Why and How You Should Make Your Bed Every Day

If you’re not a fan of making your bed every morning, you probably know all the seemingly good excuses in the book!

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From not having the time as you rush to get yourself out the door to work and how no one will really care if it’s not made, to realizing it will be messed up again tonight when you go to bed, there are plenty of reasons to keep the bed unkempt.

As it turns out, there are even more reasons to take the time to make your bed every morning that go well beyond the basics of a neat bed. For instance, making your bed has several tangible benefits, including the following:

It Sets the Tone for the Day

Believe it or not, an unkempt bed with sheets rolled up all over the place and the comforter halfway on the floor can be a metaphor for your entire day. On the flip side, making your bed will help you start your day off right and make your bedroom decorating look put together. Simply untwist the sheets, pull them up along with the blanket and comforter, and fluff the pillows. And voila — your bed is made.

A Made Bed Will Lower Your Stress

If you’re stressed out by the sight of a full sink of dishes or toys all over the floor, an unmade bed may be also impacting your mood in a negative way, even if you’re convinced it’s no big deal. After all, it can be hard to feel relaxed, on top of things and calm when your bedroom looks like a hot mess with a tangle of rumpled sheets. But by taking a few minutes every morning to make your bed, you’re showing yourself that you truly care about your home, your belongings and your well-being. Best of all, you should feel a tangible decrease in stress.

Simply Put: It Looks Great

Another reason why you should try to make your bed every morning may seem simple but it’s actually quite powerful: It looks better when you do. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, filled with lovely things to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  When you head to your room in the evening to relax, seeing your neatly made bed along with your other beautiful furniture and meaningful items will help you unwind a lot more than the sight of a big old pile of sheets and pillows that you have to straighten before getting into bed.

Tips on Fixing the Perfect Bed

Most mornings, you should be able to get by with a quick bed fixing. As mentioned earlier, straighten the sheets and pull them back up, and then replace the pillows and smooth out the comforter. If you have time to add some throw pillows, go for it, but it’s not necessary for every day.

But for serious bed-making skills after washing your sheets, think of your bed as a blank canvas and spring for a set of white sheets, including a white fitted sheet, and then either a white top sheet or colorful patterned flat sheet for visual interest. After putting on the fitted sheet, tuck in the flat sheet and strive for “hospital corners,” which involve tucking the sheets neatly underneath the mattress using folds that overlap. This will help keep the sheets in place overnight and reduce the chances of them being twisted in the morning.

A Few Words About Headboards and Footboards

If your mattress and box spring sit on top of railings, these steps are extra easy. However, if you recently treated yourself to a bed set that includes a headboard and/or footboard, you’ll have to take an extra step when putting on the fitted sheet. For instance, the Hacienda bed set from Jerome’s Furniture also features a pine headboard and footboard. To make this style of bed, simply lift the mattress at the bottom and top of the bed and tuck the fitted sheet and flat sheet underneath. Once you have the sheets on, put the comforter and pillows back on as well.

A Made Bed Equals a More Organized You

It’s amazing how seemingly small things can make a definite difference in your day. If you’re a devoted non-bed-maker, give making your bed a try for about two weeks. Chances are you’ll feel better about your home — and yourself — and be more productive and organized. Who knows? You may even decide to stick with your new, positive habit.