Here’s How You Can Start Your House Renovation Project 

Thinking about starting a home renovation project this summer? Here’s how to get started the right way without learning from your mistakes. Keep reading!


Photos By: Rollins Andrew Interiors

When you decide to live in big cities like New York or Singapore, finding a home will be as exciting as you have imagined it to be. Imagine browsing through houses for sale in Singapore, making sure you are precisely at the right location in the city so that everything is accessible.

Purchasing a house is easy, however the maintenance is what can give you intense headaches. You have to make sure that your house lasts for as long as you live in it, and that sometimes means you will have to undertake renovation projects.

Just so you will not end up scratching your heads over house improvements, here is a list of how you can start renovations and why you might need to do it for your house.

Consult with an Inspector 

Before a home renovation, you firstly need to go around your house and see which areas obviously need attention. Then, prepare a list of your renovation ideas on how you want these areas renovated.

Next, hire a professional who can inspect the house and confirm whether what you have on your list is doable or you need to make adjustments. However familiar you are with your house, there might be crooks and crannies you might miss.

Inspectors will closely check your basement, roofing, and even the foundation of the house. They can discuss which areas you need to focus on first, the materials you need to start looking for, and how many people should be working to finish the project.

Do a Systems Check 

After the exterior and interior parts of the house, it is time to get into the knitty gritty. By that, it means checking the electric and plumbing system currently installed in your house. You should also do the rounds with a professional for this one because you will have to check whether the pipes need to be changes and if the electric lines have wear and tear.

If you want, you can ask how you can make your house more energy efficient so that you are not only saving the environment, but you are also saving money on energy consumption.

Consider Changing Aesthetic Style 

You are already renovating, so you might as well do a redesign. You do not have to spend a lot for redesigning your interior. Something as simple as changing where the furniture is placed, replacing the paint, or just adding wall art.

When choosing paint color, make sure you only choose 3 shades so that the colors are not fighting for attention, but instead complement each other.

Remember that house renovations are not just supposed to make your house look modern and updated. It should be done to make sure the house remains safe and to preserve its longevity. Doing this after every few years will definitely help maintain it well.