Making Your Rooms Look Larger Through Shrewd Interior Choices

Here’s how you can make your home look twice the size with some of these building contractor tricks!

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Ask any savvy property owner, and they’ll always want those big, airy rooms. Unfortunately, these are often associated with high prices, or costly extensions.

To combat this, a few tricks of the eye are required. In other words, you don’t have to turn to the building contractors, you can make a few shrewd changes to the layout and style of your room to fool the eye into thinking it’s bigger than it really is. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to achieve this.

Be Wary of Tall Furniture

Some might call it fashionable, and we’re not here to dispute this. Unfortunately, while tall furniture can sometimes look the part, it’s not always ideal from a space perspective. It has the uncanny habit of minimizing the amount of space between the ceiling and as we’ll soon find out, the ceiling is one of the principal ways to enhance space in a room.

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As such, see if you can move things around and eliminate such furniture from your room. Sure, you might need something like a furniture disposal service to help you along the way, but you’ll soon start to see that the “short look” is there for the greater good when it comes to larger rooms.

Reflect Extra Space Around the Room

While the placement of furniture can aid enormously, one of the best tactics you can implement involves the use of mirrors.

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Some of you will consider these a style item and in a lot of ways, they are. However, if you use mirrors correctly you really can enhance your internal space, and fool the eye into thinking that it’s much larger than it really is.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#f7346b” class=”” size=””]BDB Tip: The best trick in this regard is to place them opposite outside spaces. This effectively “brings the outdoors in”, and as such makes the space considerably larger (at least, for your eyes).[/perfectpullquote]

Light Colors Rule

It’s not all about natural light though. You can also use light colors to achieve the same spacious effects. It might be a color that’s bordering on the boring, but it’s one that can be incredibly effective. While dark colors will absorb light, and ultimately make the space smaller, lighter shades have the opposite effect. Sure, you don’t have to opt for white, but the general rule is that the lighter the better.

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Draw the Eyes Upwards with Ceiling Shelves

This guide started with furniture, and so it will end with it. As we’ve already talked about, the ceiling can have a tremendous effect and draw the eyes upwards. To boost this effect, turn to high shelves. Place them as a high as possible (but obviously in reach), so that the eyes are drawn upwards.

As this is a small item than a standard piece of furniture, you don’t need to worry about reducing the amount of space between the ceiling. The aim is to simply make someone’s eyes circulate around the room, so they aren’t fixed on such a small space.