest point of the unit gather vitality from the sun while the spike is covered underground. The gadget intermittently shakes, sending vibrations through the ground to irritate and startle insects. Models are accessible to repulse moles and other pests and no less than one organization make a solar powered snake repellent. Nonetheless, numerous plant specialists are cheerful to see snakes in the garden, as they are common predators of the little warm-blooded creatures that make the most harm.

The Trap and Release Technique

Another method for managing a pest issue is the trap and release technique. There is an assortment of no-slaughter traps accessible to securely catch an undesirable creature so it can be moved in nature. Special care must be taken while moving creatures to guarantee their survival. They ought to be moved early in the day to a zone that gives a lot of food, water and shelter. Glue traps are likewise accessible to help catch and move snakes. When the time has come to discharge the snake, vegetable or mineral oil helps you get rid of the glue.

Wash Insects Away

Aphids can regularly be removed from ornamental plants basically with some water from the hose. The small mouths of the aphids stay adhered to the plant, while the bodies wash away. To control scale and other parasitic insects in the garden, Need oil or insecticidal cleanser can be splashed specifically on the plant and the infestation of the bug. These items are ok for the plants and the earth.

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