Decorating Tricks to Turn Your Home into a Luxury Vacation Retreat


We all love going away on vacation, especially if our time away is spent in a gorgeous, luxury apartment or holiday home. The décor in these places is, quite simply, perfect, and something so many of us envy and aspire to achieve within our own homes. From colour schemes to cosy leather sofas, to even cosier four-poster beds, every little detail has been carefully planned out. It may look like the impossible, but it’s so much easier than you think to re-create this look yourself.

Tropical-Dining-Room vacation style decorating

No matter whether you live in a house or an apartment, or if you’re on a strict budget, you can easily add a touch of holiday-lux to your home with these tips:


Firstly, Take Some Inspiration

First things first, do a little research into the luxury holiday apartments and homes you adore and see what it is about them that makes you love them. Is it the color palette, textures, style of furniture? Visit some luxury serviced getaways like this  apartment to rent in Oxford St, London at Urban Retreat Apartments. Browse through their galleries to see what makes them so special.


You can even combine the styles of more than one home, but try not to mix things up too much or else you run the risk of having clashing, uncomplimentary pieces of décor – the complete opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.


Use Simple Color Schemes

As much as it may be tempting to adorn your home with an abundance of color, try to keep things simple. Simple doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re restricted to white, you can use anything from pastels to warm red tones, cool blue, or creams and magnolias. Picking this kind of color scheme will mean you can add color to your home in different ways, through furniture, pictures, window dressings, or flowers.

beach-living-room-genevieve-faure-dominican-republic-201107-2_1000-watermarked (1)

If you are a lover of color and cannot live without it in your home, then why not add a feature wall? Feature walls are often used within luxury apartments and are an awesome way of bringing your favorite, brighter colors into your home without overwhelming the rest of the room, and can help you frame some of your favorite pieces of furniture too.

laundry room wallpaper feature wall decorating

Focus on Tiny Details

Most of the time the things that make a place more luxurious are the small details and finishing touches. These don’t have to cost you a fortune and can be anything from a vase of flowers in each room, to mason jars used as storage in the bathroom. Even choosing a colorful set of dinnerware is a fun way to brighten up your table setting and make your shelves pop with color!


Try and keep things as close to your chosen colors as possible, but change your sofa cushions for something a little more interesting that fits in with your chosen theme, and use throws to add luxury to your bedroom. Don’t forget the smaller rooms such as laundry rooms and bathrooms either, they might seem more difficult to makeover into beautiful rooms, but there are plenty of simple things you can do which will make a huge difference.