Tips to Securing and Protecting Your Home from Theft

As a homeowner, you will need to make sure your home is prepared for anything. Using the right measures, you can make your home safer to live in no matter the circumstances.


Photos By: Martha Picciotti

A home is the most valuable asset to have. But the threat of crimes such as trespassing and burglaries is always there. Let’s look at a few ways to better home security and protection.

Strategically position your CCTV cameras

Burglars can strike at any time, and not just under the cover of night. Even if you have a CCTV system, there will still be a risk of a forced entry if the cameras are not strategically placed. Blind spots are definitely your security system’s main weakness, so it’s important that you install cameras in areas where burglars can hide.

There should be one pointed directly at the front door, positioned high enough to make the front lawn and the street visible. Likewise, you will need to install another camera at the back door, which is a favorite entry point for burglars. Make sure it also provides a good view of the backyard as well as the fence.

Though a properly installed CCTV system won’t prevent a crime from happening, it can still help authorities identify suspects, decrease your home insurance costs, and decrease the likelihood of future burglaries, according to Statistic Brain.

Upgrade your landscaping

Intruders can be very evasive. They can use the surrounding terrain in order to force their way into your home. They can hide behind bushes and trees as well as the tool shed you have out back.

If criminals can use your landscaping as cover, then you can also upgrade your landscaping to serve a more defensive purpose. You can plant thorny shrubs such as rose and holly near your windows to deter any intruders from making their way through. Plus, they will have to think twice before hiding themselves among the foliage.

Get a Guard Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends, but they can also protect your property. Check out different breeds to find your perfect guard dog. If you’re living in a high crime neighborhood, then a guard dog is your best deterrent against burglaries. For this, you can either get one from the local pound or you can have your dog undergo special K9 training.

However, it’s still important to know about the risks of professional training since you wouldn’t want your dog to be suspicious of strangers all the time, so make sure to find the right security training service.

Get your Home Insured

At the end of the day, the best way you can rest easy without the threat of a burglary to dampen your day is to have your home insured. Getting home insurance for burglaries is a great way to secure your property and your belongings from theft and damage.

That being said, it’s important to shop around and compare policies based on the level of protection you want. Allstate, for one, covers not only theft but also fire damage and hail. This gives your property all-around protection and security.