Post-Holiday Renovation: 10 Must-Have Additions for Your Home

Add some luxury to your home this year with some of our must-have renovation additions!

Don’t limit your home to four walls and a roof, with a bit of creativity and a building permit, virtually any home can be modified into a luxurious retreat. Whether it means having a guest bedroom or a kitchen island, you can incorporate all this into your post-holiday reno.

Here are 10 ways you can go beyond the simple square you call home and add more personality to an otherwise drab living condition:

Adding a Bedroom


One of the most common additions to any home is that of an extra room. This is especially true for those who are expanding their family with children and relatives. Regardless of your need, extra space has potential to make you feel more comfortable.

victorian bedroom guest decor canopy bed better decorating bible blogPhoto: Oliver Burns

BDB Tip: Don’t have the funds for a home reno? Some investors, such as Don Burns, will go so far as to put money into a property for the purpose of leasing it out for film and photo shoots.

Outside Decks and Patios


Who said anything about decks and patios had to remain square in dimension? Many homeowners have accepted a more artistic appearance when designing their outer spaces. It offers a unique aesthetic that could be intrinsic to the property. Some have gone so far as to install small ponds within the deck itself to give it a more natural appearance.

Outer-wall Waterfall


An outdoor waterfall can add a great deal of appeal to the property, but have you ever thought of turning the entire wall of your house into the cliff itself? Using stones to decorate the outer wall, and a bit of creative plumbing, you could turn the entire face of the house into an amazing mountain scenery complete with a tall waterfall and pond.

A Sun Room


Although fragile, sun rooms can offer a place where you can enjoy the outside atmosphere without actually being outside. During the winter months when the sun is up, this could wind up being one of the warmest parts of the house. It can also be ideal for those who love the outdoors but have local problems with insects such as mosquitoes.

sunroom decor better decorating bible blogPhoto: Lucy Interior Design

Green House


One of the most common additions to the home is that of the attached green house. This gives you access to gardening year-round depending on your geographic location. It can be a way to grow your own foods or used as a method to relieve stress. Some homeowners have experienced improved air quality of their property as plants in the green house can help reduce airborne particulates while creating oxygen.

More Space in the Kitchen


The size of a kitchen is quite a common complaint, especially for those who love to cook. Like the family room, more space in the kitchen can be both practical and comfortable. A small expansion could give you the room you need for preparing meals or being able to cook without people bumping into you as they walk through the area.

A Private Bathroom


Most homeowners dream of having that perfect private bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. This can offer a great deal of comfort while making it easier to find the facilities in the middle of the night. Building your own allows you to create that perfect bathroom without being restricted to the floor plan. If you want a separate jet-powered tub and multi-head shower, than that is what you should build.

master bathroom decor ideasPhoto: 2e Architects