Is your roof leaking? Here are some ways to diagnose a roof leak and fix it!

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If you live in Pennsylvania, you are probably used to the wildly unpredictable weather by now. Heavy rainstorms and snowfalls can strike at a moment’s notice, drenching anyone unlucky enough to be caught outside. If your roof leaks, then you might find yourself experiencing major problems inside your house when the storms start up! There are two options for dealing with this problem before the rain starts: you can perform a DIY roof repair job, or you can search for professional roof repair in Poconos, PA, to help you out.

How to Spot a Roof Leak

If you are finding water getting into your home, then it might be time to call in roof repair services to fix it. If you want to do it on your own, however, then searching for the leak is the hardest part.

Start by looking at the roof above wherever the water stains on your ceiling are. Leaks in solid shingled areas are very rare, so your first point to check is any objects penetrating the roof. Chimneys, roof vents, dormers, windows, or any sort of plumbing that interrupts the roofing are likely to be the culprit.

Finding Difficult Leaks

If you are struggling to find the leak, then it is time to enlist someone else to help. Send your assistant into the house, and get them to call out when water starts to appear. Then, take your hose, and get up onto the roof. Working across the roof, one small area at a time, soak the roof with water and wait to see when it starts to leak in.

Fixing Small Leaks

Small leaks are easy to fix. They are almost always caused by loose protruding nails. If there are nails sticking out of the wood of your roof, then what often happens is that moisture in the air condenses on the cold metal of the nail and then drips down onto the ceiling below. If you find protruding nails in your roof, all you need to do to fix the problem is to clip off the nails with regular side-cutting pliers! Afterwards, apply a layer of rubber sealant over the area to ensure a watertight seal.

Fixing Larger Leaks

Larger leaks can be much harder to fix, and you are probably better off engaging the services of professional roof repair services to fix them for you. If you are prepared to do major DIY work while perched precariously on a roof, then go ahead, but most people prefer to leave this sort of project to the professionals.

Professional Roof Repair

There are many excellent companies offering professional services. A great starting point is to ask friends for recommendations for companies they have hired in the past to fix roof leaks. Otherwise, searching for local companies with great customer reviews online is a good way to find a reliable company with a high level of expertise.


DIY roof repairs are entirely doable, particularly if the leak is only a small one, but unless you are experienced with DIY projects, then you might want to avoid risking extensive DIY work while perched on the roof! Hiring professionals is not cheating, and it is the sensible thing to do!