Winter Smart: Check Out These 5 Easy Ways to Cut Your Heating Bills in Half

Save big time this winter with some of our tips from the pro’s on how to cut your heating bills in half!

save on heating bills how toPhoto: Whitten Architects

Buy a Portable Heater


There is no sense in having the furnace running full blast if you are only using one room in your home. Turn down the furnace temperature and place a portable electric heater in the room your family uses most, like the family room. The rest of your home will be a little cooler, but you’ll save tons all winter long.

Cover Windows with Plastic


Believe it or not, your windows are a major culprit for winter heat loss. About 25% of heat escapes from your home’s windows. To keep the heat in, stick on clear plastic film over your windows and sliding doors to save about 14% on your heating bill. This is an easy, cost-effective method that you can do your self and it really works! The plastic film can barely be noticed and you can simply peel it off come spring time.

Insulate the Attic Door


Even if you have an attic that is well insulated, you can still have major heat loss coming from the attic door itself. If your door doesn’t lay flat, any warm air can seep through those cracks and make your home much cooler. Attach fiberglass batt insulation to the door itself and use a latch bolt system to close it tight.

Let in the Sunshine


Natural sunlight can do a whole lot of good for your home, and actually heat it up for free! Open up your blinds and drapes as soon as the sun comes out and let the sunshine in. At sundown, make sure to close the drapes again, helping insulate the warm air throughout the night.

Turn Down the Furnace While at Work


Before you go to work, turn down your furnace about 3 F. You don’t want to turn it down too much because your furnace will have to run extra hard to make that gain back up, causing you to actually waste more electricity. You can get timed furnaces that regulate the temperature while you are at work, and slowly crank it back up before you come home.

Upgrade Your Heating and Cooling System


Your heating and cooling system is one of your biggest investments and an inefficient and outdated system can cause inconsistent room temperatures and actually increase air pollutants. You can opt for a single system that operates at maximum speed or a multi-stage system that operates and high and low speeds to fit the situation. A multi-stage system actually saves you money down the line because of its greater efficiency. Whichever you choose, be sure to think long-term and keep in mind that more energy-efficient homes tend to sell more quickly, than homes without energy-efficient upgrades.

If you are thinking about updating your home’s system, check out the following infographic from Davis Air Conditioning & Heating: