How to Maximize Your Apartment Space Without Spending a Dime

Moving to a big city can be a shock. There are the crowds, the noise, the expense, and, of course, the downsized living space. From London to New York City, life in many major cities means living in an apartment that isn’t exactly spacious.

Luckily, you can achieve an incredible amount in a modest living space. By using these four simple techniques, you can maximize your living space and make 400 square feet feel like it’s a spacious mega-mansion.

1.    Use beds, sofas, and tables as storage spaces

Underneath every bed, sofa, or table is a storage space just waiting to be used. By keeping your possessions stored underneath objects that would otherwise have a single purpose, you can maximize your free living space.

Store shoes underneath your bed, keep documents and electronic gadgets stored underneath a desk or study table, and use the small space underneath your sofa as your go-to storage department for books, remotes, and other small objects.

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2.    Downsize your furniture to maximise living space

 If you’re moving from a spacious home into a small apartment, it can be tempting to bring your furniture with you. This often means squeezing large sofas or tables into a space that simply isn’t big enough to house them.

Instead of squeezing oversized furniture into a small apartment, replace your tables, sofas, and other furniture with smaller alternatives that fit into your new apartment and eliminate the cramped feeling that large furniture can create.

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3.    Use your vertical space as much as possible

An apartment with just 400 square feet of living space has almost four times the real estate on offer on its walls. Use vertical spaces to store books, DVDs, your television, and other items to minimise your storage footprint.

By mounting your television on the wall, storing your glasses and kitchenware on a set of vertical shelves instead of on the counter, and even hanging clothes on hooks attached do your bedroom door, you can maximise your functional floor space.

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4.    Downsize and upsize to suit your lifestyle

When you move into a small living space, you need to make compromises. One of the best ways to make compromises in your living space while still doing the things you love is to downsize and upsize based on your needs, hobbies, and lifestyle.

Rarely cook? Downsize your kitchen to give yourself a bigger living space? Spend a lot of time studying? Sacrifice your dining table for a desk. By cutting out the things that you don’t use, you’ll be able to focus on the furniture that you truly need.

This article was provided by AHF Furniture and Carpets.

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