Top 7 DIY Ideas to Give Your Home a Personal Touch

Small details make your home stand out. A personal touch may include hanging a unique piece of art, a family gallery, decorative accents, renovating walls, or even hanging custom blinds.


All Photos By: Unsplash

Amazingly, you do not have to break your bank account for your home to be attractive. Most of the personal touch effects are do-it-yourself stuff. Read on here to learn some charming DIY details that cost little, but can significantly improve your home’s appearance.

1. Renovate Your Living Room Wall With Shiplap

Does your living room depict your class? Perhaps it has been more than five years since you repainted. Of course, you might be in a bad state financially, but you can use recycled shiplap to build an accent wall. What is shiplap? Shiplap refers to wooden planks with notches that allow cladding. The wood was initially used in the construction of ships, but many homeowners presently use it to construct rigid wooden walls. If your budget is tight, look for recycled shiplap or replicas designed from vinyl or hardened plastic. You can also build the walls yourself since the planks have cladding grooves that guide you to the construction of the walls.

2. Travel Souvenirs 

When you go on a business or leisure trip, you usually come back with different mementos. Some items you found in your own country, and others you bought when you were in foreign countries. Display them in your house artistically to give your home a personal touch. The best thing about displaying souvenirs is that you will not incur an extra cost. For instance, you can display a giraffe sculpture from your African safari on the dining table.

3. Customized Gift Objects 

Friends, workmates, children, and relatives occasionally want to make you feel special. For instance, your loved ones can pool resources and purchase something unique for a graduation, wedding anniversary, birthday, or a Father’s Day gift. The gift could be a wall clock, mug, hand-drawn face portrait, or even a motivational poster with your picture or that of your icon. The ideas are limitless, and you will not incur an extra dime since you already have the display contents.

4. Photo Gallery 

Do you remember the get-together you held a decade ago with your cousins, friends, siblings, and parents at your father’s backyard? Do you recall the jacaranda tree that shaded you during the picture? The purple background complements your décor and furniture. You can reprint the photo using 3D technology to increase its size to wallpaper size. Frame it and hang it in the middle of one of the living room’s walls. The amount you will incur will be worth the personal touch the gallery will give your home.

5. Create a Family Heirloom 

How old is your makeup table? Your vintage makeup mirror is likely not your favorite. However, you can buy a modern tablecloth and pin it around the piece of furniture or even place a classy modern chair next to the piece. The chair will reflect your modern taste of furniture. This style is also suitable for integrating modern taste into a vintage secretary desk without ordering a new piece of furniture. Pinning a cloth is simple, so you can do it yourself and save the hiring cost for an interior design decorator.

6. Buy Unique Blinds 

Unique curtains in your home reflect your taste. Buy your favorite color and exotic design to emphasize your fashion statement. Further, let your furniture cloth covers and carpet colors harmonize the curtains as well. For a girl’s home space, she can decorate pink while a dark color, such as black, suits a man’s room. Your cost of buying premade cloth covers for your furniture is affordable since you will not require a professional to replace the upholstery. Besides, you can change the color of the coverings and blinds in the future without breaking the bank.

7. Repaint the Home 

Do your home’s walls look dull and old-fashioned? Order your favorite paint and brushes. Invite your friends and let them help you repaint the property. Prepare a barbecue and a few drinks that you could enjoy after the job is done. This experience will serve as a get-together, so you will customize your house to your taste while incurring only the expenses for the food you will prepare to show gratitude to your friends.

The Bottom Line 

Giving your home a personal touch does not necessarily involve spending a fortune. You can tweak the placement of relics, furniture draping, or even renovate your living room with a unique shiplap wall. Recycled shiplap looks unique, yet it is affordable. For the avid bargain hunters, renovate the wall or seek your friends’ assistance so that you can accomplish your dream of integrating your dream taste in your residence even on a strained budget.