Fabulous Makeup Glam Rooms and How to Decorate Your Own!

Transform an empty room into your own makeup glam room! Take a sneak peak into some of these jaw-dropping glam rooms and use some of our ideas on how you can create your own!

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It’s not only a makeup room, it’s called a glam room – a room where you can do your makeup, hair, nails, tan, and socialize. Thanks to the Kardashians, the glam room is now a must-have space in any divas home.  Huge windows, ceiling to floor mirrors, and big incandescent bulbs are just some of the things that make this room the ultimate place to turn yourself into a diva. Check out some of these gorgeous rooms and follow our tips on how you can get the look for less, without having to break the bank:

Khloe Kardashian’s Glam Room

Fit for a Queen, Khloe’s glam room is as Old Hollywood as it gets. With a Hollywood lightbulb mirror, striking chandelier and lots of storage space to fit your makeup and hair essentials. An easy way to get this look is by purchasing a large mirror with lightbulbs. Next you want a narrow makeup table like Ikea’s MALM dressing table and comfy chairs that can be raised and lowered. Hang up a pretty chandelier or even make your own by spray painting a vintage chandelier in white or silver and then adding hanging clear beads. Enjoy celebrity decorating? You make also like our other article too: 7 Steps to Your Own Kylie Jenner Inspired Glam Room.

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[otw_shortcode_quote border_style=”bordered” background_color=”#ccba46″ color=”#ffffff”]One thing that really makes a glam room pop is adding a hint of pink with a small floral arrangement. You don’t need to have a huge bouquet of roses, just a touch of fresh pink florals in a small vase can work wonders in livening up a neutral space.[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Focus on Storage Space

A huge part of decorating a successful makeup glam room is staying organized and keeping your space from looking like a makeup box just blew up in it. What you need to do it have enough storage space to conveniently pack all of your makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, artificial nails, hair straighteners and more. Acrylic cube organizers like the one Emerald from Sweet Tart Beauty blogged about are a great solution for storing your glam essentials and since they are clear, it’s really easy to find exactly what you need afterwards.

Photo: Charmaine Dulak

Glam Rooms are Also a Place to Socialize

Instead of strictly focusing on the getting ready part, makeup glam rooms are also a place to hang out with your gals and spend some quality girl time. To make this happen, it’s important to create a seating area fit with a small coffee table, candles, and a table lamp. This will create a calming ambience and makes a great place to sip champagne or even coffee while doing your nails or looking at magazines.

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[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#e0d170″ class=”” size=””]To make your new glam room look refreshing and inviting, make sure to stick to neutral tones like warm grey, white, gold, silver, and soft pink. You definitely want to stay away from dark walls which can actually distort your facial complexion in the mirror and make it harder to get yourself glammed up![/perfectpullquote]

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