Your DIY Guide to Lighten up your House with Style

When it comes to adding some creativity in your house, let the lights work for you.The wise and creative use of lights can help you add some luxury look to your simple house. However, keep in mind the design of your house.


Photo: Sarah Akwisombe

There will be a great way to make sure that you will have plenty of features to add in your house. There will be several tasks you can do to workspaces. “Since the kitchen is an attraction these days, particularly for the epicurean, you want to be sure that you have sufficient tasks of lights to show your workspaces,”saidFrankie Camron,the national account manager at Bellacor Lighting based in Mendota Heights, Minn. “But individuals incline to over-light, using too much wattage or just one wonderful midpoint of the kitchen that greeneries your standup in shades.” Here are their tips for achieving that balance:

Know the Good use of Empty Jam Jars

We all use jam for breakfast so that you can use those barrels or cans of jam. Just put some bulb holders in the jam jars. You put different color glasses in those jars and hang them on the ceiling of your room or kitchen. This is an easy, budget friendly idea to brighten up your home at night!

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#fc56a1″ class=”” size=””]DIY Idea: The multi-color serial lights can be a great idea for this. Fill the jar with confetti or add white dust to make them look like snowflake jar. You can put those jars in your living room table and add different color lights to lighten your house differently.[/perfectpullquote]

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Get your Kids Involved with Simple Art and Craft

Thinking about kids, mostly they destroy the home renovation. However, it is bit different just ask them to air-up some balloons roll over the strings over them. To tighten it use paint glue once it gets dry put the balloon out from it. Your beautiful, magical ball will be ready to hang by putting some colorful bulbs in them. It will not only look great but also create some unique designs over the walls and ceiling.

Photo: Amber Interior Design

Several high-quality lighting manufacturers, craftspeople,and designers offer a wide verity of fixtures that look great and give an artistic style to your living room. You can use their inspiration and create some idea by your own.Another idea to use Old Candle Tray Suspended Lamp or you can resemble blown-glass candle holders. To make your rooms more attractive, you can search “how to get rustic lighting,” it will be a plus to lighten up your house with a different decorating style.

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A TIP for the beginners: Stick to One Look

There are so many lighting tricks to transform your space and tons of variety available. However, the experts suggest going with the one look. However, you can vary the style of lights according to the place, like use a bit different type of kitchen and living room. If you are curious about health to use some light colors for your cooking place.

“Fraternization and similar lights are maybe not the ideal styles for the beginner,” says Lambert. “Stay with your theme.”Any time you can tempt to add your style, repeat yourself that you aim to add value, not creative expression.