Welcome to the Next Big Design Trend: Levitating Décor

Interior design always changes with technology. The advent of radio and TV gave birth to the modern living room. Wireless technology spurred on the rise of minimalism. And now, we’re entering the age of wireless electricity and levitation technology!


These new innovations are going to change the way we decorate our homes forever. And the first to adopt them will be the ones who create the design trends of the future. If you’ve never seen any levitating décor before, it’s because there isn’t much available yet. But now, for the first time, levitating lighting has become affordable and versatile enough to find its way into homes.

The newest innovation, a levitating bulb called Volta, features a 20+ year lifespan, wireless electricity, and real levitation for under $100 (if you get one during the launch sale). Volta is practical and beautiful lighting technology that represents a new generation of interior design. The only question is, will you be the first or the last to embrace the future? Here are a few reasons why Volta made a big impression on us.

Wireless Electricity

Levitation technology is aesthetically pleasing and has some practical uses, but the real game-changer for interior design is wireless electricity. This is what powers Volta’s bulb. Wireless electricity will completely eliminate wires from our homes, so nothing will need to be plugged into a wall. Imagine portable lights that hang on hooks instead of being attached to our walls. Imagine an oven on wheels that you can easily move in and out of your kitchen to make more space. The possibilities are endless. And they start with Volta.

Volta is powered wirelessly via magnetic induction. Electromagnets literally send electricity through the air to power the bulb. Even if you’re not interested in the science, it’s certainly beautiful to observe. And, it’s something your guests will never forget.

It Levitates Forever

Volta’s levitation is caused by two electromagnets in its base and bulb. The power of magnets never fades away, so as long as you have a power source, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxing effect of Volta’s levitation for decades to come.

In a few years, you’ll probably have a lot more levitating objects at home. But no one will forget the original. Who knows? Maybe it will be a collectors’ item one day!

It Embraces Color Temperature in Design

Volta is more than just a lightbulb. It was designed to emit a precise lighting color and brightness based on the theory of color temperature in design. This modern lighting trend argues that different lighting colors and intensities make us feel warmer or colder and change our mood. They can cause us to feel tired, energetic, irritated, social, or focused. Volta’s lighting falls into the “warm” temperature range, which is ideal for stress-relief and focus. It can best be described as a soft glow, but because the lighting is LED, it doesn’t strain the eyes. Volta makes a great addition to many rooms of your home, including:

  • Living room: A great conversation starter when guests come by
  • Bedroom: A relaxing way to illuminate any morning or evening
  • Home office: Inspire new ideas and foster clarity of mind
  • Hall: Soft yet strong enough to light your way, day or night
  • Child’s room: The warm, comforting glow is better than a lullaby!

Durable and Sustainable

$100 for a lightbulb might seem a bit expensive, but you aren’t just paying for the power of levitation and wireless electricity. Volta is also the strongest and longest-lasting bulb you’ve ever owned. Just one bulb has a lifespan of over 2 decades. Its LED lights last 50x longer than standard bulb filament, so you won’t have to think about replacing your lighting for a long, long time.

Volta is much stronger than the average bulb. Its reinforced glass is crack-proof and shatter-proof, and it’s interior LEDs are resistant to shock. Volta also includes a failsafe in case of a power outage. If the levitation fails, a backup magnet will automatically pull Volta to the base to prevent damage.

Lightbulbs are one of the worst polluting agents in landfills. Isn’t it about time we make lighting that lasts? By lighting your home with Volta, not only will you prevent dozens of bulbs from going to the landfill, but you’ll also use much less electricity. Volta’s LEDs consume about 80% less power than standard bulbs!

It Looks Amazing

When it comes to decorating your home, you want your lighting to look great. And Volta doesn’t disappoint. Its vintage-style bulb looks fantastic as it levitates in midair. You can even give it a spin and watch it rotate as if in zero-gravity. Volta’s base is made of mahogany wood and has a discreet yet professional allure. It fits well in traditional and modern homes as well as offices. There’s something profoundly grounding about Volta’s steady levitation and warm lighting. It makes you feel calm, focused, and happy to be home.

Get Volta for $50 off This Week

Are you in love with the look of your home, or is there something missing? Volta is the perfect way to complete your home décor and create the cozy space you’ve always dreamed of. It’s forward-thinking, it’s inspiring, it’s relaxing, and it’s impressive. And now, it’s 33% off. You can save $50 on a Volta levitating bulb during the special launch pre-sale. After that, it won’t be easy to get your hands on one.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be the first to incorporate levitation tech into your home décor and enjoy the benefits of innovative 20+ year lighting. See Volta in action and order yours right here.