Tidying Habits to Keep Your Room Looking Clean and Organized

We all have lives and get busy from time to time, right? Our busy schedules can go from long hours at work to long and intense workouts at the gym. Whatever your busy schedule entails, it does force us to sometimes neglect our home.

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Dishes start to pile up and dirty clothes begin to turn into mountains. The bedroom is the room impacted the most by our neglect. We tend to not make our beds and leave our shoes wherever they land.

How can you make the madness end? Well, it starts with you. You have to take the initiative to change your environment. The main thing to keep in mind is that everything has a place, and putting those things in their proper place can help you keep your room organized throughout the week. Let’s look at some tidying habits you can do.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed seems so easy, as though it’s a simple task, but if it’s so easy, then how come it doesn’t get done as often as it should? Well, making your bed not only makes your room look better, but it also increases your productivity levels and can make you want to tidy other areas of your bedroom.

Your bed is not a place where your clothes belong, and making up your bed every morning will make you not want to mess it up by putting clothes on it. There are many reasons to make up your bed, so try it out and see how it improves your daily routine.

Put Your Valuables Away

The majority of us come out of our work or gym clothes when we get home, and slip into something more comfortable. Coming out of your “day” attire includes your jewelry too. All too many times, we’ll get home and take off our earrings or watch, and set them on the dresser. 

Placing your jewelry in miscellaneous places in your room contributes to clutter, and clutter is what we’re trying to avoid. They have really cute jewelry boxes for you to store them safely in. If you’re married, you can place your earrings in a jewelry box and put your and your husband’s diamond wedding ring on a couple of ring holders. This keeps away the clutter and your room is still adorable while being clutter-free. 

Utilize Your Closet

You have a closet for a reason, and it’s for storage. Your closet houses your clothes, shoes, purses, and other miscellaneous articles of clothing you may have. Having different articles of clothing allows you to organize and customize your closet to your liking, all you have to do is put those articles in the closet, not throw them on the bed.

Some people will place their shoes on shoe racks and add hooks on the walls of the closet to hang purses or belts. Another thing you can do is organize your clothes by color or article. Organizing by the article of clothing is usually easier. Hang all your pants together and shirts and blouses together…this may sound like common sense to most, but this can actually be a hard concept to follow for some.

It Starts With You

With the rigors of life thrown at you on a daily basis, it does get hard to keep things as tidy as you would want. The resolution to this problem is the effort. Yes, we all have days where we want to do absolutely nothing, but applying that extra bit of effort to put things in their proper place will keep your room clean and can lead to other healthy habits.