How to Make your Home look less Appealing to Burglars

Make your home look less appealing to burglars with our easy security tips!


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You work hard to own the things you own. Your home is your safe place, making it more than just four walls. It’s somewhere your children will grow and learn, it’s a place full of happiness and life. So, the thought of someone violating your home and disturbing your is enough to give any of us nightmares.

Like most things, prevention is better than cure. So here you’ll find a few ideas of how you can make your home look less appealing to burglars and opportunist thieves.

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Boarders and Fences

Making sure that the boarders around your home are free from damage and aren’t easy to gain access through is crucial. A strong and sturdy fence will be more of a deterrent than one with rotten panels and gaping holes. Privacy trees from The Tree Center are a great place to start, as they not only look good, but will make a strong boarder around your garden.

Is it time to replace your fence? If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at it, make time to go and inspect the perimeter of your property and see if there is anywhere someone could easily gain access. For better home security, replace or repair your fence. It will also increase your home’s value and boost your curb appeal.

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Leave Nowhere to Hide

If you have large shrubbery around your home, below windows or overgrown bushes then now is the time to do some maintenance. Determined thieves will hide anywhere they can before or after they’ve gained access to your home, making overgrown plants and bushes ideal hideouts. Don’t make it easy for them!

Get to Know the Neighbours

Yes, they might be nosey and grumble when you start your car really early in the mornings but getting to know your neighbours better is actually a great burglar deterrent. By getting to know you, you neighbours will know what behaviour around your home is normal. If they see someone sat on the opposite side of the road watching your property, or someone hanging around or looking through your windows then they’ll be able to tell how “Normal” this is. If they’re unsure they can simply tell you what they’ve seen and they’re more inclined to do this if you have a good relationship with them. It might not stop a break in, but if something happens then any information your neighbour can provide can help an investigation.

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Light it Up!

It’s so much easier for a burglar to sneak around in the dark. So, don’t make it easy for them. All thieves will shy away from a property that is well lit, so now is the time to invest in some lighting. If you don’t want your back garden or porch area lit up all the time, then consider a motion detector light as a deterrent.

If you’re going away, then get yourself some light timers that will come on when you want. This will give a more realistic impression of someone being home!

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A Few Key Benefits of Using Modular Couches

Are you looking to modernize your living room? Modular couches are one of the most popular ways!

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If you’re an enthusiastic fan of all things interior planning, you cannot fail to have observed an upswing of the modular sofa as being the must-have piece for the contemporary house.

Highlighted in glossy publications and taking up the pleasure of place in many couch display rooms down and up the country, these brand new sectional couches are rapidly creating a cachet unparalleled in the market. So, if you’re trying to redesign in the coming year, here are some key good reasons to consider incorporating a modular sofa in your house living area.

1. Purely natural Versatility

Genuinely the special selling feature of the modular sofa is actually its capability to be fine-tuned at will to create a variety of different designs from the basic straight-line positioning to more advanced L and U-shaped designs. Well suited for people who want to change their space plan regularly, modular sofas have been in a number of ways a variety of sofa styles all-in-one, therefore if versatility and adaptability are at the top of your plan then modular couches are going to be an incredibly attractive idea.

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2. Household furniture

In the time-honored and renaissance times of Western history, the couch was seen as a high end good to convey the design and style and flavor of a wealthy elite. Nowadays, couches are a day to day purchase, both reasonably priced and available to all. On the other hand, with their high-end selling price and stylish design type, sectional couches offer something like a house showpiece to catch the interest of your visitors and provide a focus for any space, which makes them ideal for the discerning person.

3. Modern Chic

The standard sofa, in spite of its a variety of stylistic versions, remains mostly a history item developed in its contemporary form over 400 years back. For that reason, modern styles have not sensed truly contemporary, but instead an upgrade of a vintage. By comparison, couches have been genuinely made for the contemporary lifestyle which makes them for more organic conduits for modern style and magnificence.

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4. Bright and Light

Modular sofas look genuinely outstanding when covered with bright and light top covers. Whether cloth, synthetic leather or perhaps even unique materials such as sheepskin are used, modular couches come with an uber-modern style which makes well-defined comparison color formats and non-traditional material work.

5. Informality & Relaxed Attitude

Say the particular words household furniture and furnishing to the average guy and you will be hard forced to gather much enthusiasm. But prove to them that a modular couch and you are related to each other, your style is spoken by your new stylish modular. Such a unique is mostly explicable by observing that modular sofas have genuinely made living room furniture a comprehensive and casual aspect of house décor, with the ability to stimulate and an imaginative appeal which outshines any kind of conventional household furniture. So, bring it in your home and flaunt your style with this stylish furniture.

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