Types of Backs of Restaurant Chairs

Restaurant chairs are durable and make for great furniture, here is how to choose the best ones!


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When choosing restaurant chairs, the design of the furniture is a key element of the look and feel of the chairs. While many chairs have similar bottoms, there are many types of chair backs. Learn the basics of this chair dictionary and decide which type of chair backrest is your favorite!

Identifying Restaurant Chairs

This guide will help you find and identify chair back patterns for your restaurant. These are just some of the dozens of chair styles created so far. If you think you may have original antiques, Restaurant furniture plus has the skills to help you choose and refine your chairs. Some chair back patterns are simple, and some are complex, but you will find beauty in all of them. Discover the back chair style and start the restoration and refining process with Restaurant Furniture Plus.

Design Elements of Restaurant Chairs

Once you have chosen the style of restaurant chair you want, no matter how many design elements, your seat will provide the visual beauty, functionality, or comfort you want.

Ladderback Restaurant Chairs

This chair is medieval with a stylish back and is more suited for restaurants. The width of this chair is narrow, so the slide adds a single decorative element to the chair. The traditional and classic back ladder chair is a very popular design. This furniture has horizontal slats like ladder steps created in the Middle Ages. It was fashionable in colonial homes and is still in high demand today.

The Ladder Back Chair is a popular Shaker Ladder Back Chair replica. These chairs are often long and narrow and work well in the kitchen or restaurant. Note that any painted restaurant chair you may see in the online gallery may be maple brown. This type of wood is smooth and is the best choice for painting.

Fan Back Restaurant Chairs

Fan back chairs have different types of shafts or spindles that form the back of the chair. You can make these chair styles more quickly and efficiently, and the chairs themselves can increase in popularity with increasing use.

Slat Back Restaurant Chairs

A slatted chair is one of the most traditional types of chair back. Highly indicative of mission design, this classic design has straight, vertical pieces. The slatted look is timeless and often found in casual dining restaurant corners.

X-back Restaurant Chairs

Slim and contemporary, the X-back chair (also called the cross-back chair) is simple and neutral. This versatile design allows work in different styles of the restaurant. Available with or without arms, the X-Back is a timeless symbol.

Windsor Back Restaurant Chairs

Furniture makers use steam bending to create the iconic arch of the Windsor chair. The vertical spindles support the back of the person sitting on this furniture. Traditional and versatile, this chair has many variations, including bag back, fan back, and comb back. The Windsor chair is a very special type of arched back chair. Our chair is perfect and features a curved midline with steam that keeps the arm running. Colonial furniture often uses this element. The spindles in the bow are backward.

Vertical Back Restaurant Chairs

Vertical back chairs offer a more formal experience than other traditional chairs. The latter refers to the vertical central element at the back of the chair and can be very simple or very decorative. Different furniture period themes are usually combined, and there are a variety of back chairs with various details.

Rear Arch Restaurant Chairs

Bow-backed chairs can fit into many style categories, but a common feature is a curved arch with steam at the back. These chairs are very versatile, but the platform is not continuous. Most arched back seats will have a stretcher base for durability. The paddle back chair, backrest chair, arrow back chair, and feather back chair are arched back chairs. The higher and lower versions of this type refer only to the height of the back of the chair. Furthermore, you will see a ‘curve’ in front of several chairs, meaning that the paddles, arrows, or wings are bent to support the lumber.

Weave Back Restaurant Chairs

Weave back chairs usually have high backs, winged sides, and wooden legs. They are a great addition to today’s restaurant. Weave-back chairs make a statement whether used as an accent seat or complement your custom dining group.

Where to Buy the Original Restaurant Chairs with Different Back Designs?

Now that you are an expert in restaurant chairs, you are ready to make an informed purchase. The Restaurant furniture plus is here to help you make the right decision for your restaurant. We look forward to welcoming you into our customer’s family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We have a wide range of restaurant chairs with beautiful back designs.