What to Expect from Your Commercial Property Landlord

A commercial lease is complicated. You have to understand how to swim in the tricky waters before taking the plunge!


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Otherwise, you can get caught up in a contract that could slow down or impede your business growth altogether. Here’s what you should know about business rentals and commercial landlords:

Commercial Leases are not Standardized

Unlike residential leases, the rules and guidelines governing business rentals are not based on a standard agreement. Commercial landlords may have a different take on it, based on their needs. So when you get a hand on the contract, check and double-check before you sign, or be sorry.

Commercial Leases are Binding and Costly

A business rental is a long-term lease, binding and costly. With a good stash of cash at stake, you must be 200% sure about it. Carefully examine the contract and seek enlightenment on parts you do not understand. Understanding everything written on the contract is crucial because you cannot break away from it quickly. It is also wise to get commercial property insurance for your brick-and-mortar structure. It will help provide extensive financial coverage for the contents of your workspace, including upgrades, so you will have a buffer if any unfortunate event happens.

You can negotiate with your landlord regarding the terms to match your business needs

The fact that commercial leases do not follow a standard form may be beneficial to you because it also means you can negotiate about special considerations or agreement features in your favor. In most cases, commercial landlords are willing to extend offers, providing more flexibility to their prospects.

Property Leases: Tips and Guidelines

It is very important that you understand from the get-go how different commercial and residential leases are. You have to carefully research and investigate if the terms of the leasing contract are suitable for your business and instrumental to navigating its growth. Here are some tips you can use as a guide:

  • Be patient and take your time. A business rental does not come by fast. Choosing your location and your leasing contract can make or break your business. Therefore, you should put in your best effort to find the property most suitable for your needs.
  • Engage an experienced real estate executive. Nothing could equate the expertise of an agent to navigate offers and lift the stress of negotiations off your shoulders.
  • Negotiate. Take advantage of the negotiability and flexibility features of commercial leases. And no matter how much you want the property, be ready to walk away if it does not seem fit. There are countless properties available for rent. It is not impossible to get everything you want in one.
  • Understand the terms. Read the contract carefully and ensure you understand the details completely.
  • Consult a lawyer before affixing your signature. You cannot underestimate how professional guidance could enlighten your path along the way. Include it into the deal to be safe from a costly mistake.

A business rental could take a big chunk of your budget. Investigate the terms of every leasing contract that lands on your desk until you find one that fits your business.

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