Dining Alfresco – The Key Essentials To Fabulously Eating Outdoors


So what does really ‘alfresco’ mean? You’ve hear it one too many times this season – Alfresco simply means “eating outdoors” in Italian! Getting out in the fresh air with a big appetite, great weather, a lovely atmosphere, and most of all appreciating a slower pace of life! Dining alfresco doesn’t mean pulling up a chair and simply taking your plate outdoors, there is a whole other dimension when it comes to mastering this Italian tradition. Take a look at these gorgeous outdoor arrangements and find out what makes them so great:

New York Terrace

This red brick terrace takes on the perfect view of New York’s Shelter Island. The big, oversized lanterns make the perfect addition to a romantic later night dinner.


Charming Courtyard

Everything about this backyard setup is absolutely charming! I am in love with the red terra cotta roofing, string lights, and loads of planters overflowing with tiny colorful flowers. It’s all i the details!

casa smith designs alfresco dining umbreall terra cotta roof better decorating bible blog red stone backyard mediterranean-Patio

Balcony Tea Time

Alfresco dining doesn’t always have to mean in the backyard under the trees, you can dine on your balcony too. Two comfy benches, and a simple umbrella turn a regular balcony into an intimate place to sip tea or cool berry punch.

acr villa skovly outdoo balacony dining Traditional-Porch

Classic Tuscan Patio

Brick and wrought iron is a Tuscan staple when it comes to outdoor decor and furniture. Consider purchasing wrought iron furniture (it lasts years!) and pair it with matching heavy iron lanterns for a magical outdoor ambience.

crobett lighting outdoor alfresco dining wrought iron chairs patio set lamps lavanda italian Rustic-Patio

Simple Yet Beautiful

A outdoor meal is anything but prim and proper! This rustic style alfresco setup proves that not every meal has to be fancy schmancy. Throw a burlap tablecloth over your stone patio furniture and pile up a big bowl of organic fruits from your garden. Enjoy a simple, healthy snack and treat yourself to some Italian wine!

gina sofia outdoor dining alfresco centerpiece better decorating bible blog Mediterranean-Spaces

Sunny Oceanfront Lunch

Remember to dress your table for the occasion! Roll out a table cloth with pretty summer prints and artfully tailor your dining table with a nice centrepiece. A big bowl or basket full of your favorite fruits and some sprigs from the garden is a simple way to decorate your outdoor setting in a snap!

neolithic design la dining outdoors italian rustic furniture lemon table cloth green white stripes bottle better decorating bible blog Mediterranean-Patio

Simple Yet Sweet

Dining alfresco can be a great way to enjoy eating outdoors and soaking up the sunshine. Believe it or not, it’s also a good way to ward off depression! Enjoying a nice meal outside doesn’t need to be complicated. Place a small round table in an intimate corner of  your patio and pull up a few wrought iron garden chairs. If you have a not-so-great table just cover it with a tablecloth! Including a nice garden fountain is also a plus because its great for relaxing and brings an enchanted and magical ambience.

tiffany farha design fountain tuscany dining rustic Mediterranean-Patio

Dining High In The Sky

There is something magical about eating over a big, bustling city. Even if you are far away from anything dreamy and romantic like Tuscany, you can always eat alfresco in the heart of the city! Turn your roof top terrace into a dreamy candlelit alfresco style party and dinner by adding hints of the countryside with canvas director’s chairs and a big steel farmhouse style lantern.