Makeover 101: How to Optimize your Bedroom Space on a Budget

Whether you are on a budget or not, there is no better feeling than coming across a bargain or remodelling a part of your home without spending a dime. Ever got a steal on Craigslist? Then you know the feeling! With the current nation’s economic standing, DIY projects have never been more popular, giving you no reason at all to shell out big bucks on your next home renovation or makeover.

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Simple tricks to make your space look bigger and brighter with paint, furniture arrangements, and multipurpose pieces is really where it’s at! If you are looking to give your bedroom space a whole new look for the upcoming season, consider the following:

Establish a Clear Purpose for your Bedroom

The bedroom can easily become a multi-functional space where you work, rest and play, but this is usually not a good way to promote a calm and peaceful place to relax. The bedroom should be a place you can revitalise and rest, so it is best to keep anything related to work such as computers and paperwork out of sight. If you haven’t gotten a choice and intend to use it for a secondary purpose, make sure you define this prior to a remodelling project. By establishing one or two clear functions for your bedroom, you can save lots of money when purchasing accessories and ensuring that your bedroom is fit for its primary purposes.

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Adopt the Minimalist Look

In recent years homes have become smaller and more compact, making the minimalist style of decorating a great way to save space and money. Adopting this new look is a clever way to invest less in furniture and unnecessary home décor or home accessories. Simply by purchasing two or three multi-purpose items of furniture, you can create a functional room that offers the illusion of space and luxury. If you are a new homeowner you can furnish your whole home in a minimalistic style with the clever furniture packages has to offer. I never knew you could purchase all your home’s furniture in one, but it’s a great way to quickly and easily furnish your home from top to bottom.

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Reduce the Amount of Electrical Appliances in your Bedroom

How many electronic gadgets and appliances do you have in your bedroom? With laptops, PC’s, game consoles and large screen televisions cluttering both floor and wall space, there is no wonder that you struggle to create an affordable and open plan living space. With this in mind, consider whether or not you need televisions and game consoles in your room especially once you have decided what the secondary purpose of your bedroom will be. You can save money on installing electrical outlets, and also reducing your home’s annual energy consumption.

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