Outdoor Entertaining: Quick Garden Makeover Tips to Wow Your Guests

It’s the season of well trimmed lawns, barbeque cookouts and family gatherings and also the time when  you want to have your garden and patio looking at its best. Making the most of your existing outdoor space is all about brining the comfort of the indoors to the outdoors. Lately, confidence in the economy has been growing which shows that lots of homeowners are looking more into remodelling their existing outdoor spaces.

Homeowners are now focusing on transforming their garden space and creating an ideal environment for outdoor partiers, gatherings, and barbeques. You don’t have to spend a fortune; with the right ideas and budget you can have your own mini vacation right at home with these easy tips:

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Use Shades that Showcase Natural Light

If your garden benefits from a great deal of natural light during the summer months, you have an terrific opportunity to utilize this and create the appearance of space in your garden. This is a common theme used in interior design, but the nature of the outdoors makes it even more effective in new build gardens and patios.

Simply by creating a clutter free space and purchasing naturally shaded wicker furniture, it is possible to illuminate your garden and establish a luxurious environment.Wicker furniture isn’t that easy to find, that’s why I usually go to Shackletons to find the real deal that will last me several years. If you are purchasing wicker furniture, you want to seriously consider resin wicker, which is super weather resistant and practically maintenance free.


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Install Decking 

Decking adds to the earthy tones of your garden and helps to optimize the natural light that it receives during the summer. It also reinforces the illusion of space by creating a separated patio area, which provides a simple contrast with lush green grass or the vivid tones of blooming flower beds. Make sure that once you have installed your decking that it is well treated to protect it from the damage of heavy rain or snowfall during the winter months.


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Maintain a Trim and Well-Kept Lawn 

You do not need to hire a professional landscaper to maintain a well-kept garden space! Mowing your lawn on a regular basis and consistent weeding can have a huge impact on the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. Every weekend, invest a small amount of time to trim your lawn and garden to keep it looking it’s best. Even if you have a busy work life you can still manage to squeeze in a few minutes for some garden maintenance, without having to compromise your schedule.

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