Why Should I Heat My Pool?

Talking about heating your pool, this article will discuss the need, as well as the benefits of doing this. On the sidelines, we will explain the different types of heaters you can choose from!


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For many of us, swimming is so much fun. It offers the chance to explore the pleasures as well as benefits that floating and splashing around in the water offer. We should not also forget the social bond it creates among family and friends. However, this fun and privileges come at a price. Except you are swimming in a natural water body, the in-ground swimming pool is most likely your swimming venue. To get the best of it, you have to be committed to its maintenance.

It has to be periodically treated, the pump should be working fine, and the water might have to be heated. You can learn more about pool maintenance here. In this article, we will be focusing on just one of these – heating.

What Is a Pool Heater?

As the name suggests, this equipment is aimed at keeping the water warm. This is considering the fact that there may be unfavorable changes in atmospheric conditions, as well as seasonal changes. Depending on the part of the country you reside in, the weather can get extremely cold. To have an extended swimming period, getting this equipment is really important.

Why Should You Get a Pool Heater?

There are lots of benefits that come with using this equipment in your in-ground or above-ground swimming pool. Let us go over some of them.

Maximizing Your Pool

Frankly, it costs a lot to have a fully functional inground swimming pool. For more information on the cost of running one, you can click here. The least you can do is enjoy every bit it has to offer. The problem is the weather does not allow the pool to function all year long. This is why the excitement is so real during the summer days. It is a time people get to enjoy this benefit to the hilt. Well, with this addition, you can at least enjoy the pool for a much longer period. If you live in a location where winter is not too extreme, who says the fun cannot last all year long? This is the privilege that comes with the use of this device. It allows the benefits of using your pool to continue for as long as possible. It is no doubt a great investment.

Allows You Swim at Odd Hours of the Day

Unlike tropical regions, there are places where nightfall brings a certain degree of coldness. This is not a problem, except that it is not ideal for swimming. So, in such places, to swim even when the sun goes down, pool owners should seriously consider getting and using this equipment. This way, the swimming period is not restricted to mid-day. Whether it is in the early hours of the day or late at night, swimming can go on uninterrupted. If you are having a night party or social gathering at night, this will be a great one. It ensures that both you and your guests enjoy maximum comfort while swimming.

It Is Comfortable

Many people cannot have a bath with cold water. The primary reason is simple: it is inconvenient. Now, consider what completely submerging oneself in a pool of cold water will be like. Regardless of how enticing the prospect of swimming is, many people cannot deal with this. As a viable solution, using a this equipment will make things a lot better for such people. The warm feel of the water will allow them to take pleasure in swimming. This is especially important if you operate a commercial swimming facility.

It is More Than Fun and Comfort: It Is Healthy

Ever wondered why warm water is used to ease some joint and muscle pains? It is because of the soothing effect warm water has on these muscles, joints, bones, and other body parts. Swimming is healthier when it is carried out in a warm body of water. This is particularly important for people with weakened immune systems as well as those with joint and muscle pains. For such folks, low temperatures can result in complications that can either be slight or massive.

Types of Pool Heater

There are 3 different types of pool heaters that you’ll commonly find. They include:

  • Solar Heater
  • Electric Heater
  • Gas Heater

It is important to note that all these different kinds carry out the same function which is the primary assignment of heating the water. However, the difference lies in the way it generates energy to carry out this task. Considering this, let us quickly examine the peculiarities of all 3 types.

Solar Heater

As against the use of natural gas or electricity, this type generates its energy from the sun. This means that with this option, you have no reason to worry about the operational cost nor do you have to run up your energy bill. However, this heater does not come cheap as it is the most expensive type to setup. Judging from its value, it is worth every cent on the dollar. This is because, in the long run, it will prove more economical than the other kinds available. Just so you know, solar pool heaters come in either the glazed or unglazed collector kind. If you are very particular about having an eco-friendly environment, this is the ideal type of heater for you. It does not emit any toxic substances into the atmosphere, making it safe for you and the environment.

Electric Heater

If you are particular about having a classy looking and functioning equipment, this is the perfect one. It offers all the services that the solar and gas heater offers, although it is not the fastest. For those looking to consistently use the equipment, electric heaters will come in very handy for them. Compared to solar heaters, this kind requires periodic maintenance service. This way, the machine will be utilized maximally.

Gas Heater

Most equipment in this category are great at heating the water in record time. If you are searching for something that will have a prompt heating effect on the pool, gas heaters win by a margin. Many products in this category come with options that allow you to easily increase or decrease the temperature. One advantage of this kind is that it is affordable, can be operated easily, and produces low carbon emission. These are some of the advantages of the gas pool heater. Most comparisons are usually done between the electric and gas heaters. They have certain similarities as well as differences all of which you can check out here.


Given the fun-filled and health benefits of swimming, are you open to enjoying the pool for as long as possible? If yes, in this article we have looked at some important facts about the function and benefits of a pool heater. From the 3 major kinds available, you can make your choice, depending on what suits you best.

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