Eliminating the Smell of Smoke in the House

Does your home smell like smoke? Here is how to eliminate the smell!


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Whether it is smoke from cigarettes, fire, or an explosion, it is harmful to every being. A mixture of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide & particulate matter can cause some underlying diseases if exposed to them. It is crucial to note that smoke can be divided into three types:

* Smoke inhaled by the person who is smoking is first-hand smoke.
* Smoke exhaled by the same person who is taken in by another is second-hand smoke.
* Smoke which lingers in the surroundings by clinging into clothes, furniture or curtains, etc., is third-hand smoke. They have different names and ways, but still, all of them are equally harmful.

Causes of Smoke

Smoke in a house can be due to many reasons:

* An unintentional damage because of a default in an electronic device can lead to the start of a fire.
* Any mishap in the kitchen while cooking can lead to a house fire.
* Use of faulty appliances.
* Sometimes, when a substance is placed too close to a heating object, it can be a disaster.

Prevention of the harmful smell of smoke in a house

How do we stop the smoke from lingering at home? The cleaning or removal of smoke smell depends entirely on the period for which it was there in the house. Well, here are some easy and simple methods:

1) Plants and flowers 

Flowers and plants with fragrance can help in preventing the smell of smoke. It not only keeps the home refreshing but also adds to the aesthetics.

2) Charcoal

Charcoal helps in growing plants fast quickly. Other than that, it also helps remove and reduce the smoke by trapping the smell from the house in case of fire or any other disaster.

3) Fresheners 

Room fresheners and sprays can help put out the smell of smoke mildly or moderately.

4) Vinegar 

Vinegar can be actively used to remove the smell of smoke from the house in very few steps. First, spray the vinegar on the surface and area where the smell residue is present, and then wipe it clean with fresh towels.

5) Windows and doors 

The essential step to remove the smell is to open the windows and doors of the house to get the residue out and let the fresh and clean air inside your home.

6) Air purifier 

A bit costly, but one can use air purifiers to purify the air and prevent the smell of smoke in the house for too long.

7) Cleaning fabrics 

Washing of fabrics, carpets, and mats or such things can help remove the smell of smoke from one’s residence as sometimes it continues to float around the area because of clothes, furniture, or fabrics.

8) Oils and Candles 

Essential oils and scented candles can also help relieve the smell of home. Apart from that, they will add a pleasing and calming look to the house.

9)Using ingredients like baking soda, coffee beans, and ammonia 

They can help achieve positive results. One can use these substances by combining a small amount with water and then scrubbing the mixture on the required surface.

10) Air Filter 

Air filters help improve the quality of air. Hence, it can prevent the smell from lasting too long.

11) Atomizers 

They can wipe out the traces of smoke and its smell from rooms or surroundings.


It is necessary to avoid inhaling the smoke, given its harmful effects. No matter the cause, its effects do not change. You might not find it a big issue initially, and you leave it, but you should know that it can cause heart problems, lung cancer, mess with the immune system, dental problems, hearing problems, eyesight loss, and other such diseases which may not be curable.

We all have heard that it is essential to care for a problem before it becomes unpreventable. Therefore, you have the chance to prevent the damage of smoke in the house if you are careful and attentive. Such things only happen when you are not careful. In case of fire damage, you should smoke damage cleanup company to restore the condition of your house.