5 Reasons to Get a Home Security System

Keep your home safe with a security system, here’s some of our favorites!


There are not many places around where people would feel comfortable leaving their front door unlocked at night. For protection and security, homeowners install and use deadbolt locks, put up fences, and may even have a dog on the premises. There is an increasingly more popular and effective way to stay safe and secure your home and possessions: a security system. Home alarm systems can be helpful in deterring crime on and around your property. This method can also catch intruders in the act and prevent theft and other criminal behavior. If you have been wondering whether installing a system is right for you, consider the benefits one would provide.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Much like a jewelry store would use an alarm system to protect thieves from taking precious items, you may want to do the same at home. If you have valuable possessions such as artwork, collections, fine clothing and furniture, or expensive electronics, you should do everything you can to prevent someone from taking it. Adding surveillance cameras and alarms at home can be an effective way to keep your property out of other people’s hands. Alarm systems come in both wired and wireless options. The alarms use sensors and cameras to detect intruders and unwanted activity on the premises.

Peace of Mind While You Are Away

Most home break-ins are not random, spur-of-the-moment events. Perpetrators usually know their victims or carefully watch the home to see when no one is around. This makes the act much easier, allowing the person to have more time to take more items. If you are leaving town for several days or more, your home could be vulnerable to break-ins. Your home alarm system will go off when someone trips a sensor. This alarm will alert a monitoring station, which will then contact the police. If you have a wireless system, you can watch camera footage online from anywhere. You will also receive text updates on any activity on your property.

Works With Other Home Automation Needs 

A wireless system is helpful because you can use it along with other security functions. You can control wireless alarms from your smartphone. From this same tool, you can turn on and off lights, and lock and unlock doors in your home. You can also control the temperature in the home and turn on or off the television or music.

Potential Insurance Savings 

If you are not happy with your homeowner’s insurance premiums, buying and installing a home alarm system could help. Many insurance companies will lower your monthly premium if you get a security system. A home alarm will reduce the chances of you having to report a loss to the insurance company, so your provider may provide some incentive for you to get a system.

Turning Would-Be Criminals Away 

Most home intruders are looking to get in and out of a vulnerable house quickly. People breaking in know there is possibly little time before someone detects their presence. So, criminals will look for the easiest homes to get into and out of. If your home has an alarm system, but someone else in the area does not, the thieves are not likely to try to get into your place when another home offers a quick, unguarded entry. Plus, if your home has an alarm system, others in the neighborhood might follow suit, making it a safer place for everyone.

If you are debating whether a home alarm system is worth it, think about these factors. The right plan could help you rest easy at night knowing you are doing your part to protect your loved ones and home.