Transform Your Home with these Easy Lighting Tricks!

Knowing a few key tricks on where and which type of lighting to place throughout your home can work miracles by making your home look bigger, brighter, and instantly updated!


If you are looking for a way to makeover your space on a small budget, this is a great way to start. I picked up this easy tip sine I’ve been visiting the UK this summer and noticed lots of housing refurbishment projects being conducted. One thing they couldn’t stress enough, is to focus on the right type of lighting and the right location for your lighting. Check out some of these tips:

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Consider the Placement of Lighting

Gone are the days when lights were either wall mounted or hung from the ceiling, designers are now gearing towards styles that provide a whole new range of alternatives such as spot-lighting. Spot-lighting has actually revolutionized the design of kitchens, bathrooms and living areas since it can be placed in a variety of areas to create alternative shades and angles of light. Think of the lights mounted underside wall units and cabinets, which provide a nice finishing touch to your kitchen.

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Opt for the new Generation of LED Lighting

When LED lighting comes to mind, we usually think an ugly design, a small variety, and a horrible cast of light. LED products have now evolved considerably during the last decade and provide numerous fittings and choices to design conscious homeowners. Not only this, but these products remain affordable and extremely energy efficient, so they offer multiple benefits for anyone on a budget or just looking to be environmentally friendly. If you are looking for quality and versatile LED lighting solutions, you must check out track lights from Banno Lighting. By considering the fifth generation of LED lighting for your home, you can brighten your space and save a considerable amount of money on an annual basis.

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Use Dimmers to Create Flexible Lighting

Dimmers are nothing new, but the modern design and fittings allow you to create a flexible source of light anywhere throughout your home. I love how you can use dimmers to set the tone and mood of a room just by adjusting the softness of your lighting. I usually set the lights a little lower in the evening to create a romantic, cozy mood and crank them up when doing work for an uplifting tone and maximum visibility. Scotlight Direct shows a great example of a lighting with the primary benefit of adjusting it to suit different moods and feelings. This means that the same living space can be used for both entertain and work, which in turn guarantees that your home maintains its multi-functional appeal to residents.

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