Fake or artificial flowers are simulations of natural flowering plants. They are mostly used for commercial as well as for residential decoration and they may also be used for scientific purposes. While some may easily be recognized as artificial, some are indistinguishable to the eyes and you would not know until you feel it!


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Different materials such as painted linen, rice paper, shavings of stain horn, wax, silkworm cocoons, colored feathers and many more are used to make these flowers. Polyester though remains the major material that is used for their manufacture and most fakes are made from polyester fabric. You can continue further reading on this here.

Potted, natural plants and flowers are good and they can as well be used for decoration around a home or building. The challenge with them is that they need plenty of attention to pot them, water them, and ensure that they have enough sunlight. You may also have to prune them and generally ensure that they do not die. Having them can be expensive and time-consuming due to how much you have to invest in them and the attention that they require.

Due to the low quality of artificial flowers before now, a lot of people would not think to use them for their decoration or choose them above natural ones. They looked cheap and after a while can be frayed. These days however, technology has made it possible for them to look better. They are made differently and with more quality materials. They can be made to look and feel like natural flowers and can even smell as such.

What are the Advantages of Using Fake Flowers?

While natural flowers have their place and their benefits and well as disadvantages, fake flowers have been used over time as viable alternatives to them. They are especially useful for people and places where natural plants may not be suitable for one reason or another. Below are some of the benefits or reasons for their use.

They Can Be Used Anywhere

Fake flowers can be used just about anywhere. You can place them wherever you want without the fear that they will lack or get too much sunlight, get withered or dried out. They are not affected by the weather either in the summer or winter. While natural ones may get affected by heat in summer, fakes can withstand any amount of indirect heat.

Faux flowers are useful in residential or commercial buildings; in the home, office, hotel lobbies, restaurant, etc. They can be used for any events such as weddings, birthdays too.

They Are Life-like

Florist, event planners, decorators as well as brides were always concerned about the unrealistic look of fake flowers. However, modern technologies have made it possible to have fakes that are extremely life-like both in appearance and to touch. You will hardly be able to tell them apart as they offer almost real foliage and petal textures. What’s more? You can spritz them with any fragrance of your choice to make them smell fresh and great.

They are Low Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, tending fresh, natural flowers can come with some measure of stress. It can be time-consuming and require careful attention. If they are not properly or promptly taken care of, they will wilt and wither. Not so for fakes, they practically do not require any maintenance nor need to be tended to.

As a busy person, you probably have your hands full with work and other important things that you need to attend to. Adding the stress of tending to plants may be too much to handle. Fake flowers offer you a hassle-free way of beautifying your surroundings yet not having to worry if it would survive or need replacement.

You can leave your home and travel and you will meet them just as they are when you return. They require no soil, water, or sunlight and they are not as expensive.

They Are Not Limited to Seasons

Another major benefit of faux flowers is that they are always available every time of the year. Fresh flowers can be difficult to get at some point of the year as they may be seasonal. When this happens, you might not find them or you may need to pay more than normal for them. Not so with artificial ones. No matter the time of the year, you have access to them.

They Are Durable and Everlasting

Fakes are durable. They can withstand most situations and conditions that fresh ones would not survive. Transportation can be an issue for natural flowers but not for artificial ones. Also, they are everlasting and you can have them as keepsakes especially when they are used for special events that you will love to remember. They can last a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

They Do Not Cause Allergies

For people who like the beauty that flowers bring but suffer from allergies or have family members who suffer from such, fakes are a perfect alternative. Because they do not have pollens or pungent fragrance or any other form of allergen, they cannot cause allergies. You can easily decorate and beautify your space with them without experiencing an upset in your body or health.

You Can Get Creative with Them

Fresh flowers can be difficult to work with when you like to get creative. This is because they have to be properly watered and maintained. They are also delicate and can be damaged if not handled with care. Faux on the other hand does not give you such issues. You can do with them as you please and place them virtually anywhere, in a vase, use them as a garland, a bouquet, or even a backdrop. You do not have to worry about damaging any delicate stem or petals. You can gain further insight by checking out this website www.artificialplantshop.com.au.


Flowers leave your space looking and feeling beautiful and attractive. They are also useful for your events and brides especially love to have them for their weddings. While natural, fresh ones are great to have, they can be expensive and difficult to work with.

Thankfully, faux flowers are made to imitate them perfectly. They are affordable and require less attention yet great to work with.