The Importance of Cleaning the Bathroom And Toilet Regularly

Keeping the rooms clean nonstop can be very demanding and tiring, especially when it comes to areas in constant use by many people!


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For example, the kitchen is a high-maintenance area because at least three times a day, someone uses it. People cook, eat, and drink in the kitchen. Therefore, it can quickly get dirty. While the kitchen seems like the area that needs the most cleaning, that’s not the case at all. Bathrooms are for sure first on the list when it comes to regular cleaning. They require daily cleaning and wiping surfaces to be safe to use.

Unclean bathrooms can be the source of various infections and illnesses that can affect people of all ages. The unclean bathroom is the home of a lot of viruses, microorganisms, and bacteria. They can live on surfaces for weeks if the bathroom is not clean. While the germophobes don’t have a problem with cleaning it frequently, it can be exhausting for the other people. So, why is it of great importance to keep a bathroom clean? If you want to keep reading, follow this link.

Safe and Protects Your Health 

As mentioned before, it is of great importance for your well-being that you keep the bathroom clean 24/7. Germs can spread and cause an uncomfortable smell that is harder to get rid of overtime. Damp and warm areas are the primary source of living bacteria. They grow and develop if the bathroom is unclean. You certainly don’t want your bathroom to be home to various viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, if you own a restaurant or a commercial space, you probably want your customers to leave satisfied. A study conducted on over 2000 people concluded that the bathroom’s cleanliness is of great importance to every customer. Places that have unsanitary bathrooms usually lose customers faster. What is even more interesting is that about 80% of the people passed this uncomfortable experience to their family and friends. If you warn a person about unclean facilities about a particular place, they will choose another one with better condition. This means that it can take just one bad review for you to lose customers.


This one may sound strange at first but think about it from another point of view. Yes, you will have to hire a cleaning service that will keep the bathroom clean all the time. But, another study showed that commercial spaces that have dirty bathrooms spend a lot more toilet paper than clean ones. Why is that?

Around 30% of people answered that they use extra toilet paper to lay on the seat. The other 25% use it to open the doors and touch the flush the toilet. And the other half squats over the toilet. This is expected and normal behavior when people are feeling that their health might be in danger. Also, every one of the participants in the study said that they were more careful when using a clean bathroom. They left it clean and didn’t need to push and pull things with their elbows and legs. In an unclean bathroom, a large percentage of people tend to be careless about breaking something unintentionally, leaving a stain on the wall, or throwing wet paper on the ground.

When you think about all of the above, you realize that an unclean bathroom will cost you more in the end. You will need to continually refill papers and fix if something were to break. So how do you keep a toilet bowl regularly clean without spending too much time?

Proper Cleaning Tools 

Believe it or not, the first and most crucial step is to have the right toilet bowl cleaners in order to deep clean the toilet without having to spend half a day over it. If you are using low-quality cleaners, you might get stuck cleaning all day. After cleaning, certain surfaces can still remain dirty. Don’t forget to put on a pair of gloves and bring disinfecting wet wipes that you prefer.

Start With the Bowl 

Use quality products to clean the inside of the toilet. They usually take a couple of minutes to work and adequately disinfect. But this is one of the most important things to clean. To get the best result, you will need to scrub over the product with your brush under the rim and around the toilet bend. Finally, flush the toilet after a couple of minutes, and your inside part is done. Doesn’t sound so hard, right?

The Exterior of the Toilet 

While you are waiting for the product to disinfect the inside of the bowl, you can start cleaning the toilet’s exterior. The best and most efficient way is to start at the bottom of the bowl and work your way up. Check the small part that is hard to get to, but seems to collect high amounts of dust and dirt. An old toothbrush is usually the most practical thing to use when cleaning areas that are hard to get.

Once you have reached the seat of the toilet, you can relax because you are almost done. There are thousands of wet tissues that can be used for daily sanitation of the toilet seat. You just need to choose the one that is right for you. After using this product on the seat, it usually needs to stay wet for a couple of minutes to successfully kill all the bacteria on the seat.

Dry it Out

The last thing you will need to do is check if there is an area with condensation and, if yes, to clean it with a paper towel. After that, you will need to go over the surface with a dry paper to stop further bacteria from sticking to the surface.

The whole process will take you no more than 10 minutes, which isn’t much. These minutes are definitely worth it when you see how much keeping a clean bathroom and toilet can affect yours and others’ health.