1-Minute Spring Makeover – The Easiest Décor Trick from the Pros

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Throw on a colorful, lively set of pillows onto your bed, sofa, or armchair and you’ve got a complete makeover in seconds! Throw pillows are the perfect way to switch up your home’s décor in a flash, without settling on a permanent decorating solution. For this spring season, settle on up-beat, lively hues to welcome in the bright sunshine and complement the gorgeous blooms in your garden.

Discover our top 5 ways that you can bring in a pop of color to your home with the use of beautiful, bright throw pillows:

Layer Them On!

Layer on a variety of textures, patterns, and colors to keep things interesting. Velvet and silk are an ideal, classic combination but you can opt for any of your favorite materials like even furs, sequins, and embroidered fabrics.


It’s all in the Details 

Sometimes more really is more, so make sure to choose plush pillows with lots of tassels and fringe to give them some oomph and draw in all the attention. If you like pillows with a lot of detailing, it’s best to choose bigger pillows rather than overwhelming a small cushion with tons of detailing.

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Pay Attention to Filling

High quality feather pillows are slightly pricier, but have more fill and squish to them. Foam and synthetic fills are stiffer and hold their shape but they don’t look that sumptuous than those stuffed with feathers or even luxury goose down pillows. Choose what best suits your style, budget, and purpose, keeping in mind that luxury never goes out of style!


Use an Odd Number 

Using an odd number of pillows on your sofa or bed looks more artsy and interesting rather than creating a symmetrical room with absolutely no surprises. Depending on the size of your furniture, try three or five pillows in different colors, shapes, and sizes for a whimsical design.


Easily Switch it Up 

If you like switching up your décor according to seasons or holidays, make your accessories and pillows depend on the overall look of your room. To do this, purchase muted furniture and paint your walls in colors such as beige, taupe, or off-white. According to the season, throw on colorful pillows, a matching lampshade and roll out a bright carpet. Once the next season comes, wrap it up and do a new  color scheme for a whole new look. To easily order the perfect pillows right to your door visit my fave supplier, TheBeddingCompany.co.uk.

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