Genius in Design: Jamie Herzlinger Interiors


Today I wanted to highlight one of our long-term sponsors, and one of my favorite interior designers: Jamie Herzlinger. Not only are Jamie’s interiors absolutely stunning and at the same time practical, Jamie herself is an absolute diva and fashionista! She rocks the spaces she decorates, and manages to stay head-to-toe stylish at the same time. After all, fashion and interior design do butt heads a little too often. Seen a lot of floral or purple on the runway this season? Be prepared to introduce this trend in your home this year as well.

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Jamie also runs her successful online store called ‘Jamie Shop’ which has got me totally addicted – from unique accessories like rugs, lamps, and storage boxes to some serious investment pieces like a gorgeous cream tufted bed, and even a modern campaign style desk! What’s so great about it is having the ability to shop from over 500 trade only manufacturers at up to 50% off retail prices – without the need of hiring a designer!

Jamie also provides JH Online –  a concept where you can work one-on-one via email and have Jamie design one of your rooms. Getting started is easy – send over your photos, dimensions, along with a brief description of each area and watch the magic happen! Once the drawings and furnishings are approved, JH Online will begin purchasing all the pieces to transform your space. Check out JH Online and buy one room design and get another for free!

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We scooped up some insider décor tricks from HGTV’s latest interview with Herzlinger. Check out what she had to say:


What design faux pas absolutely makes you cringe?

What first comes to mind is the accent wall. Yes, accent walls do work and can look fabulous. However, a white room with a red accent wall, for example, makes me cringe.

What design trend can you not stop using?

I am in love with graphic floors. The possibilities are endless and look chic in any home. I love graphic floors because you can do whatever you dream of. From tone-on-tone wood floors to black-and-white marble cut into various sizes, you can create a show stopping look.

What is your current color obsession?

Right now, I can’t get enough lavender! Often times, when people think of lavender, they think of a feminine color, but I love it mixed in with grays and charcoals and turning it into an almost masculine color that is still soft and delicate. It’s the perfect balance.


The secret to getting Jamie’s signature style? Think casual, inviting, but at the same time creating a space that is elegant, luxurious, and above all, irresistibly comfortable.

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