Home Renovation Singapore – Things that Don’t Add Value to your Residence

Home renovation is an essential process because it allows the homeowner to re-design the house and sport a decor he/she find impressive. Sometimes, home renovations are fundamental, as well.


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Homeowners need to keep in mind the possibility of a re-sell when they are deciding on the renovation. That will help them evaluate the renovation tactics used. The wrong renovation tactic will ultimately hurt the re-sell value. Also, it’s not a smart decision. One of the most basic errors in this – Homeowners only consider their taste and preferences. Your home must reflect universal home decor trends. Else, it might not appeal to the next homeowner. If the decor has anything excessively stylized or customized, it can be a complete deal-breaker for future buyers.

Future buyers might not be fond of conventional decor. Neither might they be attracted to only sleek, kitchen and living room decor. They might as well want a blend of both and the best of both decorations. In such a situation, it is difficult to undo your current home renovation choice. If you want the best re-sell value for your house, make sure to avoid these mistakes from your home renovation Singapore project.

Removing Rooms

When you alter the home layout, you might as well undergo a short-term cost. And this is a complete gamble, in terms of long-term value. For instance, one of the prominent home decor trends that were popular sometime back was the big master suite. Homeowners and contractors signed up for this trend. Then, designing a vast master suite from two close bedrooms or normal rooms seemed a smart solution. But this might not be the best practical solution. If you say yes to a master suite, your house will not appeal to buyers who are searching for a specific number of rooms in their city. Hence, it’s best not to eliminate rooms, just because once there used to be a trend of big master suites.

Extremely High-end Renovations

Homeowners from time to time fall in love with home renovations that look swanky and cost high! They might fall in love with an extravagant fixture. But when they think about it pragmatically, they won’t recover the best gains as an ROI. People have an affinity for luxe renovation. However, ay time’s homeowners might move away from their goal in terms of value creation. Selecting costly door hardware and internal light fixtures are always not a smart decision. You need to arrange the entire home decor accordingly, for which you might not have the budget. And if you don’t, opting in for two or three costly home renovations will make the overall decor look out of place. And such a house will not attract future buyers. Also, aesthetics will go completely wrong.

Removing your Bathtub

There’s a huge debate about whether people still love showers or not! The lavish-looking, big showers seems to have taken over the soaking tubs. Most lavish bathroom renovations suggest so. But if you go ahead and imitate this decor trend and remove your bathtub, you might be losing a considerable section of your potential buyers. Consider the demographics and then decide on keeping or eliminating the tub.

If yours is a small family, having a bathtub is essential. An older family member might prefer a shower, and your child might love a tub. The choices will vary. So keep a check of the neighborhood demographics and decide if you want to remove the tub. It’s always best to keep it while you are planning for a re-sell. It will add more value to your home. And if your new homeowner doesn’t want it, they can eliminate it from their end as and when they feel is correct.

Overtly Expensive Renovations that are Too High for your Locality

Home sellers become too caught up in the process of home renovations that they don’t look at the expense chart. And that is certainly not a wise act. When you purchase an apartment in a housing community and locality, you need to keep a check on the locality’s price point. If you opt-in for an expensive renovation, chances are you would want to recover the cost when you sell the house. Naturally, your home will have a high price than what the buyers in your locality can afford. So make sure that you spend judiciously.

There are several other renovation trends that you can avoid! However, when you start with the guidelines mentioned above, you can save yourself from incurring any losses. Always count on an expert interior decor designer and renovator to guide you correctly.