Real Estate Agent and An Interior Designer: A Smart Relationship

When selling a home, you should consider factors such as interior design. As a real estate agent, you may not be conversant with the importance of interior design. By tweaking the interior design, the house may fetch a better price!


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Below are the benefits that come about when a real estate agent and interior designer work together:

1. Interior Design Adds Value

If you’re interested in how to invest in multifamily housing, you should learn more about how interior design adds value. As a real estate agent, the main focus is on getting the best returns as you sell the home. Investing in interior design ensures a buyer will part with a larger amount of cash.

The real estate agents determine the home’s value after looking at the features of the home and what the house that to offer. The main features a real estate agent considers include square footage, location, and interior design.

The location and square footage cannot be improved; however, the interior design can be altered. If the house is closer to a major road, it will go for less as compared to a similar home in a neighborhood that is quiet. The same applies to a house that has tiny rooms and one that has spacious ones. Fortunately, interior design can be tweaked.

2. Interior Design Helps to Generate Traffic

When selling a home, you should list it in the market. The potential buyers may be notified the house is on sale via email. The property listing should comprise a short bio of the house on sale, figures such as the number of bathrooms/bedrooms, square feet, and photos. The buyer relies on such information to decide whether they would like to view the home physically. If you are reluctant to carry out the interior design, you should look into why you should hire an interior designer.

As a real estate agent, make sure the property being listed stands out, and this is where the interior designer comes into play. There may be houses with a similar number of bedrooms and square feet, which means the buyer, will opt to see the home that seems more appealing as per the photos presented. A house with newer appliances and an appealing design will be preferable compared to the one that has not been updated for a prolonged period.

At the end of it all, the interior design helps to generate traffic. If many people have viewed the house, there is a likelihood that one of these individuals will submit an offer to acquire the home at a specific price.

3. Interior Design Defines the Purpose

After residing in a house for a few years, you have an idea of how to utilize the space well. For example, the kitchen table may be suitable for four people. When hosting a larger audience, you should use the dining room. The spare bedroom is also ideal for a home office.

A potential buyer may be interested in such knowledge. As they view the home, they will look for visual clues on how they can use the space effectively. If there are no clues, the confusion may cause them to look for another house. The interior designer can help the buyer to get a better picture of the property.

When performing interior design for resale, ensure the room has been given a specific purpose. The appliances, furniture, and accessories should be allowed to communicate the purpose in a room. Any clutter should be removed.

4. Interior Design Adds a Fresh Approach

If the home was previously owned, potential buyers would expect a significant amount of wear and tear. As a real estate agent, coordinate with an interior designer to generate better offers after decorating the entire house.

Revamping the interior design ensures the home feels new and fresh, and the buyers will feel better about the product that has been presented before them. The buyer will feel they have gotten value for their money. As a real estate agent, you’ll also land better offers.

Factors to consider include bathroom remodels, kitchen upgrades, and whether or not the basement is finished. Buyers will consider such factors before determining the amount of money they are willing to remit. A sloppy design means the house will fetch a lower price. As a result, it is advisable to work with an interior designer with a positive track record.

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