Nature Inspired – Bring in the Outdoors with these Simple Decorating Tricks

modern-kitchen-de-la-torre-design-studio-palm-beach-florida-200604-2_1000-watermarkedExtend the summer season throughout your home with these easy decorating ideas that will bring you closer to nature no matter where you live – from apartments to high-rise lofts, these ideas are guaranteed to get you in the mood for summer! Ditch those bland grays, and neutral beiges for bright, bold, and striking!

We aren’t afraid of introducing color this time around and playing up the prettiest of florals for our upholstering or even wallpaper! With just a few small changes, you can quickly and easily transform your room from dull and dated to a bright, fresh and inviting space the whole family will enjoy.

Try a Nature Inspired Wall Mural

How else would you bring the outdoors in than with adding some foliage to the walls? No, we don’t mean digging out the old ivy leaf wall stencil; these days, there’s much more elegant and sleek looking options available. You don’t need to be an artist, or hire a pro to paint you a whole wall mural, there’s an easy way around it – wallpaper! Take this forest wall mural from Oldrids & Downton, for example. The wallpaper is super easy to apply and creates a great “window” to the outdoors in a room lacking a great view, or natural sunlight.


traditional-dining-room-ann-holden-new-orleans-louisiana-200907-2_1000-watermarked traditional-entrance-hall-elvis-restaino-new-york-city-201005-3_1000-watermarked

Use Chunky, Rustic Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you should stay away from man-made items like futuristic metal TV stands. For the naturalistic room, you should invest in traditional wooden furniture — the chunkier the better! A simple, rustic style table like this one from Pier One Imports is super sturdy and rugged masking any future nicks and dents. Combined with the forest wall mural, it’s a great way to enhance the natural look and feel of the room.




Remember to Accessorize!

Of course, you’ll need to soften the room with some cushions and throws to make the room inviting and comfortable. When choosing your soft furnishings, you should be looking to tie the whole room together. Mismatching prints are on-trend at the moment, so select a variety of style cushions in varying uplifting, bright hues to welcome in the warm summer months.




It’s all in the Details!

To add the finishing touches to your room, you’ll need to invest in a variety of ornaments and knick-knacks. Sticking with the outdoors theme, try to choose cute, unusual items that wouldn’t look out of place like various vases, statues, plates, and even rocks! Try a pretty paperweight made from Amethyst rock for a glamorous but natural touch!