New-age Staircase Patterns Homeowners Love to Use

Stairs are an integral part of any house! It is the medium to move from one storey to the other. However, staircases today have an added dimension today. It also gets used as a stand-alone piece for any remodelling or construction project.


Photo by John Lively & Associates

There’s more to staircase design and patterns than the conventional straight, curved or L-shaped stairs. You can customize one based on the space and layout of your house. Also, you need to think of the surrounding decor of the area where you want to have a staircase installation. You must get in touch ace with an expert service provider. To know more about this, you can check out modern stairs signed Bättig Design. Some of the contemporary staircase patterns design you can refer are:

1. Winder stairs

Winder stairs are very close to the L-shaped staircase, but it doesn’t have a landing. The stairs are a continuous stretch, in a wedge shape when it turns. Today, more urban dwellers are waking up to this staircase pattern. Some of the old houses have winder staircases as well. Even small and sustainable homes are welcoming this staircase design.

2. Spiral staircase

The spiral staircase is apt for a compact space and is one of the refined staircase styles! It has a central post that helps the stairs to spiral upwards. Most spiral staircases are usually found in the city dwellings as well as in beach houses, as it needs very little space. Additionally, several municipal and city buildings require a spiral staircase as an added way of egress from a higher floor, as the navigation is slightly tricky. The steps are somewhat narrow, but you can always customize it depending on your requirement.

3. The floating staircase

This staircase comprises of treads that have no risers! The treads, on the other hand, get attached to walls in a manner that the back-up is invisible or least visible. There are also the plexiglass or glass risers that get used to attain a floating appearance. The material used is often wood, but it can also be stone, glass and metal. The look is contemporary, and it usually foregoes handrails. It is essential for floating-style staircases to cater to the local building codes as well.

4. Storage staircase

Big or small most home has the scope of using excess storage. There are times when the overlooked space beneath the stairs can get converted into a useful space where you can stash the necessities. And the ideal way for this is to create cabinets beneath the risers, than walling the area. The other way is to leverage the area beneath the staircase, where the storage stairs come into existence.

5. The space-saving staircase

It is perfect for the new-age, compact residences and has a steeply pitched design. The space-saving stairs are narrow and have a ribbon pattern. It is ideal for a home where a staircase must get incorporated, making the most of the lost space. Till such time the staircase pattern and design meet the building code, you can carry out your experimentation.

These are the best five new age staircases that you can make use of depending on your requirement and budget capacity. You can allow an expert service provider to guide you on the design aesthetics.